What should you know about before importing a car/bike Part-1


Thanks to Indian growth story, Cult bike maker Harley Davidson is likely to make its Indian foray soon. While dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2 have given a definite dimension to India’s premium bike market, Rolls Royce and Maybach are already getting decent numbers in their order book. Many youngsters and business honchos are following their sports or film’s hero and love to ride their dream machines.

Here are some rules and regulations which you must know when you are importing cars or bikes. When Sachin imported Ferrari and when Kingfisher Vijay Mallaya imported Lamborghini these regulations and the consequent uproar flashed in our TV screens. A complete knowledge on this will help you to import your dream machines and enjoy!

For importing a new bike you have to pay 105 percent duty and100 percent duty for a used one. In case of cars, for a completely built unit or CBU you have to pay 111 percent duty (60% on CBU imports plus countervailing duties and other levies). Whereas the duty on “completely knocked down” or CKD models which are assembled in country, is only 38 to 48 percent depending on engine displacement. These are based on EXIM policies (export and import policy) which are framed on 2002. Here are the few terminologies and conditions you must know

Customs duty:
Tariff imposed on import/export on autos and auto ancillaries. In this year budget peak rate of Customs duty from 12.5 per cent to 10 per cent and also Central Sales Tax (CST) from 4 per cent to 3 per cent.

Excise Duty: Excise Duty is an indirect tax levied and collected on the goods manufactured in India. In last year’s Budget had reduced the excise duty on small cars (petrol engines within 1200cc and diesel engines within 1500cc) to 16 per cent, while maintaining it at 24 per cent for all other cars and utility vehicles.

Homologation: Process of certifying that a particular car is roadworthy and the Pune-based Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) provide this clearance. According to existing norms, every original car model brought into the country by an individual or a manufacturer must have homologation clearance. Even domestic car manufacturers need a homologation certificate for new models. There are some exclusions as well

•Manufacturers can import left hand drive vehicles only for testing and research purposes.
•Individuals importing top-end cars can waive off the testing — or homologation — requirements. Any individual can import a vehicle priced above Rs 20 lakh without sending it for road-worthiness tests.
•Import of new vehicles is only permitted through Customs ports at Nhava Sheva, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi Air Cargo and at ICD, Tughlakabad
•Very important note for Non Residential Indians (NRIs) – individuals coming to India for permanent settlement after two years of continuous stay abroad can bring in a car provided the vehicle has been in their possession for at least one year abroad. This now ensures that individuals coming to India do not bring in an absolutely new car.

An example will help to understand things better..
If X wishes to buy Suzuki GSX R 1300 Hayabusa(dhoom bike), here is the route ?
Import bikes prices in India are a tricky thing.
Since they can only be imported you will just have to find a reputable importer! The price you can expect to pay for a new bike is based on the following:

Price of bike in the country you wish to buy or the country the dealer has contacts in. + Freight charges + Import Duty @105% + Misc charges.
Eg. NEW from the US $10000 USD(Rs 4,50,000) + $500 Freight + $10500 + $500 = $21500 USD(Rs 10 lakhs).

Import vehicles duty and license structure:

Import of passenger cars / Jeep / Multi-utility vehicles / motorcycles / scooters / mopeds etc. are restricted items of import and can be imported against an import license. However, individuals coming to India on Transfer of Residence after two years continuous stay abroad and other importers may import these vehicles without a license but on payment of customs duty. The various customs duties leviable on vehicles imported into India are as follows:

Customs duty for second hand vehicles



Basic Duty

Addl. Duty

Spl. Addl. Duty

Total Duty





More than 150%

Motor cycles/scooters/ moped




More than 125%


Customs duty for new vehicles



Basic Duty

Addl. Duty

Spl. Addl. Duty

Total Duty





More than 110%

Motor cycles/scooters/ moped




More than 85%

Click here for rules and regulations to be followed when importing vehicle and for complete duty structure on vehicles and their parts/ancillaries

Troubles with Second hand vehicles:

The restrictions/conditions imposed on import of cars by importers for commercial purposes shall not be applicable in the case of passengers bringing their own car on Transfer of Residence. However, these imports shall be subject to the condition that the vehicle should have right hand steering and controls (applicable on vehicles other than 2 and 3 wheelers). Value of these vehicles for the purpose of levy of customs duty is CIF value, where C stands for the cost of the goods, I is the insurance and F is the freight. Cost in the case of new vehicles is the transaction value between the seller and the buyer, however in the case of old and used vehicles cost is arrived at by taking value of the vehicle in year of manufacture and after allowing depreciation at following rates.

•For every quarter during 1st year 4%
•For every quarter during 2nd year 3%
•For every quarter during 3rd year 2.5%
•For every quarter during 4th year 2%
•Thereafter subject to a maximum
depreciation of 70%

Here are the few useful sites you must visit before importing your dream machine

Since the guidelines are very strict and the duties are very high many follow grey market for buying thier dream machines. Here’s the economictimes report on muscle bike’s grey market. Government is checking the loopholes aggresively, pay the duty and enjoy you dream machine with complete satisfaction.

