Actor Ajith’s bike ride from Chennai to Bangalore

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Actor, Mr.Ajith Kumar who loves biking, took a ride with his new hunk BMW S1000RR on August 18 from Chennai to Bangalore. He took this bike ride in order to create awareness of safety driving .So he wore all necessary safety measures.

actor ajith

He was caught by the traffic police near the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He was waiting for his turn and produced all necessary documents. It was a very pleasant surprise to the people when he removed his helmet.


ajith biking


He said, “Basically, this trip was not just a fun ride on a luxury bike. I would like to create awareness about safety gear and the importance of wearing a helmet to the passionate bikers in the city.”

tamil actor ajith bike riding

He added, “So, it is better to invest that money in safety measures rather than spending your hard-earned money for the after-effects of road accidents.” And also he assured that he wears a helmet in all his upcoming films.

actor ajith bike


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