Yamaha new150cc bike – YZF R15

Well, the wait is over, in a few days time, we will see true yamaha bike after 10 years at the auto expo. Obviously, expectations are running high and hence rumours too. Interestingly, some genuine information get hidden among those. Last year the same happened for Hero Honda Hunk. A blog called http://yzf-r15.blogspot.com/

has some interesting information on Yamaha’s new 150cc (yes, the blogger written so). According to the blog, Yamaha will blow off every other bikes manufactured in India with the new 150cc. Yamaha will christen this bike as YZF R15 and will score first -in-class/ first-in-indian bikes credits such as full fairing, front and rear disc, monoshock suspension system at the rear and twin lights. But the real attraction of the Yamaha’s 150cc R15 will be its four stroke, oil cooled,4-valve, liquid cooled and Fuel injected (FI) engine. The R15’s 150cc engine would develop maximum power in the range of 20-22bhp (if true, will make it more powerful than Karizma and Pulsar 220cc DTS-FI). Above all, Yamaha’s 150cc R15 will zoom past 60km/hr in just 3 second and 100km/hr in 9 seconds. Top speed of R15 will be around 145km/hr and it will consume a litre of petrol to go for 35-40km.

Enough! to set our dreams fire, but are these credible? let’s believe and wait.

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  1. dude .. its true …… i think its finally time to break the ice !!! so tht u party spoilers believe yamaha for once in your life.. my dad is in the yamaha project development team .. n they are launcing a 150 at the expo ..its a liquid cooled 4 valve,and a fully faired version …and to let u bummers knw abt the price ..it would be 70000-75000 ex-shoroom… so betta wait to see the bike at the expo .. day after tomorrow we have the exclusive ride ..at yamaha’s surajpur plan ….will tell u more then .. till then … adios !!!!

  2. yeah joginder is right …..got some connections in yamaha ..and the confirmed the news … to add to more details u read in the article ..it will have underseat exhausts …its actually a lil R1 …and woould be producing 22bhp …. well intial plan is to launch a normal version and a sport version which is most likely to be called R15 Sport ….it will have discs at both front and rear …will also have upside down forks and rear monoshock ..which could be standard ..in both versions ……. yamaha also is plannig to import CKD units of 250cc-600cc bikes ….so probabaly late this year we might be able to get out hands on a R6!!! for now ..m totally in love with YAMAHA ……….

  3. YAMAHA YZF-R125 New Yamaha Bike launch for 2008 in India http://automobile-planet.blogspot.com/2008/01/yamaha-yzf-r125.html

  4. Hi All Bike lover’s, Every thing sounds cool… Many Many Thanks to yamaha I will surely go for this one if the popple at yamaha don’t hack this bike as they did with 150cc Gladiator!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers to yamaha, However it seems that Market created by Bajaj for high end bikes is becoming friendly to yamaha….. Any ways there are news abour Bajaj Yamaha tie-up….. Sathish Kumar

  5. We saw the bike today in traffic and it goes like a stink. A guy on a P200 had difficult time keeping up with him in a straight line.

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its nice to see atlast yamaha is back in the market with its 150c.c segment bikes to compete with other bikes in its class. as a yamaha fan i would like to see that yamaha will introduce this model with full fit n finish work before launching so that it will make their names popular in the market. GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! YAMAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. but yaar yea to bataao ke pulsar ke muqable kaise rahegi..bhp kitna hai top speed kya hai…aavarge kya hai..tyre kon se hai maintanance kaise hai…just tell the clear everything..

  8. If this launches I think Bajaj will have to move to car making (which it had already understood and started), Hero Honda will be out of Honda and go back to its cycles or at best mopeds for rural india, and TVS will make a really now or never concept bike into production. Then the fight will be between Yamaha and TVS. With this I hope we get the Kinetic Jupiter (Italian Series). Then it will be peace for india. I personally want only 3 vehicles on Indian roads. 1. Yamaha R15. 2. Tata Nano. 3. Kinetic Jupiter. And mopeds for people who ask “average kya hai” ? Go India go.

  9. finally can fell some thing .along silience from yamaha was an sign of big storm coming towards india and will blast two wheeler segment lke any thing !!! go baby go !!!!!

  10. hi joginder r u sure yamaha is going to launch 2 models ,one a normal and another a sports version for the yzf R15.cause i liked the sports version much better.and heard yamaha is launching nonly one model. so pls letme know thank u

  11. So finally people can stop criticising Yamaha and admire the great company because India has never seen anything like the R15.Watch out hero honda and Bajaj because there is a serious threat to your Pulsars and CBZ Xtremes.Its Truly Yamaha again because it was Yamaha that introduced the real first performance bike in India.Yamaha Roxx.



  14. this bike only gives 14bhp and its torque will also be similar to other 150bikes,cost more than pul220 and zma,only fool ppl would buy this as bajajninza 250cc(30bhp@10750rpm)and torque of 21nm@8500rpm would be far away in top speed and pickup from any bike in country ,cost will be in range of this kid(yamaha r15)

  15. Sukhjinder, think reality and don’t be Bajaj’s Ambasaddor. R series bikes of Yamaha run at RPMs more than 15,000 and none of the bikes in India can make more than 9,000 RPM. Bajaj is already shaken and tieing up with Kawasaki again asking for the rescue. But, Ninja series is no where near Yamaha’s R series through out the world. Even Honda’s CBR is also not near. Only Ducati engines are equally capable. Yamaha is also launching Gladi 165 which will be a commuter bike at the prices of the Pulsars and Apaches

  16. Yamaha YZF R15 is a india specific bike hosting an 150cc engine which was designed for just one thing – Performance! A bike which can be said as the fastest in Indian Bikes. Although the engine details are secret YZF R15 have several first-in-Indian-bike features. It is based on totally race technology with which MotoGP bikes runs, technology with which R1 is built. It is India’s first 150cc 4 valve engine. It is India’s first Bike with forged pistons. It is India’s first Bike with a Diasil Cylinder. It is India’s first Bike with the Deltabox frame, again based on the R1. And it is India’s first Bike with a 6speed gear box. We can expect a prize of INR 80000/- for a beast like this. Never care for the CC. I hope it will have 20 bhp and a top speed somewhere near 140kmph. Hope full this may be the perfect range. Yamaha should not increase its cost above 80,000 for better sales in Indian Market.

  17. According to moe looks from back side ( tail piece ) not promising, could have better as sharp tail piece like R-1 or R-6 nd also Tyres are thin, it should have bigger like fz-150. Other than this bike is stunning.. V proud to be an YAMAHA guys..

  18. All I say thank you Yamaha ! U made us proud once again already a proud owner of R1. keep up the good work. Anything to be posted on my website (www.blissmemories.com) of promoting Yamaha shall be done free of cost.

  19. hey Vinay……………. first bike in India to have a 6 speed gear box is the LEGENDARY RD-350 manufactured by RAJDOOT YAMAHA and launched throughout India in 1983 ! yes launched in 1983….. at that time we indians didnt receive the 30 bhp, 2 stroke twin with reed-valves (TORQUE INDUCTION) twin carbs & twin exhausts.and it died a miserable death

  20. dude its a real mean mechine dats gonna be launched…but im still now in dolema dat weather yamaha will finally launch it or not…im desparetly waiting for any of da big bore bikes from yamaha..i dont mind abut da cost and milege i just want to know when it will be launched soo dat i can buy ….