Bored with economics, relax! in the following posts we will have a look on popular imported bikes in India such as Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha R1, Kawasaki Ninja,Honda CBR and also about great Audi, Bentley and Porsche cars.

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  1. I have lived in India 10 years. Through good contacts in the bearacracy there I have had recent direct communications with top officials at customs in Mumbai that indicate a relaxation of duties on used motorcycles. For vehicles older than 3 years they quoted 40%. From the sound of your article I may be in for a big surprise when my Harley reaches Mumbai. I think I will cancel my shipment. Thanks, Jim

  2. Peak customs duty on Completely Built Units (CBUs) is likely to drop by 10% in the next union budget. This means imported cars will get more dearer from next year. Also the strengthening of indian rupee versus euro and dollar importing non homologated models cheaper.

  3. Hi All, I want to import a used HONDA CBR 1000RR which costs me 5000$, wat wil be the customs duty imposed on the vehicle. Please let me know the information. Also let me if there is any direct no to contact the Customs duty office guys so that I can make my queries clear. Thanks & regards, Vinod.G

  4. We intend to import a 20 year old Mercedis car from U.K. on re-export basis (Re-export after 2Years). The car will be reburfished by us & then exported Kindly let us know the procedure & duty involved. We also intend to import Brand New Car for our Office use Pls let us know the procedure & duty involved. Thanks & Regards Navin Hegde

  5. hi one of my friend he is an NRI he wants to bring in BMW 530 series which of 3 year old and also an Audi just wanna know how much tax will he have to pay for it please reply me ASAP

  6. dear sir, i am planing to import a used 250cc honda pls tell me dpocuments that are required from the origin country and also tell me can i imnport it through the chennai docs pls tell me complete documents and procedures

  7. dear sir, i would like to know that, which are the second hand luxury cars and suvs model / Manufacturer we can import from for the following country approved by ARAI india. 01.US 02.Canada 03.Europe 04.UK 05.Dubai 06.JAPAN Please advice me regards g mahesh

  8. Im in Africa now and i saw a Yamaha R1 2000 model 1500$ wanted to import it to India…Just wanted to know wat r de complications and how much it’ll cost exactly in Rupees…

  9. I am a NRI for more than 2 yrs.Shifting to india for good. want to import my car BMW320i. I have owned the car for more than 1 yr. How much tax will i have to pay.

  10. i want send a car from uk and want to know how much it will cost if i send a car worth in uk 20000 pounds plz send me some contacts for custum officer number so i can make enquire

  11. Dear Sir, I wanted to know if i can import the all new Mitusbishi Lancer Evolution X? The engine is a 2.0L turbocharged all alluminum engine Please do reply to my question ? Thank You, Yours truly, Yash Shah

  12. Hi there I live in the UK and citezen and i would like to send you my Vauhall Vectra year of manufacture 1996. Please can you tell me what it would cost me. Please can you also send me your contact e-mail Thanks Vijay Vyas

  13. Dear Sir, I am currently an NRI living in the UK. I will be most likely returning to India in April. I currently do not have a car in the UK but am planning to buy either a new or 1-2 years old used E-class Merc in the next week. Please could you let me know the taxes i am liabile to pay if I bring the car to India with me in Apirl? Thannk you, NIshant

  14. Dear Sir, You have mentioned in your article that Brand new motorcycle would attract 85% customs duty. I tried checking the customs website and it mentions as 100% as the basic duty and other duties which accounts for 129%. Can you give me the customs tariff codes which accounts for 85%. Thanks Suren

  15. Hi i stay in bangalore.i want to buy a suzuki gsx-r1000 which costs about $11500 and is 1000cc.i want to know how do i import it and what will be the final cost of the bike when it is here.(including all kinds of customs)and how much does it cost for registration. thank you

  16. I want to Buy Hummer H3 . what is the procedure to import that vehicle from south africa please tell me the procedure Regard Ronak

  17. Hi As I am planing to bye a Porsche 964(1992) can you guide me Approximately how much duty I will be paying on this car(This car is 16 year old) cheers

  18. Hi I am an NRI and would like to move to india. I want to import my car Lexus LS400 1994 model to india, could you please let me know how much the custom and duty will cost me. Thank you

  19. hi i am searching for mitshubishi evo 7 to import in india and i got it but the problem is i don know how to import it cost me for 70000 in dubai wat will be duty for me an wat to do now ?

  20. sir, was planning to import a 4wheel drive under transfer of residence (TR) from dubai. cud u pls help on knowing the formalities and the duty structure for such vehicles. thanx.

  21. dear sir i want to know how much import duty pay on kawsaki zx 14 ninja from california to india please refer me on my mail…. as regards thanking you pravin kumar

  22. Hello, I have been a resident of the UAE for the past 03 years and have finally decided to go back to India. Since I qualify for TR, I would like your advise on sending my Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 to Chandigarh, Punjab. Thanks in advance.

