Hot news on Yamaha’s and Suzuki’s 150cc bike

Yamaha’s new bike:

In yet another bid to capture market share in India’s two-wheeler market, Japanese bike maker Yamaha Motorcycles India Ltd plans to launch a 150cc motorcycle by mid-2008 after showcasing in the next Auto Expo to be held in Delhi in January next year. The proposed bike would use the four-valve engine of the company’s Viper range and resemble the Yamaha R1. Yamaha already plans to launch two superbikes — YZF-R1 (1000 cc and MT-01 (1670 cc) in 2007

Yamaha’s 150cc bike would offer about 14 bhp and would take Bajaj Auto’s flagship Pulsar and Hero Honda’s CBZ X-treme and Karizma head-on. The performance segment comprising Hero Honda Karizma, Bajaj Avenger and the Pulsar 200 is about 1 lakh units per annum. 150cc products available in the market are priced around Rs60000. Yamaha is likely to price the upcoming bike around Rs 80,000-90,000 to give it a distinct identity.

Yamaha’s word on 150cc bike:

“We are still giving final touches to the specifications such as styling and engine and hence feel that it would be premature to comment on the same at this point of time,” said a Yamaha India official. “In accordance with Yamaha’s image and expectations of customers, the company is planning to launch the new products for niche markets,” he added.

Yamaha India has constantly been losing sales on a monthly basis, registering a decline of 59.4% in May this year. During May, the company sold 13,649 bikes. During April-May, the company’s total sales plunged by 55.77% to 26,962 units. Also, In a dealer satisfaction survey carried by TNS in the end-2006, Yamaha ranked second from the bottom, next to Kinetic.

Kinetic – SYM:

The kinetic – SYM 125cc scooter may hit the showroom by the end of July and is expected to be priced around Rs45000. Kinetic seems to retain the SYM’s characteristic lifetime warranty.

Hero Honda:

Hero Honda will launch a new passion variant which will feature alloy wheels and new body graphics soon.


Suzuki to launch its 125cc scooter in September 2007 and Suzuki also plans to roll out a 150cc bike. Suzuki’s 150cc bike will hit the roads in the first quarter of 2008.

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  1. Finally something from the Tuning Forks, provided they mean what they say, afterall something is better than nothing. I hope the bike will live upto the expectation and will compete very well with the others.

  2. Suzuki update: * Suzuki will bring India the world’s fastest motorcycle Hayabusa (1,300cc) and its GXR (1,000 cc)by March 2008. Suzuki also plans a different strategy to suit the price conscious 100cc customers i.e. it tries to bring its 125cc heat for the 100cc price. * Suzuki Motorcycle India is currently focusing on consolidating its sales network and production capacity before it can position itself to give serious competition to the market leaders. Suzuki has been steadily increasing its production capacity, which will be ramped up to 1.7 lakh units per year by early next year from the present one lakh units. Suzuki is also adding about 10 dealers a month and by March 2008 Suzuki will have about 210-220 dealers, up from the current 125. Suzuki is also mulling to export bikes from India to srilanka and Bangladhesh.

  3. TVS:

    TVS Motor will launch at least six to seven products during the current fiscal, including upgraded Star motorcycle,an electric bike, two new motorcycles in the executive category, two high-end Apache models. The launch of new star variant is expected during the coming festival season. The executive motorcycle which will be launched in the second half of this year. TVS is confident that this motorcycle will redefine the segment by setting a new benchmark in the industry in terms of its technology, performance and style. TVS Motor Company also plans to launch an electric bike at the end of this year and introduce two to three variants next year. TVS is also in the process of developing bigger engine capacity bikes to match competition.

  4. Hi am very eager to buy the suzuki bikes, many of our friends bought new Bajaj pulsur bikes by waiting Suzuki bikes, but am still waiting , can we get the picks of new suzuki

  5. new 100cc scooter from TVS: TVS Motor has firmed up plans for launching a 100cc plus four-stroke scooter during the next fiscal. TVS wants to enter the scooter segment because it wants to widen its customer base. The 90cc TVS Scooty has always been associated with women and the 100cc plus scooter could bring in male customers into the fold. There are only two other major players in the segment — Honda and Kinetic Motors. This will be the second time TVS will be entering this category. TVS’s earlier foray had to be abandoned because it could not notch up good numbers. The scooter segment constitutes 10 per cent of the two-wheeler market. Its size in volume terms is around 5-6 lakh units per month. TVS sells between 22,000 units and 25,000 units of Scooty every month. TVS market share: TVS sold a total of about 9 lakh motor cycles during 2006-07 and expects to cross the one-million mark during the current fiscal. Its total market share in all segments is 13 per cent and is the third largest two-wheeler company in the domestic market. TVS expects to sell 1.7 million two- wheelers during the current fiscal, posting a growth of about 13 per cent.