  21. Very excellent comeback by Yamaha in india. This byk is just going to burn the indian roads beware all pulsars and karizma’s. i am just waiting 4 it to launch.

  22. I am waiting fr this beast machine to release, jst imagine a 150 cc bike liquid cooled and giving 22bhp of power. This could tear the road apart fr d bikes among its class, and anybdy got an idea hv much mileage it gives.

  23. don’t hope too much to dissapoint. have patience u will get better than expectation sure dam sure………………………

  24. hey i just want to know that this new 150cc sportbike will come when and what is the price of its and when will it come in nepal. thanks

  25. I am glad 2 see yamaha back in action yamaha rocks pulsar’s ,unicorns&finally RTR I have decided 2 buy yzf -r15 when it will launch just waiting for that bike

  26. hey Frank angelo..hw much is its total cost? n i heard its smaller in height compared to ZMA and other bikes..any info plz..

  27. GREAT MOVE……………….the cost of the bike will b near about 80-85000 it will b 150cc and 22 BHP with fuel injection system,with the top speed of near about 150 km/hr,the mileage will b about 40 to 45 km/l.As Sukhjinder above said that r15 will b 14 bhp and he was talking about bajaj ninja 250 cc ,i would like to tell him to look up and then make the comments and as far as yamaha is concerned then it is one of the leading sports bike sellers in the world and bajaj has just made up the market with the pular in 2002 before that there was nothing for bajaj in bikes

  28. Sukhjinder…my friend R15 is not a kid ……….only stupids will go for pulas220 after this bike……R15 will b launched in may last or june……the next stunner will b launched in october

  29. I am agree with VINAY as far as price concern. Yamaha should not increase its cost above 80,000 for better sales in Indian Market, because in india market price is very much important.

  30. Man… i didnt like the back side of this bike… its so ugly… i want broad tyres.. Mud guard to be made short.. a sexy number plate.. nd that thing for support shudnt be there on the back.. then this bike wud look AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE am a great fan of this bike.. i wanted to buy r1 but it was too expensive but thanks to yamaha nd guys dnt worry too much U CAN MODIFY this bike to add more spice to it..

  31. Yamaha r1 is my dream bike, but I can’t bye, because it’s too costly. When I heard that R 15 is launching in India, really I felt happy and also I heard that its just a 80000/- to 90000/- on road rice I am shocking, finale I go for R15 when it’s launched

  32. the bke is cooool …….ther shuld b sme changes in exaust and front wheel………go for wider weels pls………

  33. …coming d ReaL KinG of RoadS… R1,MT-01& now ” YZF R15 “… It will Kill ugly Pulsar 220 z sure…. … 4 values surely increase power to 4-5 BHP… Who said is 15 bhp(he is FuCK)… ¤ Top speed 140+ Km/hr ¤ Most Fastest 0-100km ¤ Racing Technology ¤ Light weight ¤ Liquid cooled ¤ Most powerful Head lamp ¤ 150 cc, 18-23 Bhp … It will kill all shit Pulsars… * On d Roads in June is sure…(yamaha will launch gladi ss/rs in correct date so it will surely in June 100%) …. BOOKING IS STARTED NOW IN YAMAHA SHOWROOMS….

  34. yes ..what everyone’s sayin is right……Yamaha is goin to kickin the indian market with all new technology….the head of R-15 is made of aluminium and silicon alloy….and there’s no steel lining inside de cylinder for additional cooling efficiency….and above all it’s liquid cooled…….bou the inly question is the pricing….will it be priced on par with the other 150s or above??? so lets v8 and see…

  35. hey frnds can u tell me the exact price of dis bike….no rumours plzz. …i was goin to buy pulsar 200 this week…but if r15 is goin to launch in may den i can wait….can u upload pics….waiting 4 ur response

  36. this bike should not b considered as a 150cc bike….its 22bhp guys the power of this bike is more than that of karizma and pulsar 220

  37. i once said…..that a company that used to sell scooters for the last 15+ years one day decided to sell motorcycles….and the motorcycle became popular because they kept the prices low and concenterated on marketing and forgot engine dynamics. the pulsars are those bikes with huge engine flaws…if you want to test your pulsar 200/220 ride it on the mumbai-delhi highway keep it above 100 for more than an hour and you will see her loose power like anything. this is because although they are beasts with radiators.. the radiators are the size of a pack of pencils. so they are basically air cooled engines. the twin sparks are another no-brainer as it increases the heat while combustion thereby reducing engine life and performance. on the other hand take any other bike without dual sparks and you will know the difference. Point to note- dual sparks are not used in bikes below 500 cc anywhere in the world except by Bajaj….wonder why no one got the brilliant idea about twin sparks before….ha…ha…ha… so once the new r-15 is out i guess bajaj will start concenterating on their new car….ha…ha..ha

  38. Hi All, Yamaha is targeting for a small bike …its smaller then RTR 160…..so think how small it wil look lik ….so request yamaha to increase the wheel base …tyres are also small but we can change the tyres after getting …but cant increase the wheel base …. Please tell me the launch date or the dealer address who has Yahama R15 ..i heard that ppl have started booking …….and whts the price ??

  39. Hi…Hey yo man… Finally here comes the reality of sports biking..YAMAHA YZF R15 to hit the roads in india in JUNE 2008.All u suckers with PULSAR 220 AND KARIZMA GO TO HELL…!!!!!You ain’t got no chance to beat this baby on road.Not even in 1/4 mile drag..You wil be standin ter wen this baby finishes the race..YAMAHA U ROOOOOOOOOOCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

  40. Guys don worry it wil be released in JUNE 2008,and it pricing is 80000 to 85000.And it gives mileage upto 40 to 45kms.

  41. Though the tyres are very thin it is constructed with soft compound tyres.Which will greatly increse its road grip and it will decrease its its overall weight it will run more lightly and smooth too..Like it is in F1 race cars..And i think the aerodynamics is a one of the main features.

  42. 150cc, 20-22bhp – 120kgs only – 0-60km/h in 3.0 sec – 0-100km/h in 9 sec (The Pulsar 220 manages in around 13) – top speed : 145km/h true, 155km/h on speedometer (The Pulsar 220 does around 133km/h true) – fuel economy : around 35-40kmpl in city riding conditions

  43. Guys… I’m from Bangalore and I’ve Booked the Yam R15… I’ve been using the Pulsar 150 (Souped up with Partial Porting and K&N Filter).. The Pulsar (Whatever CC) was to me just a stop gap bike till something else good came through in the Indian Market.. Believe me, my bike can hold out against the 180 & the RTR (supposed to be better at initial & mid-range against even the 200 & 220 by showroom ppl). The Yam R15 seems to be the answer to my prayers.. Showroom sources indicate that it’s 18 BHp, with other specs as confirmed by various media.. Supposed to cost anywhere B/w 80 – 90 Ks.. Better book now.. The first batch of 100+ Bikes will be the test market – the next lot is slated for a min 15-20K increase in prices (Unofficial).. Deliveries start by mid-end June 2008 on priority basis.. Top Speed:140KmPh, 0-60: 6 Secs; 0-100:9Secs, Wt:120+ Kgs.. Other specs, Vishwas has it.. For all those Pulsar Fans – Time to change your ride or chew dust..

