Yamaha new150cc bike – YZF R15

Well, the wait is over, in a few days time, we will see true yamaha bike after 10 years at the auto expo. Obviously, expectations are running high and hence rumours too. Interestingly, some genuine information get hidden among those. Last year the same happened for Hero Honda Hunk. A blog called http://yzf-r15.blogspot.com/

has some interesting information on Yamaha’s new 150cc (yes, the blogger written so). According to the blog, Yamaha will blow off every other bikes manufactured in India with the new 150cc. Yamaha will christen this bike as YZF R15 and will score first -in-class/ first-in-indian bikes credits such as full fairing, front and rear disc, monoshock suspension system at the rear and twin lights. But the real attraction of the Yamaha’s 150cc R15 will be its four stroke, oil cooled,4-valve, liquid cooled and Fuel injected (FI) engine. The R15’s 150cc engine would develop maximum power in the range of 20-22bhp (if true, will make it more powerful than Karizma and Pulsar 220cc DTS-FI). Above all, Yamaha’s 150cc R15 will zoom past 60km/hr in just 3 second and 100km/hr in 9 seconds. Top speed of R15 will be around 145km/hr and it will consume a litre of petrol to go for 35-40km.

Enough! to set our dreams fire, but are these credible? let’s believe and wait.

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