TVS new Apache RTR 160

An upgraded Apache

TVS will launch an upgraded version of Apache and the new 160cc variant of Apache is named as Apache 160cc RTR (Racing Throttle Response). Unlike the other manufacturers this is truly an upgraded bike i.e. not only stickering. TVS has turned its ears to the customer’s complaint in some sense and it carries forward some of the boon of the existing Apache for its new offering.

What’s new in styling?

TVS designers have sculpted not designed the Apache. No changes are made as far the front fairing, fuel tank, tail piece and chain cover is concerned. Yet the unchanged tank and tail piece will come in a superb yellow, red, matte grey, silver and black. Let’s see what’s new?

• new engine cowl
• A neat racing stripe runs all the way from the top of the tail lamp to the tip of the front fender and also on the tacho.
• Design upgrades on levers, pedals, grips, bar-end dampers, lights, dash.
• Hero Honda Xtreme type split grab rail
• Bajaj Pulsar type LCD speedometer
• Apart from the LCD speedo, the new dash includes two trip meter, clock, odometer and fuel gauge and an analog tachometer.
• Aircraft type fuel tank lid
• Leaf shaped rear view mirror
• LED tail lamp
• New aluminum foot pegs and aluminum levers

Not just new design here’s new heart too..

The new Apache RTR is powered by a 159.7cc engine which develops maximum power of 15.2bhp at 8500 rpm (1.3bhp less than Pulsar 180cc) and a peak torque of 13.1Nm at 6000 rpm (little greater than pulsar 150cc and Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme). The new engine is not just an overbore of the Apache’s 150cc engine. The engine’s stroke was cut down to 52.9 mm and then the bore grew to 62 mm. Sadly, notchy and much complained Apache gearbox has been retained.

TVS claims the new Apache 160cc RTR can make a top speed of 118kph and can reach 60kph in 4.8s and 100kph in 17.7s.

Changes in the chassis:

Wheelbase is increased to 1300mm from the current 1260mm to accommodate 40 mm longer rectangular swingarm. This is to increase the stability of the bike. The bike gains 2kg (yet lighter than Unicorn and CBZ Xtreme) and the suspension is retuned. But whether the new apache 160cc RTR will have the superb agility possessed by its sibling has to be tested. The two-way adjustable clip-on handlebars are really a nice offering. TVS also joins the India’s first tag, Apache 160cc RTR features 270mm petal disc brake at the front.

Technology at a glance – new petal disc brake design:

The petal disc design is found mostly in dirt bikes. TVS must have inherited the petal design from its racing bikes for its new apache 160cc RTR. New petal disc design brakes provides better cooling and warp resistance, reduces unsprung weight (they are lighter than traditional disc brake) and its wave shape helps in easy cleaning of the brake pads. All of these results in more efficient braking and hence increased stopping power of the Apache. This kind of disc’s design is a proved one and it is also seen in sports bikes such as Kawasaki Ninja ZX – 10 R. Yet, the efficiency of petal design in wet conditions is questionable, if solid disc is offered as optional as in major sports bike it will be a welcome offer.

Pricing and the launch:

The 150cc Apache is the cheapest in its category and hence TVS has the advantage of pricing the new Apache 160cc RTR against other manufacturer’s 150cc products. The new Apache 160cc RTR is expected to be priced around Rs60,000. TVS may launch the new Apache in May itself.

update: here’s the TVS apache RTR 160 promo video

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  1. Humm the bike is…Coming up a Big boom……But the dudes at the TVS Dont realise that the new bike is not going to do any Good…..The looks are almost the same except the digi console and the disc Brake… TVS guys if u want to Fall all over the market then u have to make some thing like the BAJAJ pulsar… All the Best for that

  2. I would say that the TVS dudes have tryed a lot to do on the Apache…But sadly failed…..The new Apache is No wont make a change in the market….People looking for a Good and A strong Bike…..THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE THING YO WANT….Trust me on this……


  4. does it have a rear tube less tyre r what.most of the 150 are comming with the tuff up tech. what about the rtr 160.

  5. This is good but there are lot of scope for the improvement. this is not look like the strong bike due to the little shape.

  6. Hi, Every body is talking about pulsars but do you realise the major design flau in the new pulsar 200 and discover 135. its the front fork its not even close to the expectations, go to the speed of 60 or 70 and apply front brakes if you can control there are 80% chances that the front fork will break from the place where the callipers are attached to it dont believe it do a little bit of search on the net you’ll find hundreds of photos. plusars are things of the past now Apache is really the god of indian roads. waiting for the new version.

  7. Excellent ! Just Buy One of the Fastest Creature on Indian Roads 160 C.C @ 15.2 BHP Coming Soon to Your Town GO FOR IT SIMPLY SuPeRb SuperSTAR ********* Amit

  8. NEEDS THE BEST SPORTS BIKE,USE THEN BUY APACHE 160cc RTR FOR YOUNG… IT LOOKS ATTRACTIVE.IT IS FOR CUPPLES.IT ATTRACTS MOST OF YOUTH. PLZ LAUNCH IT SOON. * * bajaj pulser ke malik aur graphic designer ke liye meri taraf se tariff aur request message. plz issue it * yar tera pulser ka fuel tank to pet ki tarah nikla hua hai. ekdam teri beti ke gaand ki tarah.jab yah 150cc ka hai to iska fuel tank itna nikla hua hai,Agar suzuki hayabusa ki tarah 650cc ka banaya jaaye to driver to iske fuel tank ke upar bathaiga. REQUEST:- YAAR JAB TUM 650cc KA BANANA TO ISKA HEADLIGHT APNI BETI KE CHUT JAISA BANANA…PLZ PLZ

  9. Just back from 160cc Apache test drive… I am impressed by looks of of pulsar, but due to quality of materials used to build engine I thought of buying CBX Ex. Took test ride of CBZ Ex, Pulsar and Apache. Ahought Apache has 10cc advantage over other bikes listed, and almost similar to old Apache (who is goinna care about these similarities… anymore), the pick up of this 160cc bike is too good for any Pulser-ians to comment on. Agreed the appearance of 160cc Apache is not greater than Pulsar, it atleast comes too closer. I really didn’t had an opinion of getting TVS apache 160cc bike… but now have changed my mind… This bike is too good and am now confused whether to get CBZ Ex 150cc (14bhp) or Apache 160cc (15bhp).