  44. Hi Dudes, Althrough its wid hell lot of powers IT IS NOT A KING OF INDIAN BIKES but for sure Yamaha is the king of Bikes in India wid its YAMAHA RD 350 this is the king of indian roads But wid digital Speedo this Hod dude is not gud for Rallying This one is only ment for the DDDDRRRRRRRRAAAAAAGGGSSS!!!!

  45. Yes my friend DILSHAD. YAMAHA YZF R15 will be launched in 2 versions.Sports version and a regular on road version. I think the sports version is mouh cooler. I am thinkin of buyin it.

  46. Guys those who have booked this bike ….have you seen that bike ..means in any showroom ….cos they may change some specifications……….Yahama is no doubt the best option ….. please tell me is that true that it will be surely launched by June ..cos i am frm pune and here the dealers says that they will not book till the official release …….plz can some one confirm cos if u are booking wht amout do they take and againt wht amount (means the dealer cost)……..please keep the conversation alive by answering

  47. yamahas have always been my love from the days of rx series. i have always hated the pulsar series and kinda liked the rtr’s, but i have always missed some real raw power from yamaha. i currently own a fazer and had no problems wid it. but when a pulsar guy got past me, i was in rage. i hope this times all this comes true. the power output should be at least 20bhp to smack the 220’s. i will kick the s*** out of them. don’t let us down Yamaha

  48. Ehhhhhh…..hakla hai kya tu Rahul.??.Can’t u talk neatly??U r the one who started..Mind ur language..u think u can talk dirty wit any one???then ur mistaken..U got to shut ur mouth and b mum..u just can’t b comin over here and talking dirty wit me k??just go jack off now k??next time mind ur language..u r not the dada here…zyada lundgiri dekhaya na toh tujhe didi banadunga…

  49. Yamaha has made us really proud….I hope it gets through all the formalities and gets set to launch as early as possible….Bajaj & Honda beware of this BEAST….

  50. Hi….. if tis byk w”ll seen on rod thn rod w”ll burn out. well looks r fantastic . but matter is all abt it’s cst. tis byk will really giv as a pleasure to rid an imported byke.i m waiting for it’s launch.i really wnt to buy tis YAMAHA R-15.

  51. awesome 1 by yamaha, othr manufacturers need to catch up a lot, r15 will redefine biking like rx100 n rd350 did to india back in 80’s n 90’s

  52. Pulsar 220 is a real dumb bike..speed bikes either have roaring sound or very smooth sound..this bike makes such irritating sound freakin feel like burnin the bike..yamaha will show wht speed bikes are..lets wait n watch as too all this news is true or fake..I bank on Mr. Joginder….if its true it will change the looks on indian roads n cause too many accidents for sure and m so sure tht cops are goin to ban this bike on road like they killed RD 350.. as for all the fast bikes till today bikes body line is good but the tyres are so freaky thin that u feel at 120 ur bike will fly.hope yamaha takes all this into consideration..moreova the roads dont support speed in mumbai but we still manage to… After the launch i guess the govt has to change the rules for the bombay pune highway so tht we can freely enjoy speed bikes….

  53. hey m basir u r bike is 14bhp and this bike is 22bhp and the karizma and pulsar 220 is 20bhp then where is ur junk yard bike ? it is the flop bike of the year

  54. Hi Guys, Please tell me when will the SPORT version of yamaha R15 will be launched.I’m planning to buy this bike in november.and what will be the cost>?

  55. this bike is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hot and i like the style what will happen if there is any increase in cc i.e from 150 to 200 youth like increase of cc but this bike very beautiful..

  56. can nebudy tell me whether sports version is going to launch or not, n booking kaha ho rahi e……./////////

  57. I have booked the bike last month here in bangalore. First lot will b available in july. Its costing about 90000 on road in bangalore. only two color options…either blue or black. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

  58. i cant wait to buy this bike. AMW is the sri lankan yamaha importer for indian yamaha. just want to F**k those ZMAs, pulsars and RTRs in sri lankan roads. This is what i call a BIKE! Just Let The it come to sri lanka YES. Thank You Yamaha!

  59. what ll be its cost and milaGe, because in india, milage and cost is important … i’m thinKinG to buY HUNK. i can wait..if the cost of R-15 will near by the cost of hunK ….?

  60. what ll be its cost and milaGe, because in india, milage and cost is important … i’m thinKinG to buY HUNK. i can wait..if the cost of R-15 will near by the cost of hunK ….?..

  61. i’m hemant sharma , jaipur, doin enGG , want to ask , will it surely launch in last of june .. because after my exams , i just want to buy bike.. i’m thinking to buy hunk…. i can wait 4 R-15..pls compair its features with hero honda HUNk .. as milege , cost , power , speed , and most inportant LOOk …..pls suggest me … thankYoU………….!

  62. sab chutiapa hai bhai bhut bakchodi sune hai r 15 ke baare mai par pata hai jab digital console dekhoge na to haso ge meter XCD ka laga hua hai ghantu saa pidda sa !i!i!i!i1i1i!i ha ha ha ha hahhahahahaha…

  63. 150cc, 20-22bhp – 120kgs only – 0-60km/h in 3.0 sec – 0-100km/h in 9 sec (The karizma 220 manages in around 13) – top speed : 145km/h true, 155km/h on speedometer (The karizma 220 does around 133km/h true) – fuel economy : around 35-45kmpl in city riding conditions -90-95k cost…………………………………………….. -09986313820 contact for further details july release

  64. + Top speed 140+ Km/hr ¤ Most Fastest 0-100km ¤ Racing Technology ¤ Light weight ¤ Liquid cooled ¤ Most powerful Head lamp ¤ 150 cc, 18-23 Bhp dude R15 release at june lastweak, i had bock that bike, they told its cost around 85000. booking start for delears may lastweak for delears,after 1 month bike willl rocks at indian road haryyy guysssss go and bock ur BLACK-& BLUE-BIRD R15,, but at present only 1 colour will be launch that’s black. and for blue it will take timee hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,, mail me at navnaeethchoudhary@aol.in for more details buddy

  65. hi Guys, I have CBZ*, I have fell many times while riding my bike in last 4 years. but every time my legs not even my bike didn’t even got a single scratch. It was possible just because of leg gaurd. “OF COURSE SOMETIMES SITUATION GETS OUT OF CONTROL” What about Yam-R15 safety? it is even not having a leg guard!!! just think somebody spend 90,000 buks to buy this mean machine, a very small accident will surely drag his legs to road and also its front fearing and indicators will be broken even if it fells while standing or driving. He “somebody” will have to spend huge money on his legs and even more on the bike to regain its beauty. i’m sure its front fairing will cost above 10,000 because karizma’s cost 8500 above. I am not very familiar with sports bike so i cannot say about their safety. So somebody kindly suggest me and clearyfy about my above point about safefy of R15. IS IT SAFE ENOUGH TO GO FOR THIS MACHINE….