  23. Hello, I have been a resident of the UAE for the past 03 years and have finally decided to go back to India. Since I qualify for TR, I would like your advise on sending my Infiniti FX35 to Chandigarh, Punjab. Thanks in advance.

  24. I want to import a used HONDA CBR 1000RR which costs me 8000$ here in australia and its 2 yrs old bike , wat wil be the customs duty imposed on the vehicle to shift it to india. Please let me know the information and all customs duty. Thanks & regards, sandeep .c

  25. Hi i stay in dubai.i want to buy a 1000 cc honda or yamaha bike from dubai and take it to india.i want to know how do i import it and how much tax i hav to pay for the bike when it is here.(including all kinds of customs)and how much does it cost for registration. thank you srini


  27. 27-09-08 I am a british citize [indian origin]with dual citizenship.I am retiring in 2009 nov,and wanted to settel in india permanentaly with my family.I want to take change of residence and want to export my used car to india for my personal use. The car is mercedes E-280,year of manufacture 2000,cost 37000 pounds milage 78000. kindly let me know adjectly the custom duty I have to pay in india, Thanking you

  28. I intend to import Toyota Ventury 2.7 G RHD Automatic Transmission with all the standard features available from the manufaturer. Please inform me the procedure to import from Japan or Thailand, wherever available and also llet me know whether Toyota Motor, India can import against my order. With regards, Yours, ARUN

  29. hi, i want to return to india for good, i am a australian citizen, i want to import my toyota corolla, with me , can u please tell me how much i need to pay to import it. i have brought it new and it is 3 months old.

  30. I want to take an Merc 10 years old to India. I have been here for the last 6 months and I have bought an second-hand Merc. How to go about taking it to India. I have no idea about the terms and condition and the cost that I would be liable to pay. Do brief me about this. Thanks and Regards Joshua

  31. hello sir I would like to import a toyota corolla which i used by my family members in usa so i would like to know is it better to import from there or should take a new one here only and if i import what doc i should need and how must duties and tax i will have to pay. Thanks & Regrads Kushal gehani


  33. Hi , Im planning on importing a S550L (MY2008) directly from japan to cochin , is it possible to do this without having to first send the car to bombay and then forwards to cochin ? if so what are the procedures and wht customs duties am i finally going to end up paying . the price of the car is USD88,000 . it’s a 5,500 cc vehicle . kindly help me with this dillema

  34. hello, currently i live in canada, but i would like to buy a second hand toyota landcruiser diesel from japan and bring it to india,can i do it myself or through importer, how much in duties and taxes will have to pay, what are the rules & regulations? thank you Gurinder

  35. Hi I am leaving in madagascar and now ihave purchased a car which is of 2000 model is there any why’s i can import that to india bangalore.and what would be the duty customs to import and since its my own car used by me how much will i be paying. do we have some consultants who can guide us for this issue.

  36. Dear, I am a resident of Dubai UAE as i work for a Bank here. I would like to take my car with me to India when i leave the country for good and i would like to know about the cost/charges involved. Please advice. Regards Rohit

  37. Hi, Can u tell me how much duty i have to pay for a left hand driven 2007 Prado VX model(new costs around 140,000AED)from dubai to mumbai.have stayed here for more than 7 years.

  38. Sir, i want to buy nissan cefiro of year 2001 of 2000 c.c. engine . At present this car is in japan. In japan it cost 5500$. I want this car to import to india. How much i will pay all type of taxes and custom for import this car to india and then it will running on indian road. can i sell this car in india.After How much time i get this car from the custom department. Tell me total expenditure for this car in indian rupees. Reply me with answer. . VINOD

  39. hi, i am staying in UK for past 5 months, i want to send my BMW used car to INDIA by oct 09. my car price is £3000. is it possible to send ? if so, what are all the procedure do i need to follow. if not, what are all the criteria i need to meet to send? what may be the custom duties and other tax imposed on it? thanking you, Ranganatha

  40. i would like to bring my 2006 vw beetle left hand drive i am returning to india after 6 years is it ok pls confirm im in the usa

  41. I will be coming to Mumbai to stay for a period of about 12 months, would I be permitted to import my personal car here in the U.K, to Mumbai? and then re-export it back to the U.K when I leave Mumbai after my 12 month stay? if so, what would the costs involved amount to?? Thanks.

  42. I am trying to import a Land cruiser from japan to india. I need to know how much duty I wanna pay for this vehicle costs 3000 $ there and i need pay the tax as 112 % of the 3000$ or the 112% of the indian money that costs in india

  43. Hi I a NRI living in Europe wish to import a 2007 Model Hummer H3 Luxury to India .What can be the Customs duty and other expenses related. Regards John

  44. I would like to import a toyota corolla which i used by my family members in UAE to india so i would like to know is it better to import from there or should take a new one here only and if i import what doc i should need and how must duties and tax i will have to pay. Thanks & Regrads shafi

  45. hi I would love to buy a hummer h3 and till now its not available in india and i just want to know that for which country i should go and try to get it import to india or if any dealer who can make this easier for me to do

  46. dear sir i want to buy a used r6 2002 model. i am paying 15000 AED for the bike. i would like to know how much would i have to pay for the customs and freight charges. any importing agent you can suggest… i dont mind bribing custom officers.. thank you my num is 91 9822383849 u can send me a sms and i will call you. need urgent reply

  47. I was planning to buy an ATV to India from china. Is it street legal to get an ATV to india and use it on the road? If not what are different ways to make it street legal as i have seen people use it in india. Please help out.