  10. what abt the mileage and pickup of new Apache 160cc bike. what abt the problem of Gearbox as of old Apache 150cc ? is it rectified or still like that?Can anyone help me?

  11. guys I did research then i bought Apache 150. it is good campared to rest of bikes. 1st i will say its disadvantages. 1. hard shock absorber. 2. low pick up. 3. length of the seat small. advantages 1. gives good mileage for 2.11 lt of petrol i get around 130 – 138 kms whn u drive at around 50-60 kms per hour. at rash drive u get 120 kms for 2.11 lt of petrol. 2. tail of the bike never vibrates like pulsar and unicorn. 3. very easy to control the bike in crowded places. 4. got solid brakes. 5. powerfull head lamp.

  12. Guys, Yesterday, i had a test ride on apache, the drawback what I found is 1. Hard shock absorber, (As kishore told) 2. Problem of Gearbox, not smooth compare to unicorn 4. No tubeless tyres, not available 5. Poor tail lamp looks, old fashioned 6. Sporty stickering is ok not superb is 100% true, Otherwise It’s a pretty decent bike the Pick up is simply awesome pulsar is nothing I feel i am riding my old Yamaha rx 100, This bike will be competitive in these fronts 1. for good pricing with 160 and 15 bhp 2. Light weight, for guy’s height less than 5ft7 3. Superb pickup 4. Good Mileage

  13. Hi guys, I just steeped in to the near by TVS Showroom to test drive the Apache 160 RTR. I done it. It’s really superb. I dont the word to use to explain the experience i had. It’s really race bike. I reached 80km/hr with in 5 seconds. I was instructed that the mileage of the bike is 47 to 50 km/l. Not even Pulsar 200 could beat the pick up of Apache 160 RTR. My hand up thanks to TVS group. It’s really now or never………….. Enjoy racing………….

  14. Hi As per my Knowladge I would say There is lots of things more to change in new Apache and i Felt That my Current Apache is cool TVS guys can do more they can increase the Height of Bike Also Dont Mind but its my experance about Biking Coz I m also the Member OF BIggest Biking Group . anyway now nobuddy can do any thing So Enjoy wid this bye bye

  15. hi guys the NEW APACHE RTR(racing trotle responce)160cc Rs=65k its 1000 times better than 200CC bikes kids also becom a racer NOTE:pick-up =no one can say this is 160cc b’coz its much better and good thn 200CC bikes 1.u can feel tht the vibration is totally absent 2.gears and clutch levers r very smooth 3.good mileage 45-52 4.larger disc with new model for good braking 5.foot pedals r stylish 6.totally the silencer beat s superb speed 130km/hr 8.road grip excellent speedometer- two piece handle bar so our indian roads too love this to drive on thm so get ready for race -RTR is our base this r al my experience

  16. Hi guys Apache RTR 160 has an one remarkable feature which is not discussed in this post i think. It has an Adjustable Clip-on Handlebar Because They know we people like to try various Positions… Ha…ha.. Ha.. I meant Handle positions…

  17. THE ONLY THING GOOD IN THE ADD IS THE CHICK!!!! 15.2 bhp !!!!!not even a competion to the pulsar man!!!!!

  18. hi guys am vamshi now am using apache 150cc, it’s nice ,in city roads its perfect its pickup fentastic. now tvs relesing 160cc RTR its look is superb its good thn 200CC bikes loook like sports bike powerfull head lamp. style looking am enjoing while driving apache its best bike compare with other 150cc bikes this r al my experience

  19. Hey guys….am kiran from kerala….I own an apache 160 rtr…I bought it today evening…am the only one who has it now in kerala(i heard two more guys hav booked it)….Its an awesome bike…but its way too early to anythin about it now…First impressions about the riding is really impressive….But we have to wait m see….Hope Nothin goes wrong wit my babe…..

  20. oh…..!!!!!! thats great..every things were no nice i like its 160cc,its bhp so high and killer stylr is much

  21. i test drived this bike. the pickup is excellent. i have not seen such pickup even in pulsar 200. fabulous. i am going to buy one soon.

  22. apache 150cc, The worst bike i have every ride. I bought it 6 months back , i was never satisfied in driving.It feels u a old vehical which came to has no consistancy in engine.lorry gears are better than apache 50 is super than this bike. disadvantages:over heat worst gearing no consistancy in the bike heavy taped sound after 20km of ride with over heated one of our friend said he is getting a good milage but i dont think so i am getting 40kmph. avantages: headlight only headlight, company designed the bike only for its headlight. If there is a possibility i will go to a civil court on TVS selling its old bikes engin telling its new price. If u go for TVS apache u will definetly get dissatisfied…. if any one knows how to solve my prob plz tell guys i dont want to disappoint u but i felt and wrote this. The best bike i have every ride is yamaha 135cc i had a test drive for apache 160cc many changes but the DIRTY engin have taped sound.

  23. I have been using Apache since 1 yr. Its giving me a city milage of 60kmpl and on highway milage( speeding up to 90 ) of 56kmpl. The bike is light weight so easy to handle in heavy traffic. Only problem is that its gear box is not smooth and shochk absorber is very hard. But over all if u want style, milage and speed , go for Apache. As comparedto pulsar, its modle sucks.. Its never a sporting modle.. And the milage also screws..

  24. NOT CONVINCING ————— I presummed that RTR would be a altogether diff. bike compared to Apache 150. Visually, feature wise it may be different. But test ride this bike and feel it ? this bike has still vibrations and is not rev happy at all, in fact RTR is just sticker and in no way it is rev-happy. First 2 gears are sluggish and bike doesn’t pull like Honda bikes. Gear changing is not as crispy as Xtreme/Unicorn. Apache has issues, RTR has issues, with time the truth will be out. Xtreme is still without competition !!

  25. Guys!RTR IS EXCELLENT!..juz buy it, Bikes of 150cc or 200cc especially Pulsar and CBZ(Both xtreme and Old CBZ) are merely a piece waste boxes when compared to APACHE RTR…its amazinggg………………its a Musculine machine….ride to know it..poeple will surely stare at u enviously!