  6. Hi The scooter form Suzuki is a 125 CC variomatic scooter powerful in its category, priced competitively and low on mileage. All the very best to all motorists. Can v have a scooter photo pl?

  7. Hi there I am big fan of Suzuki, but I am expecting a 100cc four stroke segment bike from it. Suzuki has proven itself in the areas of durability, comfort & Speed. Now its time to look after at mileage & looks. I am eagerly waiting for it.

  8. Dear All, Facing competition n beating all oponents is not new for suzuki, but in india, almost every second bike enthusiast is saying suzuki hasn’t done well n bajaj n H.H are much supirior n blah blah blah. Well to clearify this am posting this message. Suzuki is not giving any competition to any compnay right now, instead its just making suru that it gives full satisfaction to its customers in respect of quality n mileage n etc. that it’s doing tremendously well n at the same time its monthly sale is also increasing by almost 700 – 100 units, where all others r seeing a decline in sale. now comes the gear shifts for SUZIKI, well frinds SUZUKI is going to launch a 150 cc bike this february 08. & let me tell u this going to be a damm cool 500cc lookalike bike, with all those superbike features specially developed for india. and in between this time period, its launching a scooter n a new zeus with new outlook. Well after that, within 1yr, SUZUKI is planning a sports 125cc bike, priced very competitively with supersport features( hope to show u pics soon) and after that its a 200 cc bike, along with the likes of Hayabusa & all.

  9. Suzuki not having the problems that Yamaha is facing. Suzuki is starting fresh in India & they have got excellent dealers. Hospitality is very good if we enter Suzuki showrooms such as Apple Suzuki in Bangalore. Even it is not facing any problems in terms of factory. Suzuki Japan is concentrating hard. Zeus & Heat although didn’t shake the enthusiasts did like the Shogun did, is attracting commuters. Mainly it took away market from Hero Honda since the pricing of Zeus is cheaper than Splendor & with all the features a bike should have – Disk Brake, tachometer, electric start, side stand indicator,catalytic converter & even gear indicator which is not present in Splendor or even super splendor. Suzuki had a nice partner TVS before entering India directly with whom Suzuki has learnt a lot. Even they have very good & almost monopolised car market. Yamaha bought in the Rajdoot which has got old employees & designers. None of them are working properly & the bikes that they are releasing, it seems that they are very much confused. Yamaha Japan is not showing any interest in India. Honda had an instant success with Activa & expected that would continue with bikes also. No honda has survived because of activa

  10. i’ve no idea why yamaha is not showing their interest wat they showing in foreign countries… i’m waiting for 150cc bike from yamaha but i think they are not gonna launch any type of sports model like cbz,pulsar,apache….they are launching the bikes only with the same ybx engine naming fazer and gladiator. i’m expecting some thing diffrent.. i think they are simply sleeping.. i don’t know who s gonna help yamaha.

  11. Some how i dont believe Yamaha.I was a fan of the Rx 100 after that there was nothing from Yamaha except some poor over priced bikes.When they found that that technique is not working they reduced the price for sure but that stupid bikes remained.Then came that awkward head lamp bikes like the Libero and Fazer.Any school boy would have told Yamaha that the problem lie in the head lamp.When they started noticing it and changed the Head lamps and came the Gladiator and Libero round HL there where no takers.I have heard that the Gladiator is a fine bike but Yamaha has lost the trust of the people and it is hard to regain that.

  12. a 150cc bike wid 14bhp is nyc to hear bout.but pricing it 80k to 90k is very fukn foolish.i mean giv it more horses,mayb bout 18.5-19 n htn d price is fine.14bhp sux.even tvs is makin gud byks like d apache160 rtr.yamaha india is a goner.dey r very fukn late.they r launching a 150cc byk whn ppl r hooked onto 200+ segment.

  13. the prob wid yamaha is tht they hav no byks in d 150 to 200cc segmnt.dey eithr hav sports byks or city commuters like d alba n wud make gr8 sense if dey could launch their dirt byks in india.tht’d b really gud.125cc dirts frm yamaha r gr8.

