2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Pictures

As part of its 2009 pulsar series, Bajaj has added few new features to its flagship product pulsar 150cc. The new pulsar 150cc gets tank scoops borrowed from the pulsar 200cc. The decals on the tank is large and stlyish.  It also gets full black theme – from engine to alloy wheels to shock absorber. Pulsar 150cc also gets a powerful headlamp which now gets power directly from the battery. However the engine remains unchanged, the transmission is slick and precise. Heel and toe lever means pulsar 150cc is attractive to even mature buyers. It hits a top speed of 108kmph. But the rattles and squeaks are still not sorted out it is very much evident even in our brand new test drive vehicle.

The beast and the prey


Pictures of 2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc







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  1. Same old crap! come on bajaj, learn from you mistakes! instead of working on the troublesome areas, all they do is paint the alloys and put some parts from its older brother! funny thing is as a new variant of a particular model is launched the model below it in hierarchy gets its styling!! eg, the outgoing 180 had black alloys, now 150 has them, the new 180 is styled using the 200’s parts………..!!! where is this chain going???

  2. the P150 with tank scoops and black engine and alloys lookshandsome. the P150’s engine already is among the most fuel efficienct among the 150 cc bikes. the ride quality of the pulsars are also the best in Indian bikes. the P150 has been the best selling Indian bike from almost 10 years now. the fact that it is present in almost every Indian city or street tells what a great product it is. Pulsar 150 continues to RULE

  3. I have bought the 2009 Pulsar 150. Its the best 150 cc bike out there without any doubt. I did not find any squeakes and rattles on my bike. am very happy with my purchase

  4. “But the rattles and squeaks are still not sorted out it is very much evident even in our brand new test drive vehicle.” well said vicky…

  5. @Bikash LOL, that’s not 108 but 188. this happens when the bike does a self check of the electricals during starting. at that point for a fraction of second the reading appears like that. Self Check happens with all bikes with intelligent electicals. Try starting a Pulsar or any Fi bike, this self check happens in these bikes. “But the rattles and squeaks are still not sorted out it is very much evident even in our brand new test drive vehicle.” Mind explaining where the rattles and squeakes were coming from?? From my personal experience the build quality on my 2009 P150 is as solid as any bike out there.

  6. The pulsar 220 now comes at about 76k on-road. Will Bajaj take the price war to 150 cc segment too. If Bajaj can reduce price of 150 cc too by about 5k, they can dominate the market. The current 150 cc bikes are all overpriced.

  7. I Buy Pulser 150cc New Edition 2 weeks before.its amazing to ride and also handling,but one problem i facing is that the gearbox makes much noise which sometimes irrited me.but overall Pulser 150 ROOOOOOOOOOOOCKS in market

  8. Hello friends. I am planing to buy The new Pulsar 150, 2009 edition. Just a last call from all of you. Should I go for it or is there any other good handsome option in 150 cc

  9. last yr i buyed 220 and know for mi younger brother i buy 150 2009. the bike is good same as the old one but ya the new look is cool it will going to rock . but in pulsr 220 is best .

  10. hi !! i bought 2009 pulsar 150 and it gives me average of 50 to 53….i hav completed around 1100kms…and got my 1st service over last week…. i opted this fabulous machine since i need a good average bike…i generally used to drive at 4000 to 4500rpm … i think dats de reason y i get a good mileage….

  11. Hi, I am planning to buy a new bike. can u please guide me that Yamaha FZ 16 will be the best choice or Pulser 150CC or HONDA SHINE.

  12. Hi guys, I bought 2009 version of pulsar 150 2 months back and it gives a mileage of 50-55kmpl. i used to drive my bike at speed of around 70km. i completed 2000km with my bike. till now i didn’t faced any problem. there is no sound during gear changing. It’s a great bike. I am very very happy with my bike.. Go for it guys.

  13. hi i want to buy a p150cc new edition wat is milege of that.. 1.is this bike economical on short running distence? 2.in future is there any ingen problem will come i use only 10 km running per day?

  14. Hi…. I am very happy to choose the bajaj p150cc bike. It is very beautiful bike & like that shutable to me or 100% confidential riding Thanks………… Bajaj

  15. Bajaj pulsar 150 is one of the outstanding bike i have ever seen in 150 cc’s range. Its comfortable and easy to handel. Iam using it and iam fully satisfied with it. Bajaj pulsar 150 has captured the market and it seems that it is really going to rule the market for next few years

  16. a class apart from compare to other bike apache engine is not good its making some piston truble i suggested because im a machanic

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