  48. I have a colleague in Italy who wants to sell his bike Aprilia RSV 1000 for 3000$ and i am intrested to buy and import it to India can you pls let me know what document’s are required and how much will be the tax,costoms & registration charges to reach the bike in my hand’s in Mumbai.pls help…………. Thank’s

  49. Hi, My Bro-in-law is stayin in UK for the last 3 years. Now he’s comin back to India for good. I want him to bring one Honda CBR 600 cc bike. Pls let me know if it is possible or not. if yes wat is goin to be the import duty for new and used bike and also tell me the basic requirement of importing a bike on TR.


  51. i have read all reply just want to know if i want to import old sbk more than 5 years or more than that what will be duty inclusive of all . i saw a bike on ebay and price was 2500$ how much it will cost me from us or any other country ? according to u it will cost me 3125 ??!!????

  52. I have planned to send my 4weel to India in kerala. My vehicle PRADO 4cylinder. What is the rule for exporting and how much amount I should pay by tax. If I can export for 1 or 2 months base? In this situation how much tax it will be pay? I can get full cart of the tax and rules & regulations ( I mean full details about export/Import). Please help me…. Thanks & Regards Nissar

  53. Hi, I live in Saudi Arabia and i would like to Import Yamaha R6(600CC)2004 Model to India which is costing me around $ 2150, I would like to know how much would be cost me by the time it reaches india by clearing it from te cutoms,i would be really thankful if you can give me an approximate how much will be the duty charges on it, Awaiting for your reply at the earliest.

  54. Kindly advice the import duty for ATV in India. Kindly let me know if it falls in chapter 84 or 87. I called Mumbai Custom PRO and they told me it comes under Chapter 84, Chennai Customs tell it falls under chapter 87. Kindly provide me correct information on the HS code and Custom duty for import of ATV. RAZAK

  55. Hi I want to import a second hand Honda CBR 600 CC Bike to Chennai, Trichy. Can you explain me with the procedures I need to follow in doing so and also the exact amountin Rupees or AED. for exporting. Prasanna

  56. Dear, Iam Nausahd from UAE, i would like to bring my toyota camry (LHD)2007 model cost 85000 dhs, to bring in India , Cochin ,Kerala. Can you give me an an approximate price how much it will cost me. and now i have been staying here around 6 years. by Nausahd Duabi.

  57. Hello Dear, Jayant from Rajasthan India… I need your help… I want to import bike from Uk in India… Bike is available in 2700 $ in Uk with Shipping include… If i Import this bike in India Then What will be procedure… What Will be total amount i hav to pay for bike … i mean all tax… I want to knw complete which i hav to pay for bike…. Thank…

  58. dear sir/madam. i am a student in te university of hyderabad/india. and i want to purchase a bike here in india.. my inquiry is how much will it cost me if i want to bring bike along in 2yeas to come….please if you obtain any knowledge that can assist me contact me on, mbusieshy@yahoo.com oh i almost forgot, i want to move the bike from india to south africa, your help will be much appreciated. THANK YOU

  59. Hi, i have my Own Byke in Sayudi Rayadh and am workin g here for 3 years as a computer hardware engineer and i want to shift in my country so i want to import my byke to india Model No. is HOnda CBR 1000 CC so plz let me inform how much i have to pay the custom duty for this i will wait for ur reply Good Bye.

  60. dear sir, i would like to start the business of importing the used vehicle from the countries who are using right hand driven vehicle, and then selling to India. kindly guide me about the procedure and also about the taxation structure in India. do i hv to import it to Neva Sheva port/ pls reply

  61. 120% for new vehicle 149% for old.for old bike MSRP will be considered and not the price at which you buy.However there will depreciation which you can claim.for 1st year 16%.2nd 12% and subsequent year 10% with max limit of 70%.Then after depreciation 149% duty will be levied .Individuals importing other than thru transfer of residence will be levied penalty. registration cost is 21% of bike price import duty shipping charge.

  62. hey its abdul i saw a used yamaha r1 2007 for $5000, if i import it, how much its gonna cost me about for the custom duties and everything. reply me pls.thanks…

  63. Hi, Please tell me how much it will cost to import 600 cc bike worth USD 2900 to india including all the custom duties and regarding registration. Waiting.

  64. I am an Indiam living in UAE. I want to buy 3 year old second hand right hand drive Range Rover from Uk and reexport India. What are the complications involved and the tax , duties and other miscallaneoous mandatory costs.