  14. Suzuki’s 125cc scooter: Autocar spied the suzuki 125cc scooter near gurgaon. Suzuki’s scooter features contemporary telescopic front fork suspension(similar to scooty pep plus). The 125cc scooter also features spare tyre at the rear(similar to the one in kinetic honda zx)

  15. Here comes the real competition, will it be the TVS Flame, Suzuki?, Yamaha? or Honda fingers crossed so that we have the best to choose from.

  16. hmmm! whatever it is im gonna buy a bike within a month, i dont have a clear idea which 1 to buy, well tvs flame pics have impressed me, bajaj exceed(xcd) isnt that good to look compared to flame but its better known for its performance,bajaj pulsar 150cc a trusted bike is one of the contender but its the most seen bike on the road, and now these people ( yamaha,suzuki ) are saying that they r launching 150cc bikes, its my humble request to these guys please let me know the launching dates of these bikes & any pics on the net to view, there are many more ppl like me out there to buy wheels within this festive season. so gear up now or pack ur bags!!!!!!!!! vrooooom !

  17. one more imporant thing, the naming of the bikes, dont give funky names like 1)zeus(though he’s god of war in greek mythology) 2)heat, they sound stupid by comparing names to their respective looks of the model or the make of the bike. U can name ur bikes on any contemptory fighter jets, names which include numbers sound good as well they look stylish once they are embedded on the bike.(an advice take it for free as i never use it any ways) all smiles ! vrooom ! how’s this name vrooom !

  18. Hi there, Its been in news that Yamaha is about to launch its new Avtaar on indian road FAZER 250. Pictures where release, was hown at auto show early last year. Does yamaha still have any intentions of launching this bike.

  19. A 4 valve head for the forthcoming Yamaha 150cc only signifies one thing. PERFORMANCE with a Capital ” P “. E.g. The Wagon R from Maruti put the zing back into the old commuter class and caused would-be buyers of economy cars to sit-up and take notice. Result: It became the best selling small car. Similary this daring move will (I dare say) put the zing back into the 150cc class. At last there will be some real action. Just as they have proved in the past with RX-100 that it is not just the displacement (as some older folks still believe) but the racing technology employed in the motorcycle (irrespective of displacement) that can show a clean pair of heels to the competition; I am confident that this time too with just 150cc they will be able to do their magic and charm the would be 200cc buyers too ! Time will tell. With the new leadership at Yamaha (Indian Operations) we can look forward to a brand new beginning. My message to those who can wait is this : Your wait will be rewarded. My message to those who can’t : Go rush and join the biggest bandwagon and hope you don’t regret it. (wagging mudguard and pointy tail notwithstanding) 😉

  20. Bajaj Avenger 200cc DTSi: Bajaj plans to roll out its 200cc avenger DTSi soon. Bajaj will strap its 200cc oil cooled engine found in the pulsar 200cc into the avenger. A separate Oil cooler to help the cooling of engine lubricant and hence the large 198.8cc motor cool. Bajaja Avenger 200cc DTSi is expected to be priced above Rs70000.

  21. Suzuki’s 150cc bike by February 2008: Suzuki Motorcycles India said on September 21st it will come up with a new 150 cc motorbike variant in February next year. Suzuki’s new 150cc model would be an indigenous product, but certain parts of it would be imported from Japan, the company’s dealer development head Prashant Aggarwal said while launching its 156th dealership.

  22. hi.. well its just my 1st to this site… i need some help to buy a bike these dayz.. im from pak n market here is a lil different,althou i hate market stratages…i was about to buy suzuki 150(which is same in looks as suzuki zeus(IND))but i heard about a new bike company “Bajaj” a well known company of Indian market.So i was wondering if anyone could reply here that which ones is the best in longterm usage and great speed… bajaj 180 or suzuki 150? cause i don’t think bajaj’s 200 or 220 would be awailable here for atleast 4 to 5 months… anyways.. Do reply me soon take care all … bye 🙂 ~*HUK*~

  23. Yamaha 150cc already launch in Indonesia…you may see it on That Vixion will be the base of new Yamaha motor in India.