  26. Hi Guys, Finally i owned Apache RTR 160 last week. The pick up of the bike is really great. Not even a pulsar 180 can with stand it’s pick up. The vibration is completely reduced to zero. The silencer is totally different which sounds like a Bullet bike. But i am much worried about the Mileage of the bike since am getting only 40km/l. But the TVS team said me that the mileage will be increased to 50 km/l after first service of the bike. So far i have crossed 200 km. Still am waiting for 300km and 3 weeks to go for the service. Let’s wait see what happens. Can any one please suggest me about the mileage. Rather than mileage the bike really looks racy. Completely born on the Race Track. Racing Throttle Response.

  27. I like this bike very. I think it challenges the bikes like cbz extreme, pulsar 150,180cc in look,performance,speed,style. So,i like tvs manufacture to introduce the new bike TVS APACHE RTR for the youths.

  28. Bike mein dum to dikh rahi hai par agar ye jo bol rahe hain to main kam se kam 7 bikes loonga becoz which will my that will my frinds also so agar koi gdbad nikli ye bike tvs waloon ki gaand me daal di jayegi pakka,…becozz i am guru !

  29. RTR Rockssssss… :) Hi Guys… What can i say… Ab sab kuch to aap sabne bol diya iski taareef mein 😀 Well i hav ride this bike & U CAN’t BLV… It reached Near About 90 KMPH in 3rd Gear ONLY :O I Was Surprised frndsssssss Even PULSAR 180 & 200 CC (Looks Like Any Pregnant Women Hahaha) Can’t BEAT RTR in PICKUP & Speed Yaaroo Let’s Compare with Pulsar 180cc TVS: TOP SPEED :- Near About 122-125 KMPH 15.2 BHP Power, 160cc RTR Tech. Engine, Superb Look, Great Mileage 45-50kmpl at the speed of 70-80, Excellent to Ride, IMPORTED DISK BRAKE (Ninja Looks), 0-100 Kmph within 7 Seconds :O… Surprised naaa hahaha, Sharpest Headlight, Self start with KICK Means Evrything is SUPERBBBBBB… , Smooth Gear system, NO VIBRATION AT ALL REALLY A NO PROBLEM BIKE… IT’s Different 😀 Youngsterssssssss ROCK THE WORLD… JAI SHRI KRISHNA :) PULSAR 180: Top Speed: 115-118 kmph 16.5 BHP Power, 180cc DTSi (Wahi purana thaka hua system), Nice look, Poor Mileage 35-40 kmpl while u r running it on roads over 70-80, Poor to Ride means Handle is too tight, Simple Disk Brakes, 0-100 Kmph within 9 secs, Simple Headlight, Self start wid Kick Overall ENGINE PROBLEM BIKE… Silencer ka Bhopu ban jaata hai yaar 1 saal mein 😀 Engine to hai he BUBUUUUU 😀 Vibration Problem while riding over 100 Kmph PULSAR 200: Top Speed: 120-123 Kmph 18 BHP Power, 200cc DTSi, Nice look, Poor Mileage 32-35 kmpl while u r running it on roads over 70-80, Poor to Ride, Simple Disk Brakes, 0-100 Kmph within 8 secs (Still Less Than RTR), Simple Headlight, Self start wid Kick Overall ENGINE PROBLEM BIKE… Silencer ka Bhopu ban jaata hai yaar 1 saal mein 😀 Engine to hai he BUBUUUUU 😀 Same Vibration Problem while riding over 100 Kmph & yaar ek TUBELESS TYRES HE TO EXTRA HAIN ISME… Kya karna uska ??? SUPPOSE KARO AGAR KABHI RAASTE MEIN PUNCTURE HO GAYA TO ?????? Bhaiyo yeh INDIA hai… Bina tube ka Puncture aaj tak kisi ne nahi lagaya hoga yahan 😀 Second KICK nahi hai isme… YEDI Bike abe Suppose karo frnds kabhi Self he kharaab ho gaya to 72,000/- Ki bike ko dhakke maar ke start karna padega tab Kya IJJAT Reh jayegi Bike Owner ki hahaha 😀 DOn’t Think for any that bldy PULSAR… GO FOR APACHE RTR 160 It’s Really NOW or NEVER Bike frnds & Rahi Height ki baat… Hey frnds… sabhi racing bikes ki height near about itni he hoti hai that’s y u can control it easily :) Take Care frnds… Tell me r u agree wid me ??? Bbyeee


  31. pls tell me the road price and perfect milage when riding in 60to70km speed and smooth ness of gear box and tapped sound and maintaince of apache 160rtr compare to cbz ex and pulsar 150cc pls

  32. Hi, Apache 160 cc is a great bike. Awsome pickup, good brakes , looks and handling but I don’t know I feel a little vibration at low speed. At high speed although I have’nt gone beyond 60kmph that also once since First Service is due. TVS Guys told me its normal. I think of raising the issue during First Service. Other than that its simply superb bike. Price Excellent 64,660 at Calcutta. Any one else riding a rtr facing the vibrations ? Pls tell me if there is any solution. Before this I had a Platina frm Bajaj. I never used to feel any vibration . This is one thing which is worring me much.