  65. LOL, haven’t seen a dumb herd of goats in years. You people know that he just posted this info and never looked back and still you keep asking him these question… READ THE COMMENTS PEOPLE.

  66. Dear Sir, During my recent visit to China I had the opportunity of trying out electric cars and looked quite affordable and bit bigger than our own REVA electric car. What are the procedures in importing the car. In one of your post you have indicated that the electric cars do no attract certification as well excise duties. Could you kindly guide me on this. Warm regards, Chandrashekar Yelamali

  67. Hi All, I would like to import a toyota corolla which i used by my family members in UK to india so i would like to know is it better to import from there or should take a new one here only and if i import what doc i should need and how must duties and tax i will have to pay. Thanks & Regrads Alpesh

  68. Hi There I been studyin in uk for a number of years and am movin back to india, just wodering if i can import a car for personal use in india TAX FREE. I remember readin about somethin like this some time ago thanks for ur help

  69. hello, i have a residence visa of uae and working in dubai since last 3 yrs. i own a jaguar and its now 1yr old. due to my project comning up in mumbai i will be positioned here for an yr. would like to know if i can bring in my car on TR and take it back within 1yr…?is it possible. if yes what are the tterms and tax we calculating here. your early feedback shall be appreciated. thnks.

  70. I wish to take BMW car at the value of pound sterling 25,000/- from UK to India (Sikkim), and what formalities shall I been fulfill and further it would be much better if your good self be please to mention exact amount which I have to pay as per the norms of Government of India.

  71. HI, what would be the cost involved, if i want to import my Honda accord 2006 model from Doha to Tamil Nadu,India. i bought this for 76000 Qatari Riyal (around 20,000 US $). i am in middle east in last 18 years. i am the first owner of this car. plz inform you

  72. Hi, My name is Tabrez Chinoy and i would like to open a showroom here in India (Mumbai) for second hand sports bikes which i intend to purchase from Japan. I want to know what is the procedure and needs someone’s help to set up my showroom. With Regards, Tabrez Chinoy.

  73. what a stupid customs policy here. look around in the world how great bikes and cars are there. indians abroad drive all these motors. if they are allowed by customs to bring all those vehicles into india, how well aware the public will be of those quality vehicles and how much international business will improve. but these cheap vehicle manufacturers in india will not allow other quality vehicles to enter into india becoz their cheapo models will find no place in the market.


  75. I would like to import a new Tata Nano (600cc engine) from India to the UK. What is the best method of import for me to use and how much will the shipment and taxes cost? Thankyou Sukh Rana

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  77. Dear Sir, From last five year I living in Ghana west africa on a residence permit and works in MNC Co.I would like to bring my sports bike to India.can you pls advise me about the procedures and whether I have to pau any kind of duty even if am the ouner here? and how much would be the % of duty? Regards, Vikram

  78. Hi all I am in Dubai, my Honda civic is 1 1/2 year old, iam planning to settle in india. how much tax i wanna to pay to bring my car to india. please help regards M.duraai

  79. hai i am koshy i am doing my own bisness in uae al ain i want to sent my car to india (kerala) benze 240( model-2000) for DHS 25000-/- i buy this car 2 years befor in my name please hlp me to sent this car to india please tell me what will be the duty i pay all and how i can sent this car to india

  80. Hi – What would it cost me to import my near and dear 2003 Honda Accord EX-L from US to India? Thank you! murc

  81. I am staying in Kuwait since March’2007. In July’09 I brought an Used car Make Mitsubishi Model Outlander Mfg year 2006. Left Hand Drive with Price of KWD 3330/- Approx INR 512820/-. Now I am planing to Shifted India on transfer of residency and I want to take my car to India for my personal use. Please inform me about the duty and procedure for the same. It will be shifted to Nashik via Mumbai. Is there any agent to do all the formalities. pl provede me all the details with Phone number

  82. i have one lancer 2006 i bought it as brand new in my name now i would like to take my car to kerala how much tax i want to pay thea car bought ast a price of aed 38000/-

  83. Dear Sir, I live in india and would like to import a classic car/ old car for personal use from Japan. I have already seen the photos of the car in the internet and the price is resonable. Please advise if it is allowed to import an old car more than 10 yrs ? Thanks.

  84. guys your questions will not be answered here, so stop asking them. you cannot bring in a LHD vehicle so forget about that( applicable to all the middle east NRIs)

  85. hi my friend who owns a hotel in india has informed me that he wents me to inport a car into india for him he also said he will not have to pay any duty because he has a hotel business cn u plaese email me back with all information in regards to what i have mension thanks

  86. i want to import a used yamaha r1 which cost 4.5 lakh what will be the total cost i need to spend including custom charge registration an road tax?

  87. hi i want to import second hand motorcycle in kolkatta …between 250cc to 600cc …for reselling ..i would be importing bikes from germany ..how would be the duty structure calculated…..the price at which i buy or any other method….what percentage of depreciation will be deducted if the bikes are 2 to 3 yrs old….. THANK YOU

  88. I am an Indian living in UAE. I want to buy 1999 to 2003 year old second hand right hand drive Land Cruiser from UAE to India import. What are the complications involved and the tax , duties and other miscallaneoous mandatory costs.