  24. Bhai logon sab bikes ka baap TVS FLAME aa raha hai.It’s 125ccvti 3 valve engine with most dashing looks that anyone wants.So gear up guys for the real fire

  25. yes…………this susuki bike is able to combete with hunk ,unicorn even with RTR and pulsar 180/…………its already lunched in malasyaaaaaaaaaaa………. looks qiuet simillar like hunk and unicorn………. Shur its booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom


  27. Can u send me the pic’s of new yamaha 150cc bike and other 150cc bikes which are launching in this 2008 and i want detail of all bikes thanx

  28. i was on for gettin a pulsar 220… ofcourse it had been my dream bike but the news bout the launch of new yamaha nd suzuki bikes wants me to put an pause in my decision. if u pls can send me the pics nd price range for the new bikes it wud b helpful for me…

  29. hi, Can u send me the pic’s of new yamaha 150cc bike and other 150cc bikes which are launching in this 2008 and i want detail of all bikes thanx

  30. hey its gud to here tat ri is cumin to india at d indian budget but i tink d cc must be increased to 220 or 300 it will be gud

  31. thogh yamaha launches new bike it can’t compete with the upcoming karizma however the new generation is awaiting fr 200 bikes

  32. hai what is the porfmance of new yamha up comming bike what is the bhp &max speed it can reach& it can compete with new generation bikes or not & when uwill launch

  33. what is this FEB is gone & MAR has come ,but no sign of suzuki’s 150cc bike yet? At least can we see a jhalak of it . what are the guys at suzuki doing can’t they keep upto their promise . Hope to see the bike sooooooooooooooon .

  34. lado kha mujhi randi ko baan haru … lando ko bike mujhi .. condo thap khurukka .. machekney randi ko baan haru … mero lado ko bike herchass mujhi randi ko baan haru … mujhiiii mujhi mero lado 100000000 cc ho bhujiss randi ko baan haru .. chekney .. chuplaggg mujhi haru .. bhagggg randi ko baan ,,

  35. Hi I wanted to know which is the tallest or biggest Bikes available besides the Enfield Bullet in the Indian market., I am 6.3″ and am looking out for a Bike for myself which will suit me. 100 – 125cc bikes look very small when I ride them. Please reply. Thanks

  36. hey yamaha , thanx a lot for these 2 ladies i juss wanted to know wat will be da performance of these bikes, max speed,pick up will b like normal 150cc pulsor or more than that? and wat will be da mileage of da bike. wat al colours r available, and wats da waiting time after registrartion, and wats da final amount 2 b paid for on road, for both da bikes R1 and FZ15.

  37. Hi guys here is santosh let me tell u first i m crazy abt the bikes couldu plz let me know when the yamaha new upcoming bikes is going to be launch plz update me not only yamaha i want all the snaps of upcoming bikes it should look like a modified bikes if u do this favor i m really thankfull to you guys bye dudes once the bike is going to be launch im going to boom the hyd roads,when i ride roads is going to be cry,fire on roads, everybody should give me the way ok guys lets c on the roads.I LIVE MY LIFE ON THE EDGE.& I DNT HV A TIME FOR LOVE BYE GIRLS c u some other time.

  38. i was on for gettin a pulsar 220… ofcourse it had been my dream bike but the news bout the launch of new yamaha nd suzuki bikes wants me to put an pause in my decision. if u pls can send me the pics nd price range for the new bikes it wud b helpful for me…

  39. Hi This is sahil khan. This year YAMAHA Company is launching 4 new bikes 1.YAMAHA YZF-R15 2.YAMAHA FZ-150 3.YAMAHA Gladator 165 cc 4.YAMAHA FAZER-250 1.YAMAHA YZF-R15 is have tubeless tyres front disk break & rear disk 6 shifting Gears it looks so dashing compare to other bikes it loolike a super bike.

  40. R15 is going to be launched soon but 80k-90k for a 150cc bike (aware of the features) seems to me a bit expensive.

  41. It is good that TVS has launched new version of TVS apache RTR 160 F1.I think that it will definatly attract the young genration because it gives sporty look for which every one is lloking nowadaysand it dose not cost much also.

  42. I am happy to welcome about this new 1000CC bikes , but Rate and Danger of this bike , will not able to took by us , i dont konw what will happen in future , even i to like drive bikes very fast , We know to handle that in good and Technical manner.. Drive Safe and Good , It good for every one!