  33. All is well,Everything is well.I have a mad mind b’coz in every kind of bike i”ll find only “SPEED” and “POWER”. The new apache is not get place in my mind even in my heart too. i think there’s no bike in indian roads who rides against hero honda Karizma R.b’coz it has a tremendous pick and fabolous acceleration.well there’s no one who fight’s with new karizma R in pick up and acceleration even they are “APACHE RTR” or “Bajaj Pulsar”. I HAVE KARIZMA R if there is anyone who has a strong heart like me then talk to me. E-Mail;

  34. HO HO HO HO… you Pulsar goats… YUoooo Hooo… time to wake up from your pink cotton candy dreams….. Gone are the time of the pulsars… Ahem.. I prefer calling them the “uncle bikes” .. you guys get it rite..? the 65 years ol uncles wit a nice round tummy. Test drive a Apache RTR 160… you will EXAAACTLY know wat i m talking about!!! This a MECHANICAL BEAST they created!! And guys who did not know this one, The Apache RTR 160 and its predecessor comes RIGHT from the stables of the TVS Racing’s R&D; the forerunner in all bike races(check out the TVS RACING site). The rest of the talking, The bike does!!! And those who talk about the so called godamed “mileage” thing in the power bikes segment…Sorry, dudes you guys have to do a lot of learning on the spelling of R-A-C-I-N-G and P-O-W-E-R!!! in other words its F-0O0O-L-I-S-H!! The Apach RTR160 ?? shear power on your right wrists!!! Believe ME!! Brings back good ol nostalgic memories of the good ol RX100… Nothing in the market nearly looks so aggressive and muscular like Apache 160 design. Pleasure to the eyes(at last!!). Picture the la GT and Ford Mustang, huh?? And yes… Mmmmmmmmmmm….. the Apache’s 160 exhaust notes… Its Sensual music to any bike lovers ears(of course exclusively for those who who know a thing or two about racing and power bikes) i hear the TVS team hired a team of korean technicians and spend a huge lot to get the right note on the exhaust. Nothing beats this beast!!! GET YOUR HANDS ON THE APACHE 160 RTR!!! and you will know how to get your spellings correct!! And the APACHE 160 proves IT!!!

  35. I test rode the bike and performance is good, but same old Suzuki and TVS problem. Wheelbase too short which results in instability when halted suddenly. The bike skidded at 42 KMPH only rear brakes applied on dry damer tarmac. Overall bike is good in Mumbai it costs 67K. Dont go on company’s recorded 0-60, remember what ambition promised 0-60 in 5 secs and actually reaches in 7.53 secs. Me (Pulsar 150 UG2) and Gautam (RTR owner)Pulsar 180 UG3 (Niral(other friend) done drag race at 11:30 PM. we done in two ways one 0-whatever it reaches from Parle to Andheri and Andheri brige) and one we all one first gear at 10 KMPH and on count of three go. In all test P180 was ahead followed by RTR and last me. So guys dont get carried away with that it can beat P180 is truly a rumour. Trust me not as good as Pulsar 180. OK you will have average benefit but that too only 3-4 KM. One more thing i would like to add is TVS overall quality is really poor. I visited TVS’s chembur showroom (Maitri park) and found rust on new TVS Star. My past experience with Suzuki Shaolin and Fiero was too bad the engine dies after 35,000 KMS. Hope TVS products are not same. Also on new RTRs the black matt paint was not equal. Also mumbaites insist on better after sales service. TVS service centres in mumbai sucks. There mechanics often confronts and offers better service outside service centres. I would suggest instead buying CBZ-X go for this bike. If anyone refers to’s Dilip Bam review dont do it, he is totally biased about TVS and he is anti-pulsarian. (God knows why). My suggestion is if you want a good and zippy commuter go for it, and if you want raw performance with all goodies go for P200 (i booked)

  36. hello my friend aashish u written everything right. its a really a fire starter ultimate bike. yaar there is no comparison for any bike in the segment HEY I WANT TO INFORM U ALL WHO ARE AGAINST APACHE RTR THAT APACHE RTR BEATS PULSAR 180 CC IN RACE HELD IN PUNE. NO ONE CAN BELIEVE ME,I KNOW IT BUT WHO KNOWS ABOUT RTR EASLIY BELIEVE ME SO FRIENZ TAKE CARE AND GET RID OF PULSAR AND GO FOR NEW ONE.

  37. hey rahul jus wanted 2 ask u about karizama i think pulser220 ll b a tough compititve 4 karaizma wat say ? i dont have any bike , i m confused , whether 2 go 4 karizma p220 or rtr

  38. are yaar kya bakchodiyan laga rakhi hai ham salon baton ke bhooton. tumhe sirf likhna hi aata hai but the real life so so different.AND REMEMBER BE PRACTICAL NOT TACTICAL.OK bache

  39. Hi Guys, I feel really great to own Apache RTR 160. The bike’s pickup is marvelous. And i’m getting the mileage of around 50km/l. I would like to say one information to pulsarians, Pulsar is good bike previously but the latest serious of pulsar is too bad since it has digital display prob, the tail of the bike really vibrates even @ 10km/h, pickup is too low, bad mileage, noise in engine etc. Off course Apache RTR 160 also has some drawback but not as much as pulsar 150, 180 & 200. The vibration in Apache is reduced but still we can feel the vibration @ 60 to 65km/h, later the bike rocks there is really zero vibration after the bike crosses it’s 65km/h of speed. So it’s really a race bike having Racing Throttle Response.

  40. My dear sweet DODOS … All that I can understand is that nobody out there knows shit about biking and bikes! There’s more to a bike than Manoeuvrable, Handling, BHP, and Torque. I have an old Fiero (F2, and Fiero MX are poop), has done about 250000 KMs, gives me a mileage of 60 in PUNE! No overhauls, no major repairs except a clutch plate and a silencer shange at about 1.5 odd lac KMs. Servicing and oil change every 10000 KMs. A group of 5 Fieros, and a 15 day tour to Laddakh from PUNE, when the meter was at (1 lac ) 38653 KMs. on my Bike. Except for a couple of tube punctures, and 3 engine oil changes (since we were doing about 90 – 100 KMPH averaged) for as much as 11 Hours every day. We had NO other problem. BEAT THAT. The only master of Indian Roads till now was Fiero. Pulsars SUCK, they are way TOO stable, but well they do look GOOD! I recently booked an RTR, on some grounds which I believe you kiddies don’t even know how to spell. A BHP that the bike manufacturer claims about, is the engine output. Wwhen this power is transferred to the wheels, it IS different! It never is the true measure of the performance! No bike is perfect, otherwise what new models would they have! Read more, Learn more, and then make up your minds(? haah) about anything. Trrring Trrring .. Back to school, BABIES!

  41. hi guys,i own rtr.its pick up is really can even beat pulsar 180 in drag race.milage is also gives aroud 54-58km/l.the discs are really goog.