    1. i’m also in Dubai i would like to import a bike from here a used one will be prompt, anyone pls advise what will be the approx cost for the same thanks

  89. hi i would like to take an used motor bike from uk to india on my way home. could u tell me how much would it cost if my bike cost price is £1000(Rs 70,000). many thanks eshwar

  90. @sadhik- sadhik just forget about buying and importing a car to india these are the reasons 1) second hand car should not be old than three years as you mentioned 1999-03 so it is already more than 7 years old. you cant import the car 2) the price of customs is bloody high if you are buying a car for 4 lakhs indian rupees in UAE you will be charged just the customs tax at 105% which is 4 lakhs 50,000 rupees + other tx+ misc = so totally it will come around 30 lakhs . why you want to import just buy that new car only in inda. @rockxen- In UK cars of 1960 model import has been banned long back. there are certain cars of recent year of manufacture only those you can import. TOTALLY YOU CANNOT DO THAT. @Vijay- if you getting a bike from india you can do that at very less tax rate of UAE, tell me which model and which is the country you want to import it to Dubai. @phanishwar- allright if you bike is costing 70,000 rupees then only custom tax at 105% would be 1 lakh 40 thousand and other tax around 50,000 and other certification charges around 10,000 and other frieght charges around 15,000 so it would be toatally comming around 4 lakh indian rupees . MY ADVICE BETTER BUY A COOL CAR IN INDIA RATHER GIVING THESE INDIAN CUSTOM BUSTEADS.

    1. @ shek Hi Shek. I currently live in Dubai, I wanted to import a Used Royal Enfield Thunderbird Bike from Bangalore in India. the price of bike is around 60000 INR but the showroom price of the same bike is around 115000 INR. how can i import the Bike to Dubai. What are the documents i need to Import from India to Dubai and what is required to get it registered in Dubai. are there any Agencies who will take care of this process or i have to do it myself. Regards Musheer

  91. I recently came across a japanese company selling a 1993 toyota supra car , they asked Around 3500 USD for ther basic car price and 1500 freight , in all , the CIF price mumbai Was around 5000 USD , can anyone please tell me whether is it possible to import that car To india ? And what would be the total amount payable above USD 5000 ? Please help .

  92. hey my name is krunal and i have car of honda in usa. i just want to get my car back its a 2007 model and the price there in usa is 8000$ wht is amt i need to pay to get the car in india

  93. i want to import a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 from USA to India…it is a second hand bike and i bought it for 2500$….shek, u please tell me how much will it cost me if i import it to Mumbai,India…. thanks..:-)

    1. hi M.K, i have a 06 model Gixxer 750 in the US as well which i wanna import into India. Iv looked high & dry but the avialable information doesnt suffice. U managed to get ur GSXR into India? Pls share ur experience with me on how u managed to do it & what were the import duties payable? mine also is a second hand bike which i got for $2150. i await ur reply. pls mail me at gaurav.datta@gmail.com Vicky – if u cud help me with an estimation of pricing for the query i have raised above. I also have a Yamaha RD 350 cafe racer in london which i want to bring back but its a 81 model refurbished & restored bike. pls pls pls help.

  94. Hi Guys, I live in Dubai from last 4 years and have Toyota Corolla 2008 Model on my name. It is a two year old car and I have also converted the car from left to right hand now. Do i have to pay any taxes, or charges or bribes when i reach Mumbai on Transfer of Residence? Will they harass me on any fake reasons? Please advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ravindra, How much did it cost to convert your car from Left to Right hand, was the result good? Brgds Sanjay (055-6514751)

  95. I am a NRI for more than 2 yrs.Shifting to india for good. want to import my car BMW320i. I have owned the car for more than 1 yr. How much tax will i have to pay.

  96. HI iam from goa i had seen 250 KTM moto cross bike in dubai…its 2006 modle invoice value 32,ooo.oo in dubai. i can get it for 2 lk .how much duty do i have to pay thanks

  97. Respected Sir, I would like import 250 cc ATV for the purpose of sale in India. what are the duties on such type of vehicle. waiting for your response

  98. sir, am planning to import a sports bike to india.so wat are the procedures and formalities for that?from qatar to india(kerala)

  99. Hi, I want to import used car for commercial purpose like taxi, car driving. Kindly inform me is there any duty we have to pay or any other charges except freight charges. Pankaj Sood

  100. hai sir,iam vijesh from india i saw a used bmw 3 series 2008 for $2500o, if i import it, how much its gonna cost me about for the custom duties and everything. reply me pls.thanks…

  101. Hi sir, I’m karthi from Australia I want to import Yamaha r6(600cc) to India which costs about 10500$ how much does it cost for me if go through all the process in India please reply me than x