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  44. hey, vishal sharma, wen is d suzuki’s 150cc bike going to release….? atleast give d possible future date of d release… dey said tat dey wud release d bike in feb or mar. but, now its june n still no news abt it… y dis? r dey sleeping? u said tat u r close to suzuki india. plz collect some info on dis n share vth us dude….. thanx n regards…

  45. hey its 2 gud.can uplz mail me out its detail like as its costs,its mileage,n many more.plz mail me as soon as possile

  46. Sujki 150 cc ? I bet its gonna b a sure flop like UniKorn .If not pop corn or shine, dine, wine. They should name it as bisibusa bisi in kannada is hot ,busa I think in Jap its eagle so hoteagle thats a wonderful name Mr.Suzuki, are u listening ,you owe me treat for giving you this suggesion, so gift me a pulsar for this OK ?

  47. what is the price I seen so many people are going for HUNK too 🙂 even my boy friend prefer to buy HUNK but now he changed his plan for Yamaha’s new bike

  48. Hi please send me the 150cc bike of suzuki’s im very eager to know its specifications and what’s the price is gona be.


  50. Suzuki 150 is very well due in Jan 2009, bookings open at select showrooms ,there is a mad rush for bookings ,its one of its kinda motor-cycle from Suzuki, seeing is believing,huh….. I was just day dreaming, Suzuki and 150cc dropdead looks ?? for next 99 years that will not happen because, GM canot make a VW polo,they can make only pontiacs,so like that suzuki can make only vehicles like wagon R ,maruthi800,omni, all eye sores… they can make Hayabussa’s for 12 lacs (1000cc and lots of plastic shroud) its like using a maruthi 10000 engine on a enfield chasis and sell it for 4 times the price why not others think of this…Tata, Mahindra’s are you awake ?

  51. Have seen all the comments, its Feb 2009.Suzuki not able to sell Heat, Zeus not even for scrap, no one is willing to buy these lousy machines.Then came access125 with plastic body ,selling around 2000 per month, any time they may stop production (from Sowroom news).Now comes pulsar CBZ copied 150cc with 6 speed gearbox, its dead before arrival.No one wants to even hear abou it, howz that?. HMSI is planning to kill splendor with their own 107cc motorcycle soon so that munzal will have less say in Herohinda venture.Honda doesnot like to be governed by munjals, Unicorn,stunner washed away with shine washing powder. Yamaha came with a bang now nobody wants thise bikes.

  52. I Love Suzuki Bikes………………………he is very strong and power ful Bikes. I Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Suzuki Bikes

  53. Mr. Vicky,,, saya butuh piston suzuki RG R, 150 CC, tolong sms say di no.hp. 085256205151. from.noldy d/a polres minahasa utara manado sulut, ok. tx.

  54. Suzuki sales of access has increased but not going beyond 6000 vehicles per month mainly due to heavy fuel consumption 30-32kmpl till 12000kms after18000 it gives 34-36kmpl.and variator assy wear, plastic parts tend to wobble a lot.Zeus and heat almost stopped and now 150cc hardly being sold.If HMSI stops making scooters then access will sell like hotcakes. Yamaha should get back to making guitars and organs they are pretygood at that.As it is being predicted they are winding their shops for good. since sales R-15, and fz150 has not growing beyond 8000 nos per month.Vendors may not have paid for supplies too If this sales trend continues they are gonna say sayonara

  55. yamaha is great bkie 2010 yamaha shuld launch 150-250 cc bike as r125, vixion fz 150i , scorpio , and make engine in india of r15. when yamaha upgrade your technique (ytps). hope will yamaha will surpass other bike company. sarvesh phougat Some poem in english for Yamaha. (1).go way ,go way Don’t stop you Because Yamaha with you Just go way, go way No fear without difficuLty Go way, Go way Your target is front Goway, go way (2). We don’t taLk Lie Truth offer’s our habit BuiLd bike an soLid TiLL aLso everybody Like Yamaha Therefore makes truth bike That’s truth name is Yamaha (3). Yamaha an bike bike in work Work in power Power in burning Burning in speed Speed in Love Love in truth Truth in a Lover friend Lover friend in promise OnLy promise in truth Truth in Yamaha So everybody Likes Yamaha (4). Yamaha makes own history As Land and sky Yamaha says onLy way Gives Love for everybody Strong and LoveLy with powerfuL Runs Lakh kilometers without any fauLt It goes where even goes bad roads and hills That is why… The Yamaha is kings of bike Hence till runs fast everywhere


  57. i am waiting sexy bike from yamaha 150cc ..i love yamaha bikes…. my girl friend also like only yamaha bikes…hope u release quick…. thank uuuuuu

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