  42. Hi Folks… Well, i was of planning to Buy this bike… Thanks to gorgeous Looks, stunning stripe (Black with Silver), LED speedo (hope it does not get any problem in long run…) and rear suspension also seems advanced one!! I would soon like to test ride n find out myself… I was happy to see somebody came to compete Bajaj’s advances feature like Digital Speedo n was quite impressed with TVS for that effort!!! I had some queries like- – Somehow for a average speed of 45 – 50 km/ph would this bike give an average of 50 at least? – I also read somewhere that seating position for RTR 160 is not so good and makes uncomfortable for rider over long run… – Does the Gear box & Vibration problem still exists for RTR 160? – I have heard that TVS Bikes usually require relatively lesser maintenance cost compared to Bajaj (not having best quality spares) Can someone resolve my queries and help me to make decision as I m planning to buy bike around mid of October (around dashera)?? Plz revert back on

  43. Anil ..u would never get an avg of 50..expect in teh region of 40-45 depending on riding conditions and how u ride… The seating position of teh apache is on teh sportier side but not uncomfortable,but what is,is the hard suspension set up which makes it an excellent handler but ride is on teh bumpy side…. The vibration problems have been solved as well and it will def give lesser maintainance than a bajaj…hope tht solves ur queries!!!

  44. Its a mind blowing bike………sorry to say this akash u r a fool to say this tat RTR is a failer….i think u must be a fat guy so only u like pulsar shape…………….

  45. Hi Abhishek … Thanks for your help …it’s valuable for me … btw, do u own new apache RTR urself…? basically i m a resident of pune and traffic is just havoc over here … but i like riding sometimes… unfortunately, i m at least looking for an average of 50 kmpl … I better look for other options coz I do a lot of travel as well so i need to strike right balance of average n’ power of bike that i plan to buy … certainly 40 – 45 would be no good!!! :( But the bike looks just awesome!! Thnx 4 the help again!!

  46. no mate..i ride a karizma…the least fuel efficient of the lot..:(..i certainly think u should look at the new tvs flame…u will absolutely love tht bike..125cc..hitting 110 plus kmph…expecting the least mileage of 55kmpl….all 150’s will not give u 50 kmpl under pune riding condition…its a good fight between the flame and the xcd 125….best of luck!!!

  47. To all those who blame TVS.I have bought and rode every bike in india till date.Nothing matched the build quality of TVS.Guys,my current bike is just Fiero F2 which has done over 125000kms .This is how it has being driven from day one.First gear – 40 Kms/hr@8000rpm ,, Second Gear – 75Kms/hr@8500rpm ,, third gear – 105kms/hr 9500rpm, fourth goes up to 125kmph.Now you will say bla bla and the likes.I adore TVS for their build quality and even with such riding i never got below 45km/ltr. The only change i have here is i use CASTROL Magnatec and always used SPeed 93 which later on became Speed 97.Now all i hope is when will TVS lauch Something In 20 bhp range.TVS Rocks Everyone ELse Sucks. RTR _ Rip The Road Evolution

  48. hi , i m sandeep here and i wanna know the exact mileage of apache rtr coz i hv to yake the bike bt i m quite confused in pulser 150 or apache rtr only due to mileage difference? can really apache rtr deliver 50kmpl or above? pls do reply me anyone on my email id : pls , its urgent . thanking u…

  49. hello guys,, i have fiero f2 tvs engine, failure engine model guys the best bike in tvs history is TVS suzuki fiero, after they came out from suzuki, thr market gone under ground coz they are using junk tvs engine. TVS RTR160 looks good but nobody knows future performance will be good or not,,,initially all new bikes performace will be ok but later every one will face problems like in apache150 has lot of prob in gear,speedometer, vibration, mileage and waste engine. best engines u can trust is bajaj, honda engines.

  50. hi,all my dear bike experts, im sandeep,want to purches new bike in diwali,so i m confused in pulsar 180\200 ,cbz extrme, &apache rtr,i want sexy look, &good milage in ma bike,i m really confused so my friends plz help mi early,by.

  51. Hello pals, No use in spitting fire between pulsies and rtrs… Dont be biased to anyone, just write comments unbiased. I have purchased RTR now, previously i had P180ug2 both are unique in their own ways.. if u come to performance then 180 is a clear winner. its got cc and torque advantage compared to RTR so no use in comparing both. Although the RTR manages neck to neck till 65 – 70 it looses after that. In the same way if u come to efficiency then RTR wins. I’m getting somewhere around 42-45 in my RTR, in similar conditions my p180 yields 40-43. Dont go for the speedo reading of RTR, it is not as accurate as the pulsar. I and my friend had drag in the highway, My RTR was showing 115 but my friend overtook in his pulsar and in that it was 111. Now u guys tell me, how can a guy overtake at 111 when i am at 115. That explains clearly that it has speedo error. Some fellows tell that they have clocked close to 120 on RTR, so similar speed on pulsar will be somewhere around 114-115 not more than that.

  52. Hi, This is Harshavardhan reddy from hyderabad. i own this apache-160 RTR bike since June this year. Previusly I used pulsar-150 cc old one(before digital meter).Then again I want to buy a new bike and i verified all the bikes in that sector(150 cc).My friends are using new pulsar-150cc and 180 cc also.Those bikes are giving some prblms and not best in mileage also when compared with the older version of pulsar-150 cc.Then I look up at CBZ-EXTREME that bike is good but mileage is very less when compared to apache-rtr and pulsar-150 and unicorn. Then i made a test drive on this bike and I found That it is really gorgeous And within a week i bought that bike.In city conditions(HYD) I am getting an mileage of average 55 km/l .this bike is having great pickup and it is very stylish also.

  53. hi……. guys i had test ride for about 4 times bike is simple awesome … no word to talk about this bike SIMPLY SUPERB bike ,…..thanks to TVS and i am going to buy it in a few days

  54. hi…eerybody, I bought my all new apache rtr 160 on august 1st… it’s a cool, very very good bike in this (160cc) segment… rightnow i m getting 54kmpl and m expecting more… please don’t be bemused in selecting the bikes which are of this seg…select only APACHE RTR 160…………

  55. one thing that i can say bout dis bike is that ULTIMATE BIKE!!! this bike gives complex to cbz, pulsar n sometimes even karizma.. i love my bike a lot.. so guys or rather gals wanna have a ride on this stylish bike????