  102. Dear All, I have been in Dubai for last 7 years. I have a Landrover (LR3) 2007 model which i have been using for last 2 years. I am now thinking of shifting this to India as i am also moving to India. Can anyone advise if i have to make this a right hand vehicle and if yes what would be the cost of concersion from left hand to right hand. Furthee pls give me details of the agency which does that. after conversion what will be the cost including custom duty etc to take the car to India. Any help on this will be highly apprceciated regards

    1. Am an NRI and have lived abroad for 10 years and may be going back to India in two years, for good. Planning to buy a new car (4WD) and use it for two years and take it on Transfer of Residence to India. Can anyone help me in advising: 1) Does it make sense? 2) Should I have to convert it to Right Hand Drive here first? 3) If yes, what would be the cost of such conversion? 4) Would it be price-wise competitive? Rajan

    2. you can import this car after convertinfg to right hand stering only under transfer of Residence . the cost of customs duty app around 168% ( incusive of all taxes)+ Local RTO registration. The value determind by the customs Original value and then depriciation thrugh Nominated Chartered Engineer(valuater) If you willing bare these cost, then you proceed for import pl Note: Left Hand drive not allowed

  103. I want to import a 8 yrs old Land Cruiser (LHS Drive)to India which I was possesing from last one year.My area’s of Concern are Can I import a LHS drive vehicle to India? And if not even than suggest me some references who provide some good deals. WHat will be the duties, if my CNF value of vehicle is 1100000 INR ? And what are the documents Indian Custom/Authorities required to clear it easliy ?

  104. hi.. i am living in chennai,india.. indian citizen.. i wish to import a bike from thailand… pls tel me howmuch they will charge duty for new bike. and any procedure

  105. Hello sir, I am a medical student from europe,i have a right hand vw,since 3 years on my name,now that i finished medicine i wanted to import it to india,the model is from 2001 and euro-4,can you advice me how much will be the duty?charges and wat documentations i need and if i can collect it myself on port in india?thanks regards….

  106. I wish to imports car accessories from china to india what wiil be the duty for importing car sun filims,seat covers,sterring cover, wheel rims etc

  107. Hello, I have Honda CR-V 2000 from last 3 years and i am staying at Bangkok. Can i take my Car back to India? If so, what are the import duties and other taxes for it ? Regards PR

  108. I want to bring with me to india my Mercedes 1999 E240, which I have owned for 5 years. I am a British citizen with PIO card and moving back on TR. how much duty will be levied. The car is valued under £2000 in Uk.

  109. Is there any restrictions on power to weight ratio or engine displacement to power ratios or restrictions about top speed limit according to the Indian motor vehicles act,1988? for importing a motorbike from USA? please let me know Regards Sharad


  111. Dear Sir, I would like to buy from UAE to India a Land cruiser(Four wheel drive)or Sequia or Hummer(optional-i will decide later).What is the formalities.If Hummer i am taking,here is left hand drive and in India,right hand drive.I can get it a right hand drive or i can change it in India or in India left hand drive is allowed?How much it will cost for exporting(included all customs duties steering changing) Please give me an answer in details(A to Z)included tel no.if any. Thanks and regards Joshi

  112. Hi, I am an NRI living in zambia from past 3 years, I want to take my land cruiser which is 8 years old back to india while i return for good. I need to know what would be the duty and final landed cost i have to pay.

  113. Dear Sir, I would like to buy from saudi arabia to India a Land cruiser(Four wheel drive)or lincoln towncar or Hummer(optional-i will decide later).What is the formalities.If am taking lincoln it price is 30,000 SR it is an 2000 model,here is left hand drive and in India,right hand drive.I can get it a right hand drive or i can change it in India or in India left hand drive is allowed?How much it will cost for exporting(included all customs duties steering changing) Please give me an answer in details(A to Z)included tel no.if any. Thanks and regards nabeel

  114. is it possible to asseble this car{s class benz} in india as mentioned for bikes.as the tax is so high cant even thik of getting it to india.can u plez let me know about the procedures.is there any way plz replz.thanks ya

  115. Hi, I’m from Birmingham UK I was looking at exporting a bike to India. The costs are too high and will get too much hassle in India. I realised that you can buy a brand new Yamaha R1 in India or Honda CBR 1000 You can go on the Yamaha motor India website contact the dealers who sell these big bikes…. Generally Yamaha r1 will cost you around 11.5 lakhs which is about the same if you buy a brand new one from England… the good thing is if you buy from India you will not have to pay any taxes. Even with luxury cars you buy brand new or used luxury cars for very good value in India.. I seen a few Mercedes on Ebay going for good value. I wanted to export a Yamaha Raptor 700cc quad bike from the UK, If anyone ever finds out where I can get one from in India please E-mail me on bhupi4719@hotmail.co.uk or 00447727201792 Thanks and good luck everyone

  116. Ys Sheikh I agree with you 100% and aparently you dont have to pay any tax if u import a car into pakistan how cool is that

  117. Hi, I am retunring ti India and would like to bring t cars with me 1- BMW x5 and 2- BMW 7 series. I understand that i should be able to bring the cars without paying tax. Could you give me some detailed information on this and a possible contact number of someone who can answer my queries. Thank you, Pardeep Singh.