  66. wait is over ……………………………………………. cost 1lakh full details available on 15thjune in all yamaha showrooms launching on25 th june

  67. yhis bik,s gonna screw the hell out of karizma and pulsur 220… imagine the 6 speed gear box in indian roads…. i’ll definately buy this…. thanks yahama…

  68. this bik’s gonna screw the hell out of karizma and pulsur 220… imagine the 6 speed gear box on indian roads…. i’ll definately buy this…. thanks yahama…

  69. Hi guys, drooling over the R15 ? Well it’s a great bike BUT for those who want it cheaper and don’t care too much for the full fairing, WELL … an aircooled 150cc 6 speed with twin spar aluminium frame from guess who .. SUZUKI is in the pipeline. It should be much cheaper and have better mileage too. Any Suzuki fans out there ? Check it out too alongwith the Yamaha R15.

  70. Dude You Belive it or not Yamaha is going to launch this models in Indian Motorcycle Market. Yamaha R15 is going to launch on 12 June all over Indian, and as soon as it is launched they will start wht booking of the same. with regards to FZ150 it will be launched in October. For more details : yzfr15.blogspot.com Once More: 12 June……

  71. Dude You Belive it or not Yamaha is going to launch this models in Indian Motorcycle Market. Yamaha R15 is going to launch on 12 June all over Indian, and as soon as it is launched they will start wht booking of the same. with regards to FZ150 it will be launched in October. For more details : yzfr15.blogspot.com Once More: 12 June…….

  72. Hey Dude You Belive it or not Yamaha is going to launch this models in Indian Motorcycle Market. Yamaha R15 is going to launch on 12 June all over Indian, and as soon as it is launched they will start wht booking of the same. with regards to FZ150 it will be launched in October. For more details : yzfr15.blogspot.com Once More: 12 June…….

  73. i’m wating 4 the dream bike I love yamaha motercycle’s very much yamaha is my favourait bike since last 6 years’ i’m using yamaha crux n RX-100 Biking what a rough n tough performance now i’m wating 4 this new roadester bike ………. THAN’X 2 THE TEAM OF YAMAHA ALL THE BEST 4 THE new Release

  74. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo now get ready for some thing new change ok yamaha thanks you have given us the whole world of sports in fact i m already owner of R1 but i also want R15



  77. ……….. guys frgt we should stop worrying abt the price and think abt SPORTBIKING than COMMUTING which our indian bikes r offering for a decade… THIS BIKES HAS MORE CURVES THAN mallika ,more oomph than BIPASHA,gorgeus than AISHWARYA….THANKS YAMAHA TEAM CANT WAIT TO LAY MY HANDS ON THIS DREAM MACHINE HAIL YAMAHA…

  78. If god gives anybody happines. then i feel raaly happy to ride my entaiser. if being dead is only way to be in heven to mate your god. so i am ready to meet the god of god. see you in heven.

  79. hi frnds… de bike cost s 1,08,000……14th june is launch and they going to delvr300 bikes at irungatukottai race track(MMSC)bye take care frnds.cheeeeers

  80. Hi Frens As per the Yamaha Dealer release date is JUNE 15, and would cost around 1.17 lakhs. pls check this below link as it shows a diff release date http://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/r15/teaser.html

  81. Hi guys , I ahd been to the Yamaha showroom yesterday ,The stats put up by u guys are almost true..but wanna confirm on a point .The Power of the engine is 22BHP and not 14 BHP as told by many here …It looks really amazing ,A sure buy for bike geeks…Chao waiting for its release ..

  82. price has finally been confirmed as 107000 . . .and 18.5 bhp, not 22. but weight figures not out yet, so theres still some hope for power to weight . . .

  83. hi bike lovers,was up?this new yamaha R15 is a beast on the road n becoz of this the prices of the other bikes will decrease tremendously and we need not worrry coz no other company can compare yamaha.yamaha rocks.iam pretty much sure dat dis is just the starting of yamaha to launch sports bike for indian roads n in years of time we r really gonna get to see some masterpieces from yamaha,so m eagerly waiting to hit the road.guys nothing more to say,jus be safe on road n enjy ur ride.yamaha rocks.


  85. Hey guys finally Yamaha is bring its most awaited Bike Yamaha R15 To India. India is one of the biggest market in terms of 2 wheelers. till now in the History Initially Yamaha with RX100 then Hero Honda with Splendar and then Bajaj With its revolutionary Pulsar 150 CC has dominated the Indian Roads. These bikes were famous because of its Looks, comforts and specially Because of it Cost and Milage. But with Yamaha R15 Figures are some what different. Yamaha R15 is the Bike Which will give raw power with excellent Handling and Superb Styling. Its developed on the Footsteps of Yamaha R1 which is one of the best bikes world wide. The only thing tht matters Yamaha R15 is its price which is some where around 1,10,000 INR (varies from state to state). And the Hike in the Petrol prices which will affect the most to the popularity of the bike at the time of its launch and initial stages.

  86. hey the wait is over i had gone to ma fathers cousin’s showroom in mangalore………………. they said the price is 99%accurate and 1% may vary…………………. the cost of bike is 97,425 rs life tax is 12,217 rs insurance is 2,200 rs so the price on road is 1,11,842 rs

  87. hey the wait is over i had gone to ma fathers cousin’s showroom in mangalore………………. they said the price is 99%accurate and 1% may vary…………………. the cost of bike is 97,425 rs+ 12,217 rs 2,200 rs so the price on road is 1,11,842 rs

  88. Hi india road riders.yzf r15 is going to launch this month.who all r crazy in yamaha they all definitly wants to get.water cooled f1 engine is not expected in 150cc.

  89. Hi,for all u bike lovers, dis fighter bike is amazing,m using karizma 4m last two years, its verry comfortable 4 me,hve used Rx100,Rd350,no 1 can prove superior then yamaha, can start wid new challenge with others competitors , m gona buy R15

  90. I have checked da site..its only 17PS…i was told by yamaha guys that it will be 20PS…so this is totally un-acceptable..as i was looking for 20PS atleast(more will be bonus)….I m somewhat agree with Orgy that..”It looks like a cheap imitation of the R1 made in Coimbatore. huge body, spindly wheels, puny engine”….but not that bad..coz if bajaj can sell pulsar…so can Yamaha…..Price is too much..105000INR…But it was expected…i mean the price and Orgy’s comments….I m disappointed in terms of Horse Power(HP)…as i was looking for 20PS….i want some speed…not average(petrol)…I have no doubt on Yamaha’s Engine(Enticer was an exceptional)… I was thinking to buy this bike…but not now…just bcoz of Horse Power…in my opinion its less…i can;t pay 1Lac for this less 17PS….I think few will buy this bike…

  91. Hey Neeraj…!!!!! Don’t let your imaginations flow with the 17PS thing. I know it’s a bit disappointing. Yamaha never officially told it’ll be a 20 plus BHP machine nor did they divulge anything about the pricing. All they promised was it’ll be the bike to beat when launched, and will be commercially on sale this June. And they have delivered on the promise. One more thing! Heard that its performance will blow you away. Nothing even comes close. 200… Zma for instance…. believe me, these words were uttered by a professional racer who had spent quite some astride the bike on a track. Dude…. Don’t worry. leave aside the 17PS thing. Look at its real world performance. Let’s wait for complete road tests and stuff. Good luck!!!!!