  57. hi everyone! i’ve bought rtr 160…and believe me its a good choice for indian roads… very comforatble,very powerfull…this bike gives me an ultimate pleasure of riding ..and that too with the best looks available in the market…i am sure bajaj will have to think over this…. its a sought of challenge to pulsar series… have a good ride and enjoy…

  58. I buyed this bike before 5 days, I am riding this with the speed of 50KmpH, now there is some noise from engine seems it is from the valve :( Do suggest me an idea. Dakshin,

  59. I buyed this bike before 5 days, I am riding this with the speed of 50KmpH, now there is some noise from engine seems it is from the valve :( Do suggest me an idea.

  60. man….. the Apache series is notorious for backbreaking…. i assure you that if u r a guy of height above 5’8″, u will get back pain because of the extremely sporty position… this bike is designed for short zips , not long commutes… not even the commutes to office of the distance 15-20kms everyday….i felt the bike too small, that is the only complaint i have about this bike, otherwise , its awesome.

  61. Hi all, i have already got a RTR 160 four months ago.. The bike seems pretty good in styling & mileage 50kmpl if u ride at 45 to 50kmph in city roads.I had given a shot trying its topspeed at ECR in chennai… & believe me guys it ran 125kmph solo.Even i couldn believe coz it was rated 118kmph.So,overall the bike seems to be a very good one but it lacked smoothness even at 70kmph.RTR ,because of its less weight it had some advantages & disadv. The bike has an awesome pick up.. The bike has got more vibrations at 65-70 comparing to other bikes of the same class Because of its light weight it is very dangerous at high speeds comparitively. TVS has done a great job .. i appreciate it but do take care of the disadvantages mentioned for the RTR FI model.. Then it will be tagged BIKE OF THE YEAR… trust me

  62. hi i am ASif. i want to buy a bike in 150-160cc please tell which one in better interms of mileage and performance of the two bikes pulsar 150 or apache RTR160

  63. Hi I Am Suraj.And I Want to Purchase a Bike.I am not know the New Apache RTR 160cc is good or not.I Read the contant of mt Friends.I am studing The Futures of new apache RTR 160cc.That is my advice to TVS company to modifying of this Bike Like Pulser.Our younger Whats to Some Extra,Pawerful,mailege,good looking,Better Control,Speed and More pickup,That is the main Couse of Puplority of Pulser 220cc Beacose More Power,And More Pickup,and Better Control,are also the main features of Pulser 220cc Dts-fi.

  64. hi i am lovely.i am neaver like bikes.I Read in +2 Class.i am lived in panjab. i Am 18 years old.i want to friendship with a boy.who has smart handsome and good looking.i have neaver friendship with panjabi boy. my Friend piya tell me the idea.I have no my own computer. and my English Skilweek.My Email ID is .plece contact me and send his photo.lovely

  65. These days fuel consumption is a major problem.That’s why people bying lower CC bikes which resembled for sport catogary. Actually these bikes do not have enough power to compete against real sport bikes like Honda CBR ,Susuki bandit, GXSR,Kavasaki Ninja ,yamaha fzr at least in 250cc.And those bikes equiped with 4 cylinder engines producing 40Bhp at 14000Rpm. Pulsar 220fi produces only 21Bhp,Karizhma R produces less than 18Bhp,RTR here is no exception.they all have one cylinder, no Disk breaks for back. To meet the speed and power of CBR ,Pulsar,RTR,Karizma Need to have at least 500cc engine when we consider the current state of those engines. But all of those real sport bikes produce 20-25km per Leter in fuel cunsmption.Whereas pulsars produce 30-50 range per L.

  66. its Awesm bike i own rEd 1.. Fuckinf factastic pickup And handling… Be Aware gAls And Guys…. im comming to knck others biKeRs –Down–

  67. hi guys!!!!I dont know what to say but i hate indian bikes….they cant be called bikes at all….i ride CRB1000 and it is what u call a bike….its a monster and rips whatever comes in front….i have gone at a speed of 189kmph and i cud not dare above tht….it felt as if i wud fly…felt as if i m gonna meet my death…

  68. action item: dump the cheap sensual commentry on the utube and replace by more facts: preferably one who will do the job because he likes it and doesnot confuse it with navel… for help check the pulsar tribe. a machine like this deserves better

  69. I am planing to get apache RTR 160 so,Frns pls suges me about real price of this bike its,realy Now or Never

  70. All pulsarians r fool.They r not in mood to accept that they suck.RTR is best bike in 150-160cc segment.Just test ride the rtr once,you will definitely fall in love.

  71. New Apache RtR 160cc is awesome. Attraction Handy Yeah Very GooD Looking Very Smart Bike…… I LoVe Apache RtR 160cc bike…..

  72. WWWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!not even i my wildest dreams did i even ridin a bike like this….thank god!!!APACHE RTR 160 is damn good bike..for its price which is at 66K in blore its jst g8t..the looks r amazing in new models u get an extra body fitting on the front of the tank it looks awesome im not braggin its really that gud..pulsurs r no match..if u r planning on buying one of these beasts dont even think..jst go for it..i promise u ll enjoy the true biking experience!!!!!

  73. i agree dat RTR 160 is good but upcoming R15 yamaha 150cc is better or i should say ” the best” 20-22 bhp 145 kmph top speed n wat else u want n just see its pictures ……40 kmpl mileage it is a cool bike

  74. tvs com kisliye banaya yea bike. salo ke mu me juta marna chaihia sala prolem hi problem. mera 2 munth ke bike. lagta hai ke 3 sal ke purana pik uthtai nehi. com ka cervise ekdom bura hai. galti se vi yea bike mat kharid na. pulsar or karizma is se bohat achha hai. sala tvs balo ke maa ko chodo

  75. This is the first time TVS came up with best Design. compact stylish high torque best to ride youth heart stealer

  76. Hi I Have 125cc bike YAMAHA GLADIATOR Amazing Power with 5 gear Average 50min max55 my bike current average 55kmph Power 150cc feel Look 150cc Feel Average more other bikes campier Speed 125kmph top Good Performance you buy 150cc bike then plz one chance Yamaha Gladiator 125cc test drive my websites IF YOU WANT software (all category )full version with crack,serial download then plz mail me with your software information if you want