  118. hi, i want to import a e-bike from china, what the rules and regulation for it and what will be the duty levid on it..? it’s for personel use… ebike is of the range Rs.25000

  119. I wanted to import my motorcycle from India to England it’s a 2008 royal enfield Electra I’m a British citizen how do I go aboutthis and how much would it cost. Thank you

  120. I have 2004 Hummer H2 with special edition Supercharged engine ,my Hummer have 125k miles on it runs super good and fully modified body ( 1 of kind 😉 ) i did customize this baby for show magazines, planing to move to the Dubai and wanna bring with me , i read all infos here i,m still confused 😉 so how much they will be charging from me for the custom fees ? i have 12.500$ notery certified bill of sale ofcorse clear title etc.. please help me and let me know how much is my damage will be ?

  121. i m an indian diplomat in Pakistan. after two years of posting i want to take my used imported car from Japan, make year 2000, cif USD 3000/-. How much i have to pay as customs duty in India. I will be greatful if, any Customs Officer can reply to my query preferably please. Aamrit

  122. Dear Sir, I would like to buy from saudi arabia to India a Hummer.What is the formalities.If am taking it price is 40,000 SR it is an 2008 model,here is left hand drive and in India,right hand drive.I can get it a right hand drive or i can change it in India or in India left hand drive is allowed?How much it will cost for exporting(included all customs duties steering changing) Please give me an answer in details(A to Z)included tel no.if any. Thanks and regards sc madathil

  123. I am 20year in uae,iam returningtime my 4yrs owrnedvehicle prado2007 model back to indiawhile i return for good.I need knowwhat would be the duty and final landed cost i have pay. pls give an answerin details thanks and regards jaleel

  124. Dear MR/Miss I can Export Any Kind Cars or Motorbikes from Japan Just Resonables prices 50% less for new ones less priced by india market and 70%about Second hands cars or Bikes in Greta Make Up. so, if you have interest please contact me. Let Us discuss about your dreamed Car or Bike. See you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andre Tokyo neyous@live.jp

  125. The better way an Cheapper to bring a Bike or car in India ( 15%) fees Only from the total price of product …The best is you Buy the Bikes and dismantling and send It as components attracting just 15% duty…. after just find a good mechanic to fix it again. good Look see you.. andre Japan.

  126. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  127. I have to return to India to open a branch office of our company in New Zealand. I have talked to shipping companies and customs agents in India and all advised I would have to pay around 180% duties & taxes. Quite frankly I think Indian officials who pocket this cash are the ones we need to ‘make disappear’. How long will this rip-off continue? Why should we tolerate it? This rip-off prevents Indians having better things in life as it costs too much. No wonder the Chinese are kicking our fat good-for-nothing beaurocratic asses. Even Pakistan has a better import policy. I say Indians: we don’t have to tolerate it anymore. THEY HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!

  128. Hello. I know more or less the registration costs of imprting vehicles, but I do not know about the taxes or the homoligatin number. If I bring thr vehicle out of tialand into the UK do I need to pay taxes and need a homoligation number. It would be good if you could answer these questions for me. Kind Regards. Damon

  129. Hello, my brother who stay in canada want to import a second bike from there to india, now i have few queries regarding this, 1) what are the procedures to import a second hand bike. 2) what is the max year of a bike that i can import to india. 3) what are the charges do we have to pay to import a second hand bike. 4) what are the document for second hand bike i need to carry from canada to india? 5) how do a second hand bike is evaluated for taxes? or do the indian authority charge on receipt of the bike purchased? looking forward for you prompt reply and thanking you in advance for your reply. Regards, MOIZ

  130. how i can import a open jeep from india to canada what is the fastest and easy way to get here how much it will cost me

  131. Our stupid government officials just want to pocket all our hard earned money so that they can buy F’n luxury cars in India while we can’t own such beauties. I say no foreigners should ever invest in India. Let our Rupee fall down and let this government suffer.

  132. i would like import one used Honda Roadmaster cd200,what is the procedures ,please can you give the details of the import tax and registration in india

  133. My MD is a French national at present is working in China and now transfer to India for 3 years and wants bring is used bike (750cc) Vintage to India .Please let me know the procedure and custom duty needs to pay

  134. Hello, I have been a resident of the UAE for the past 07 years and have finally decided to go back to India. I would like your advise on sending my Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 to Hyderabad, Andhara Pradesh.

  135. I’m in UAE. I want to import 2nd hand Yamaha r1 2004 model to India. It cost 4000 aed. Please tell Me the calculation of duties which I have to pay

  136. i want to import my used honda motorcycle from singapore to india. what is the procedures, how much import tax. please give me details

  137. i am looking for range rover from uk . price is 15000 £ so tell me full amount . to import at my home in delhi india . plzz

  138. Hi i was planning to go to India, Cochin from London for about 8 months and wanted to take my car along with me for this period. what sort of custom duty and clearance fee do i have to pay in India.

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