  92. Hi Aravind… I m a Yamaha Fan…I have Rx 135(9 years old)….n still rocking…..i hope R15 will not disappoint me when i will take test drive…coz i m looking to buy a bike….can afford only 1 lac on it….not more than that..and this is the only option for me…cheers..thanks.

  93. Hi Frnds , Hi frnds i hav huge information abt R-15 regarding mileage,feature,specification bt this blogs’s server is not supporting all the matter in one msg so To Know Evrthing Abt R-15 Visit : http://bikers-corner.blogspot.com/ Regards : Sparsh !!

  94. Drawing on 10 years of YZF series development with a new fuel-injected engine and Deltabox frame The new YZF R15 invites you to “enjoy riding” Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder Displacement 149 .8cc Bore x Stroke 57×58.7mm Compression ratio 10.4:1 Maximum power 17PS / 8,500rpm Maximum torque 15 N.m / 7,500rpm Starting system Electric Start Lubrication wet sump Engine oil capacity 1.0 liters Fuel tank capacity 12 liters Fuel supply system Electronic fuel injection Ignition system T.C.I Primary / Secondary reduction ratio 3.042 / 3.000 Clutch type Constant-mesh wet multi-plate Transmission type Return type 6-speed Gear ratios 1st=2.833, 2nd?1.875, 3rd:=1.364, 4th=1.143, 5th=0.957, 6th=0.84 Frame type Deltabox Frame Caster / Trail 26° / 100mm Tire size (Front / Rear) 80/90-17 / 100/80-17 Brake type (Front / Rear) Hydraulic, single disc (Front / Rear) Suspension type (Front / Rear) Telescopic / Linked type Monocross Headlight 12V35W / 35W?35W Overall length x width x height 1,995mm x 670mm x 1,070mm Seat height 790mm Wheelbase 1,290mm Minimum ground clearance 160mm Dry weight / Curb weight 120kg / 131kg

  95. Hey guys i need the rough Idea of Yamaha R15 Price If Ne one is having any Information regarding The Yamaha R15 plz reply me

  96. hi i am serprised to know about this bike 150cc approxmetly 20bhp 6 gair i must be pland 4r perchage it soon

  97. bajaj , herohonda , TVS , honda ALL Suck,, AS yamaha is ghona Fuck them all R15 * average * style * speed * 22bhp * india === yamaha THE maa of All

  98. hey neerj i bad news no test ride……….. only home delivery……… bcoz i have already booked the bike…. its 1,11,842 INR on the road…

  99. hey atleast give some respect to indian bikes . i dnt think they will survive on indian roads . lets see what happens atleast pulsar and zma has done a lot for we indian riders ( dnt forget tht) and whereas bikes are concernd y2k is the best oh sorry beast

  100. is it launched? What is the price of Yamaha R15 Bike in India ? can anyone get the official price one of the member answered it cost Rs.97,425 ? http://forums.techarena.in/showthread.php?t=988050

  101. this is for Lakhan, huh wat?? yamaha f****d HH,BAJAJ,TVS huh? and ur so called yamaha r15 is 22 bhp?? keep dreaming …. r15 17 bhp–150 cc—liquid cooled and u pay around 1.2 lakhs!! haha…looks lik yamaha f****d u!!! i ve got an RD 350…which i bought for 15 k n spent around 25k ..total 40k….guess wt? i can f**k ur r15 any time.. any day…anywhere…. you bring ur 1.2 lakhs machine and i ll bring my 40 k machine…i ll pass u jus lik tat n u ll never know…!!! wake up Indian bikers….this is not we need….we r not in need of yet an another 150 cc–17 bhp machine….we need raw power….stop treating Indians lik some illitrate fools….did u guys see the yamaha r125?? tats wt i call true sports bike…wen yamaha can design so wel even for a 125 cc machine, then y cant they do tat to our 150 cc Indian model?? or do they think tat we , Indian r still in the 1980s?? for the last time….WE NEED RAW POWER BIKES AND NOT THIS KINDA OVER PRICED PUNY BIKES LIK R15…

  102. hey max, this is a sports bik which can beat a karizma in drag but it cant a rd coz it is 35 bhp and u r comaring a father and son………….. hey i am not rude to u but look even i have a rd of low torque but ma dad is a dealer he and i made it 45 bhp and i know its feeling………. and u know what i bought it for 6k……….. my dad hae rode it there was a test ride only for the dealer in chennai…… he said it was an awesome bik to ride and next year they r launching r1 and mt01 which u call a raw sports bik k………………… then fz150 is also commin……….. i am owner of rd 350 and i am proudly ready to own a YZF R15 MAN…..

  103. hey vibhav, it was my fault tat i failed to explain my point clearly.. i wasnt comparing RD wit R15 , i wud never will….. but my point was…around 25 yrs back we had experienced around 30 bhp power and tat too it was from an 2 stroke machine(RD 350) and now after all tat promises which yamaha gave us…lik…”we r going to bring back our brand name”…obviously we were expecting atleast a 22 bhp 4 stroke machine…but we ve got yet another 17 bhp!!! let me get this straight guys….wats the point in spending above 1 lakh for an 17 bhp machine which has an added feature of full faring(looks lik cheap plastic,i inspected in person) and got liquid cooled? i dont hav anything against yamaha, infact im myself a gr8 fan of them, afterall they gave us the RD 350 but wt happened now… i hav a better idea guys…now-a-days im seeing more GT COMET 250 bikes(used) for sale on the papers n net…for 1.3 to 1.4 lakhs…instead of spending 1.2 lakh for this 150 cc, 17 bhp machine , we can very we go for COMET which is a 250 cc,27 bhp machine with better performance…. final word for yamaha….if u guys truly wanna capture the lost fame on Indian roads…then,give us the true performance bikes which we deserve… and inspite of all this…i ll stay as a Yamaha fan forever…cos im still in love wit my RD350…and ppl pls dont waste ur hard earned money(1.2 lakhs) on this…wait for some time , our bike market is growing faster than ever…KAWASAKI is bringing their NINJA 250R befor diwali(hopefully)and i ll b the first person to book it as soon as they open booking…if wana check out the bike, jus go google n type, 2008 NINJA 250R…u ll fall in love!!! happy riding!! A TRUE FAN OF YAMAHA!!!

  104. im sorry to correct u, vibhav but the R1 and MT-01 have already been launched long back…and did u really tuned ur RD to 45 bhp?? how did u do tat?? NOS kit?? or is it something with the engine??

  105. dont they hav photooooooooooooooooooooo!!how much milageeeeee……??????????????/n prize is toooooooooo muchhhhhhhh…………………

  106. Dear Bikers and yamaha fans in case you think yamaha have not delivered enough with the yzf r15 pls think again …..yamaha have purposely detuned the engine to 17 bhp with the interest of accomodating to less exepirienced and older riders ….for those of you who want more power pls dont forget r15 s engine is controlled by an ecu (or ecm) which on remapping will make the engine put out 32 bhp and by the way yamaha itself will be offering this remap later on so pls go ahead and buy the bike 😉

  107. hehe….32 bhp?? R15?? hey guys..according to Aadarsh , R15 is capable of producing 32 bhp!! but, not now it seems…wel…we ll buy it after YAHAMA tune their R15 to 32 bhp..;-p and i dont see anything lik u said in official YAMAHA site buddy… http://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/product/r15/specs.html good think-up-story buddy … we r not gonna fall for it!!! ;-p if wt ur saying is true…then R15–32 bhp– in tat case it shud b making top speed of around 180 KM/H!!! and u think this bike wit its “cycle” lik tyres gonna hold it?? and its weight will make it fly n land upside down!!!