  77. Hello Guys, I buyed TVS apache 160 RTR on this monday(11-08-08)… I noticed that the gear box sucks… This bike already having problem in gear shifting… Is this the usaual problem in Apache?… can please some one tell me…

  78. HAI Guys, THE NEW Apache RTR is one of the “BEST IN TVS” Its Very nice Riding compare than the “PULSAR” Its nice to looking than the pulsar… And the “BEST” NOW (O R ) NEVER …Pls don’t compare the performance with the chilly pulsar…

  79. hi……..i m rajesh our team name is TRAFFIC BOYZZ our team is situated in vadapalani there r many members in our team all are having only APACHE RTR 160 bec if its goob wheel base and for its initial speed.. hurray TRAFFIC BOYZZ

  80. you guys must be crazy because i own a bajaj pulasr 150cc 2003 model. i wanted to exchange my bike so i test rided the apache And i can say it looks great than pulsar but if you want a good looking bike then go for apache but if you want a power bike then apache is like TVS 50 you know the moped of TVS. Yes guys in 1st gear Apache feels like the 3rd gear of my old pulsar shame on you TVS guys and bike club of Apache. hahaha traffic boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what you will push your bike and go in the trafic ah

  81. Hi Vicky, My 1 year old Apache RTR 160 had some wheel problems. The back wheel appears to have a little tilt when rotating. It is visible to the naked eye when the wheel is rotating. Also giving little skids on wet turns. Can it be repaired or Shall I need to go for a new wheel? What will be the cost of a new alloy wheel for tvs apache rtr (back wheel)? Awaiting your response.

  82. DISADVANTAGE IN RTR 160 1. Hard shock absorber 2. Problem of Gearbox, not smooth compare to KARIZMA 3. No tubeless tyres, not available 4. Poor tail lamp looks, old fashioned 5. Sporty stickering is ok not superb is 100% true, This is good but there are lot of scope for the improvement. this is not look like the strong bike due to the little shape. i hope dt apache 200 is very smoother than rtr 160 and also hopes that it achieves the top speed greater than 150.i request u to get 6 gears in 200 and also hopes that it will be launched before march of the next year.but in rtr headlights and taillights needs adjustment and improvement,so i hopes dt the model,design is totally different (such as the headlight and taillight) from rtr menace and also hopes dt it has the dimensions greater than 180.i hopes that it consists of the xenon headlight and also hopes that the bhp of 200 is greater than 25 and it achieves the acceleration of 100kmph in less than 6 sec and 60kmph in less than 3 sec.and it has the power:weight greater than 150.i hopes dt the indicator of 200 is also LED and it has six gears,and it has double disc brakes on the front tyre like on hayabusha.and the light in speedometer is bluish in colour.i hopes that the UPCOMING 200 beats the recrd and performance of the new karizma R. BUT MY THINKING IS THAT WHY ONLY 200CC NOT 300CC????????????

  83. HI, If anyone could help me out , actually i have a platina(6 Months Old) whose alloy wheel got out of shape and my bike is little out of control , please suugest should I replace the same OR buy any of the new TVS bike, i don’t want to go for Bajaj. Pls Suggest..

  84. hmmmm…..gaanduoo.. bike to achi hain… bt chala ke nhi dekhe…ha ha ha . isliye jyada nhi bol rha. nhi toh gand he mar leta….. pulsar to beenchood bike hain… mere pass bhe hain.. i knw me bhe gaandhu hun….. jise dekho pulsar ke gand me gussa rhta hain…

  85. hey buddy apache is really undefined… arre khulla saand hai yaar…. bindaas no pulsar(garbage), no hunk, no cbz, no yamaha… this is the best bike i have ever ride in my life

  86. it is more power full than pulsar…….more hard looking and more petrol saving……which is must…..but after 90km. ,vibration seen on hands……

  87. its gud but its a little kind a bike feels like little when sat on it pulsar 180 make me feel big but waiting 4 its 180 variant?????//////

  88. guys i own the rtr 160… the top speed takes u to 140 + but not more than 144 atleast i havent been beyond that(trust me been there done that) as for the pick it simply rocks and i agree it beats many bikes…. certain people claim it has atop speed of 118…. are u nuts…!!!!! pls this is a direct insult the bike goes much faster… if u know to rip ur bike{thats why my piston is busted at 11000 km lolz} thats all guys enjoy… any way thinking of getiing fz16 tyres seems will be good…. any comment

  89. tvs tyres are so misreable…. that condoms could replace them…. i hope ur reading tvs engineers !!!!! i hate u for those cheap tyres…..

  90. End of the Nightmare?…Naa… Everything about my Apache RTR FI 160 in as few words as possible: 4 months of patience & 2 “legal notice” type letters asking for a refund or repair of my dud bike result in a spectacular reaction on part of TVS-They figure out that their “Everything is Normal” kind of response is no longer working.Guess what they did?.They discovered that the Fuel Injection Pipe in the fuel tank is defective & replaced it.They also discover that there is a loose fitting component in the silencer which they rectified. End of a nightmare?.Naa… Next it was the turn of the rear disk brake to take command of maintaining the offensive. I noticed that the rear disk plate is getting very hot because there is unwanted friction with the brake pads all the time,irrespective of me applying the rear brakes.I noticed it because of the screeching noise which you hear when one applies disk brake because the brake pad is at it’s fag end of life & needs to be replaced.I replaced the brake pad on my expense,but the friction was still there.TVS service centre people said that the rear disk set has to be changed.Still,they changed the disk plate but not the entire disk brake set.Result?…The friction is still there.The rear disk plate is getting incredibly hot in the distance of just 4-5 KMS.It’s eating away the brake pad & 2 months later after getting the brake pad & disk plate changed,the brake pad is again at it’s fag end of life. It’s been 6 months since i purchased this bike & it’s been in the service centre for at least 15 days,including 1 week in TVS service centre for the rear disk brake issue,when absolutely nothing was done about the issue. With such a long list of terrible experiences,i know for sure that expecting your TVS bike to get repaired under warranty which a customer is entitled to is next to impossible. I tried getting service support online at “”.And the response i got from them was just this-”Thank You,we’ll get back to you shortly”.It’s been 10 days & i am still waiting. I decided to try my luck again.This time i encountered a sugar bag whose job brief appears to be-deny,deny & deny.No matter what i said he just denied it by saying everything is normal.The free play of my rear tyre is disgustingly tight.He still thinks it’s normal. He goes by the name of Surinder Babu & is a TVS company appointed Engineer for Hyderabad Circle.He is like a rock-unmoved & unaffected.Here is his mobile number-09440611584.Try contacting him if you reside in or around Hyderabad.Maybe you can make him squeal. P.S:You can also know more about why it’s not wise to buy TVS Apache 160 RTR FI by going through my website-“”