  108. Sorry guys but I really did not like the R15 that much.. chk my view here : http://hembaba.com/reviews/yamaha-r15/ and plz let me know what you think.

  109. well bro i was told this by a authorised yamaha personel,and come on whats so unreal about it its very much possible :-) well dude agreed that the tyres are small but that special compound tyres hence its fit also for track use but dont forget any ecu remap alwayas is followed by certain other changes to accomodate the extra power

  110. hey max i will give u the detail how to raise b hp without effecting ur engine don take it to ordinary mec and trust me my dad is the company engineer who trained some Japanese company engineers mail me ur id on my mail i.e vibhav_rao@yahoo.co.in trust me man…………… and 1 more thing u don relive on r15’s on b hp it has fi and water cooled it can run up to 140kmph…….. example a scooter(gear less) imagine….. which is 130 and 14 b hp it runs 130 kph in strait roads only coz of water cooled engine and fi in Dubai……………….. it has 150cc and 17 bh and add the factors above………….. don misunderstand i respect u coz ur fan of Yamaha that too rd owner plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mail me ur id….

  111. and 1 more thing max……. what Aadarsh k said was correct……… it is an ecu…………. which my dad also told so once again think abt r15………….

  112. hi guys if any 1 have already bought it plz share ur experience wit me at 09986313820 i would like here more frm u

  113. hello all, i’m made from Bali – Indonesia, i’m very-very surprised that i know in India have a new product from yamaha, all people in india know that YZF-R15 is the newest product with fairing, butt… looks in any country has no fairing, but the specification is same. let we’re see this site : http://www.forum-vixion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=406&start=135 in indonesia, the streetbike like an engine yzf-r15 is called “VIXION” that’s a big suprissed for our people in here… i’m glad to Yamaha global to be add the new model of YZF-R15 from india to another country like Indonesia… i hope it can be realz… regards, made fajar Bali – Indoesia Contack : negative_foul@yahoo.com i’m using YM too..

  114. hi max nice to know you have an rd :-} i too have an rd a 1985 low torque model i also have 2000 model rx-135 5 speed and a 1987 rx-100 …..i just finished full payment for the yamaha r -15 and expecting the delivery next week when officially launched in bangalore:-}

  115. hi, Everything is poor about yamaha r15. nothing give it’s a class apart in quality term. I went to the showroom to check it out and beleive me i was tatally dissapointed with the paint job and plastic parts. And poor yahama service will make the owner feel more diappointed as i saw poor enthuthiasm among staff to attend to the client and disorganised way of arranging the bike. total poor expierience. This reflect the years of slack sale over the years becuase of lack of good product portfolio. Even yamaha r15 looks seriously compromised in designed. They could hav done better. The rear half looks very unsporty and uninspiring when compared to the excellent frontal design. Uninspiring are tryes and exhuast pipe. Nothing racy about them. I think the yamaha has not learnt the indian market properly.

  116. hey prashant sorry to correct u but i had gone to chennai for the track to see the test ride (only for dealers and family) they kept a race on track with the karizma r, pulsar 220, apache 160 fi and the r15……….. they were equal in the track but trust me when the corners came it overtook the bikes lik anything……… man……. it was awesome to look at it……………

  117. am dam proud to have a yamaha rxz its awesome man am really great to have the yamaha brand no one can beat the yamaha and i saw the new r15 its mindblowing now time to go back all pulsars and karizma to there where they were before NOW ITS TIME YAMAHA TO CONQUER THE BIKE MARKET ALL OVER INIDIA AND ITS GOING TO ROCK THE NATION AND MY HEART NO BIKE IN NATION CAN CATCH THE SMOKE OF IT THE NEW YAMAHA R15.AND NOW BAJAJ AND HEROHONDA WILL BE SCRACTHING THEIR HEAD AND ………;LOVE YOU YAMAHAAAAAAAAAA

  118. who doesnt no the value of the yamaha bikes its good have scooter or battery cycles .THE REAL BIKE MANUFACTURES IS YAHAMA THROUGHT THE GENARATIONS

  119. Naveen, ru ok man? why all this hyper? its time for ur pills!!! nobody said YAM is bad or something…cool down …

  120. Vibhav, hey man,yes i do hav yahoo …send in ur id i ll add u..we ll catch up sometime in chat… and by the way guys…i tried R15 the other day…it was good wen compared to other 150CCs…but to b honest guys…the bike was kinda short wen sat on it n didnt actually felt lik a sports bike from rider’s point of view…they cud hav made the tank more bigger and faring too…bike felt too thin,didnt had tat sports bike look….and i still think they cud hav put a resonable price… comm’on YAM im seriously challenging u…can u roll in a bike which cud beat my RD350–two stroke–30 bhp machine?? hehe…jus kidding 😉

  121. hi Just wait and watch bajaj kicking the ass of yamaha with kawasaki ninja 250. Though it will be pricey but it will be worth it becuase it’s the sport bike in true sense and very perfect for the beginners and rookies. I’am totally disappointed with yamaha r15. Though i’am not against yamaha and thing is a great brand but very upset with how they are treating our market and us. we deserve better and best and can’t seetle for compromised bike.we are ready to pay for it. When u sit on it it doesn’t feel like ur on sport bike.Very short as max said. Anyone just tell me when kawasaki ninja is being luanched.

  122. hello friends, Just wait and watch bajaj kicking the ass of yamaha with kawasaki ninja 250. Though it will be pricey but it will be worth it becuase it’s the sport bike in true sense and very perfect for the beginners and rookies. I’am totally disappointed with yamaha r15. Though i’am not against yamaha and thing is a great brand but very upset with how they are treating our market and us. we deserve better and best and can’t seetle for compromised bike.we are ready to pay for it. When u sit on it it doesn’t feel like ur on sport bike.Very short as max said. Anyone just tell me when kawasaki ninja is being luanched.

  123. Hey Guys, I do agree that YAMAHA is a great bike manufacturer, but their performance for a past couple of years are really disappointing. Almost all the bikes launched by YAMAHA had gone to “vaccum”, might be :-) jus kidding. I think that theres no meaning in putting this much of expectation in R 15….how can you say that 150 cc engine will gine 17 to 20 bhp???????????

  124. The reason for which the Yamaha yzf r-15 is priced high is because it has only 60 percent localized content and certain components of the engine and the fuel injection systems are being imported from other Yamaha bases. in due course of time localization will increase and the price will be brought down correspondingly….as a matter of fact the yzf r15 shares its crankcase with the European yzf r125.

  125. hey guys any 1 let me know biking experience of r15 and offcourse mileage tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  126. well i just took the delivery of my r15 yesterday night (30th June 2008)(Bangalore r15 bash-garuda mall) and believe me this bike rocks ….its engine is smooth and the compression is great …i have already ridden close to 60 kms and she gave me close to 41kms to the litre, since the the bike has to be run in i haven’t revved more than 6000rpm in each gear but anyone can easily make out the power building up close to 5000rpm ….the gearshifts are smooth and overall bike feels great….it is to be noted that the are no flat spots in acceleration and the bike feels very comfortable even at low revs ….all of us who took the delivery yesterday were given a fantastic time by Yamaha as we given r15 t shirts and a high tea was organized at chancery pavilion hotel wherein the official launch ceremony took place in Bangalore.we were given an interactive session with top Yamaha honchos from the r&d and other divisions of Yamaha …..speaking to them gave us a lot info on how good this bike is and we were shown some exclusive videos and vital stats and comparisons….finally coming back to the bike …it lives up to everyone’s expectations once they ride it as i found out and reminds me of the the Yamaha stressing the pride of ownership at the launch function as this bike has been designed by the same people who designed all the YZF R series …this bike is special and it feels really special….(also to be noted is the heads it turns …people throng around it even at signals)…finally it gives me great joy to say Yamaha is back… anybody wanting to buy it need not think twice its money well spent.period.

  127. hi guys ive purchased the r 15………… and its awsome it had cost me about 1.02 laks on road. now let me tell you about th e bike … it is very smooth. gear shifting, breaking and the balance is far much better than the pulsar…….. it may be dissapointig for the rd fans who are used to the torquey sound of the engine…over all i liked the bike…. and 1 more thing i have gone to a max of 80km/ph coz its new………. and there was not a bit of vibration of the engine….it is smooth as velvet………

  128. Its official ….Yamaha are including an ECU remap and a booster as a package for approx 20 grand ….this package will increase the existing power of the r15 by 50% to an indicated 25bhp….this will be offered by Yamaha as a factory option very soon …..i was told by an Yamaha official and a insider…. expect a drop in mileage but a tremendous increase in acceleration and top speed.

  129. hi adarsh, Tell them to improve the design as well. Rear end is pretty ugly. Not at all sporty. And also the tyres. Make it sporty in true sense, not just power but also design. Is any yamaha official listening??????? i’am sorry dudes i had so many expectation with this bike from yamaha. But i think they are not getting the point “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION”.

  130. That’s fantastic idea .Some thing seems to be different.in the indian roads NOw it’s the days of stunning sporty riding .I wish every yamaha lovers for this

  131. hi thats really awesome man…lik younger bro of R1……………wooooooowwwwooooooooooo really superb


  133. I am planning to buy this bike but the main thing that i noticed abt this is the mileage ,, it has been mentioned in the profile that we should expect only 30 to 40 kpl. Even then i will buy it. Any way thanks for R1 ans staff for providing such an awesome bike for a reasonable price.

  134. machine is in road and its totally paisaa barbaad, naa hi dum h naa hi look, agar back dekho to bandar ki gaand lagti h

  135. name ali age 25 purchase yamaha R15 on road 102000 mane r15 lea bahut hi zabardast byke hai yaaaaaaaaaaar. ali-9835498925


  137. Hello, I am a Tech Specialist in a MNC in Noida and a great byke lover, I am riding since the age of 9 and I am 29 today. I have completed 4000 Kms on R15 and using it since a month. I totally agree that when I first made up my mind to go for it, I thought it must be a something more powerful (when it comes to pickup). But I would really say that its far more better than any other Indian Bike in the market. Having used both Karizma and Pulsar . And I will like to share my outlook; 1. I have travelled straight from Lucknow to Delhi having only two stays in between thats about 200 kms of non stop riding at a speed of 75-80 on avg. (coz of its DIasil cylinder and Forged piston, cilinder has 20% silicon which keeps it cooler than rest of the bykes.) I dont think any other Indian Byke can do that, it will burn out and the clutch plates will cease. 2. It has given me amileage of 45 km/lt on highways and 38-40 kms/lts in City.I n which I have operated it around to 135 km/hr at times.Which means Its best in its class. 2. It has an awesome grip on roads, its not important for a bike that it goes past 130-140 what is important its that how much safer it is to go to that speed. Toy can really feel safe at speeds of 120, the byke will not skid when applying brakes as that speed. Some people say that it has narow tyres, they were specially made for R15, having soft rubber and different raddi, complete tubeless providing 3 times better grip that Pulsar and about 2 times better that Karizma in my view. Before riding this I loved Karizma, coz it was better than Pulsar, but those two feel to be pieces of srap of primitive machines when comapred to R15. Dont check the speed and pickup. Ride it above 120 km/hr you will forget about the price and comparisons.

  138. Hi Vivek ur feed back is realy good and understandable. see when some speaks u should be clear like this one from Vivek just writing what feel like seeing the Picture. Vivek hi again, i have traveled from Bangalore to Chennai 3 times which is around 330 km and Bangalore to Pondichery 4 times which almost same 310 km,Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore in Yamaha 135,Fiero,splendor,TVS victor and Enfield Bullet. The best expireance was riding Bullet 350 cc From Ban to Pondy it was like in haven at 120 speed in ECR rd it was like 70 in Tvs, the road grip was very good(East Costal Road). R15 is a dream com true to me the look NO words to speak but i am worring about the perfomance on road. can i go for it pls get back. Thx for R1 team for producing a R15 for the Middle class of Indians.

  139. Dear Friend, When I am saying Delhi-Lucknow-Delhi It means about 1100 kms. And on one side it is 550 kms in one go. I hope there is nothing much to say more than that.

  140. sempli im se im crezy of yamaha bike’s i love yamaha any bike’s its good bike of R15 yamaha. faste time in launchd india water cool eigen fi sestem tub lase tiyer’s good milage & 6gare’s i love this bike R15 yamaha.



  143. Hey all you bike lovers …have a look n know more abt R 15 150-CC 22 Bhp torque- 21nm @ 8900rpm 0-80 3.65 secs 36 km/ltr (single person) 98000 Rs(appx)- off road both side disc brakes auto liquid cooling comes in 3 colors…expected to gain more color combination

  144. I’m from Bangladesh. I want to know that when I can get the gorgeous in my country soon. please……………….tell me how can I get that earlier.

  145. This is too bakwaash bike bcoz if we look this all thing can be see in any another bike except its body look if we talk about the rear tyre so thin like bajaj(HUDI BABA) XCD125. Jara sa change kijye means puri gadi badliye samajh mein aaya kya nahi to mera friend bhi mech.engineer hai wo aur bhi mast bike bana sakta hai. He can best do then u chale R15 banane HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  146. jab angoor tak pahuch nahin paye to angur khatta ho gaya, haha idiotic person. sale aukad nahin hai bike nelen ka to uski burayi to mat kar.

  147. Hi, I live in Chennai and bought a black Yamaha R15 about a month back. The bike’s handling, looks and feel is great and I have managed to touch speeds of 120km/h with ease. Overall I am very satisfied with the Bike and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.(well perhaps an R1). Anyway my bike was due for it’s first service as it has been a month since I bought it. I went to the Sri Motors Yamaha showrom in Ashok Nagar where I bought the bike and handed it over for it’s first service. They asked me to collect it in the evening after 7pm. So i went and collected it and since it was dark I just brought the bike home and left it in my garage. The next day when I woke up in the morning and took my bike out for a ride I noticed that there were two really big and deep scratch marks on my bike. I went back to the Yamaha showroom and complained to them about it. They immediately went on the defense and said that they were not responsible and that I must have hit it somewhere. I was very upset by this and have decided that I will never give my bike to Sri Motors again for service. I would like to know whether there is any manual which I can read that would help me to service the bike myself. Also for guys who are living in Chennai and are going to buy a Yamaha Bike DONT BUY IT FROM SRI MOTORS IN ASHOK NAGAR. Buy it from somewhere else. ………Murali

  148. hi, i bought this bike recently and it’s great to be a R15 owner. I want to know from any R15 if the R15 comes with a battery warranty because i didn’t get one from the yamaha dealer here in aurangabad.

  149. I had used RX 100 for almost 8 yrs and was planning to get a new one and finally I got my dream bike. I have booked Yamaha FZ 16 Black last week got the booking number today. Where can I check the online status of the same.

  150. thissssssssssssssssssssss bikeeeeeeeeeeeee isssssssssss veryyyyyyyyy hottttttttttttttttt & sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  151. hey….i would like to know what the price of this motocycle for a brand new one (YZF-R15)…and do i have to order to get this motocycle in brand new….and where can i order it from…can i do it online…i live in the uk but i want to but it in india…can you please tell me asap…thanx..Rav

  152. Please note: My letter to Yamaha India Dear Sir, Firstly, Thank you and congratulation on the launch of Yamaha FZ 16 and I am sure it’s going to be the best bike of the year. I would like to draw your attention regarding a problem with the after sale service at one of your dealer “Excellent Yamaha” 1, Shanti Sadan, 45, Telli Park Road, Andheri (east) Mumbai where I have purchased FZ 16 Registration No: MH-02- BK- xxxx. I have notice that the servicing is not carried out in a professional manner and the owner Mr. Pillay has no respect for his customer before or after the vehicle has been sold. His attitude is beyond explanation and I was told if the bike has any extra fittings like a new Horn, the warranty will be terminated. I respect the Yamaha motors companies rules and regulation, but Mr. Pillay himself has already fitted a custom made crash guard (which he charges 600/- extra) and some additional fittings like Mobile chargers etc of course which they charge extra. I fail to understand that all these extra fittings buy Excellent Yamaha is accepted them or Yamaha motors, but an extra horn fitted on my bike leads to termination of my warranty. Can someone please explain if these term and condition have been implemented by Yamaha Motors or the dealer “Excellent Yamaha” Suggestion: Yamaha should have a training program before appointing a dealer as how to respect their customer weather he is buying a 70000/- Vehicle or a R-1 for 13 Lakhs. I have never experience this type of attitude from any of the car dealers when ever we have purchased a vehicle. Awaiting your reply in anticipation, Thanking you,

  153. I want s detial of this bike and i do not to buy this bike and i want the price of the lucknow and i saying thes that this bike is very beautifull and looking sporty Thanking you

  154. Hey Guys, this is the best bike ever in India!!! No doubts about it, come on man, liquid cooled, fuel injection, disc brakes on both wheels, monocross rear shock, and without mentioning that it is a YAMAHA!!! I just loved and anyones who sees it closely will do also!!!

  155. I checked the bike at showroom thorougly, checked the facilities IQ of dealers etc and came to conclusion that Yamaha will not survive end of 2009 .The initial sales may be encouraging for just a month, now none of the models are selling and dealers are calling me day in and day out after the visit, this shows ( also read the papers all is not well at Yamaha India)they are bound to close shops due to very low sales of bikes.Indeed these showrooms can sell Yamaha guitars and high end audio systems which they have very little Japanese competetion

  156. I saw the yamaha bike today in traffic for which i was waiting since 2005 after i sold my rx135. i have sold my splendor within 2 hours which i had bought in 2005 feb & am just going to my friend’s showroom j.m.j motors in magadi road to book my new yamaha bike ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt for yamaha for giving me my dream bike.

  157. hi friends! i want to know can i change apprchi 160 bic back side tyre with pulser 200 cc bic back side one? is that change will effect to my bic? thank u

  158. hello all, my name is thaqib and i am from malaysia. Lotsof ppl from my country are very interested in converting their fz to yzf r-15. this opens up opportunity for bnez deals. so im thinking of being the middle man to bring in this modfification parts to complete their desired transformations. currently my ride is also fz150i. whoever is interested in being a middle man too, email me at mynameisthaqib@yahoo.com and lets talk bnez.

  159. r15 issssssssssssssssss verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  160. my best bike is pulsar220 before yamahar15 pulsar 220 isthe indian motor cycle of the year but after fucking yamahar15 has arrived pulsar 220 has got toits lowest ranking but 1 bike is coming from pulsar edition to beat fucking yamahar15

  161. hi yamaha. i have yzf-r15………… no complain about the bike but i have a complain about your service. yamaha has given us 6 free service. in page no.10 – 20. point no 8. it is written that replace engine oil/engine oil filter. if ti is replace then why u people have charged money.if we have to pay money for engine oil/engine oil filter then pls cancle the word replace and put the word check. pls reply to my email address.azaan142@yahoo.com

  162. hey this is for all those who hav an R15…i purchased the bike in august and it sometimes gives starting problems when i dont use it for 2-3 days and/or when i start it in the mornings after a heavy shower in the night…i want to knw if yawl too face this problem?

  163. hi guys … i jus gt r15 few days b4 ..i ws vry much confused btwn the 2 machines i.e karizma zmr n r15 .price tags r above 100000 .. bt zmr is 225 cc n r15 is 150 cc ..i took test drive of bth d bikes .. n i gt up wth d conclusion tat d ride ws much smoother wth r15 .. n d seatin style of r15 gves u d real feel of a sports bike .. n in karizma u sit normally lyk as u do in other indian bikes .. initial pick up of kariZma is mre thn r15 .. bt after u touch d speed of 65 to 70km/hr .. u dnt feel urself to b much safe as u do in r15 .. r15 does its magic at top speeds .. brakin is jus superb .. u dont find such braking system in ne other bike .. u myt feel tat d r15 tyres r much thinner . bt guys these tyres r specially designed for r15 ..it gives superb balance on roads . zmr hs cme wth a better tech. bt still it fails 2 gve tAt feel which u gt while ridin. r15 .. i wud suggest all those who r confused btwn zmr n r15 …to for yamaha yzf-r15…real value for money ..

  164. @sam-dude p220 is a carboratorrrr…….c hw rough it isss nt at aal smoottthhhhhhh!! n r15-liquidcooles engine …damn smoothhhh!!!!!!!

  165. hey i felt somting special in r15.. but the only problm with this bike is it seems to be toooo smalllll but the style feels greate…. i think the back portions brk light has to be chainged ………………HOWEVER YAMAHA IS YAMAHA…………………. noting can cum front of yamaha and look back only yamaha can go … and GO>>>

  166. dude test ride r15 & p220 ……u will come to know the difference b/w these two bike ……….& u come to know why r15 cost so much….these two bike have same top speed but u feel joy of riding in r15………

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