  91. Hi every body who ever want to waste money buy apache rtr sick i have spent almost 8000.00 rs only for engine oil to reduce it rough sound no way its dam way better buy go for hero honda very bad with service dont even turn for tvs if they give it for free also

  92. hai fndzs, u know some people think that girls are not intrested in bikes but it is not so in my case i am intrested , apache is a nice bike from each and every view wether u are talking about milage or looks and its headlight mind blowing . just buy this bike yaroooooooo

  93. heyys guyys m fromm agra …the only thing is that i need ur help …any1 here can tell frm whre can i get rtr 160 rd 58000 to 62000 and rtr 160 fi 61000 to 63000…at lowestt prices plzz kindly send me the contact no andd address of that person

  94. Hi…,apache RTR160 is superb….,good looking,performance, mileage,stunts ke liye bhi sahi hai..,but but but..after 70 sali viberation bahut krti hai. ..plz iska kuch karo, baki agar future me kuch problem aati hai to in tvs walo ki ____

  95. TVS APACHE 160RTR FI; this bike is good as regading performance, BUT the clutch is worst if fails as we run this bike at more speeds

  96. Hi Guys can somebody please tell me a good place to service my RTR in mumbai I am tired of the incompetent guys at TVS they suck completely I have been an RTR lover for some time now but looks like sticking with it is going to burn a hole in the pocket …………. looking forward to some help from the RTR club …

  97. Hi i am anil from bangalore. last week i had been to meghdooth motors mg road and had a testride of rtr180 its pick up is superb.. and it has tubeless tyres with good looking and with on road price in bangalore is 73000.

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  100. Apache rtr 160 is very good Bike.Apache is stylish bike and every young man’s choise because all qualities are in apache rtr.



  103. pulsar freaks say apache rtr are small and cheap bikes for kids. but let me tell u how u will feel if a smaller bike beats u in a road rash and u feel like u are riding on a bull. hey, pulsar freaks do u even know the meaning of pulsar.try to use ur brain. girls love pulsar bikes only by looking at it’s look. do u men ever care about performance of scooter. yes,just like that women love pulsar because they see pulsar heavier and expensive.

  104. ohho u guys always think what girls like. really u r idiots.apache is the best , girls like apache and only apache . pulsar is the worst worst worst worst worst and will always remain the worst . so boys just change ur theory that girls like pulsar . apache is the best just buy it yaarooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  105. yaaa…cool go for it , plz dont go with other comments…feel ur heart beat…if it is for apache then go…i m using no problem… neer


  107. the best bike in India , pulsar 150 se bakwas bike aaj tak nahi bani trust me freinds it(APACHE) will always help u in racing if anyone rejects apache he IS THE BIGGEST FOOL! EAST OR WEST APACHE IS THE BEST

  108. samden sherpa are u mad u know that apache is much better than pulsar, pulsar sabse ch****** bike hai mere ko koi ye bike agar gift mein bhi de toh bhi mein na laun oh sorry i forgot one thing , this bike is meant for only MENS not for ……. so only daring one can ride it. APACHE naam mein hi daam hai pulsr ki aisi ki taisi pulsar f*******************

  109. Hey just drive it and forget all other RTR has excellent performance in its class if thinking of buying it its always better choice rather than pulsar, Xtreme or unicorn or even FZ 16 FZS & Fazer Its hardcore racing bike if any doubt check Professional Auto experts review on Autocar Because anything less than apacher RTR 160 means it is for looser mind it

  110. Hay friend i have done R&D on bikes after a long study i know that in every respect rtr160 is best bike in 150cc segment in india. it has a fantastic control it runs like a tiger. In this segment of bike i strongly challange no one can beat you if you are a good biker even you can chase p200 i have done one time with it. i have this bike & i have completed more than 20000km it still have not any type of problem except tyre puncture. it has a very good mileage . remember friends to get good performance with your any bike never forget get regular service , oil change , tyre pressure . take the health of bike very seriously look after it regularly it will never let you down in any race or emergency.

  111. Shhh………….Pulsers !!! Listen !!! .. .. .. .. .. ItS ThE WiND Of CHANGE !!!! Time to go EXTINCT !! Coz its coming man ….apache is comin for ya !!! SO ITS UPTO U !! WAT U’ll Do ?? SCRAP Dat Pregnant Old Lady and Beg For Mercy ?? Better start doin now !!! Coz soon U’ll be the odd 1 out !! So hide ur face behind dat fat tummy of ur crap pulser…coz dyr no place safe for ya !!

  112. i m riding my rtr 160 last 6 months. it’s a grt & only one prob is the vibration btwn 65-75. but after 75 the engine becomes very very smooth. ekdum makkhan. my highet speed is 113(on NH2) & with full control. i ve a tour of 412 km in a day wih a 4 hr break. after i get back home,neither i(the traditional pulsar backache prob) nor the beast have any fatigueness. there was not even any lack of pick up during the journey. my frnd have set a record of 7.1 sec frm 0-60kmph on my rtr. the pulsars are also good,but rtr’s pick up is mindblowing. it can easily challenge pulsar 180. now there is rtr 180 in the market. hope it will easily compete with p220. thank you TVS.

  113. sorry frnds,i ve forgotten to talk about the mileage in previous discussion. my rtr gives an avrg of 48-50 in city & 55 in long drives. it is similar to pulsar 150. my frnd have hero honda achiever(150cc,13.9 bhp). his avrg mileage in city is 42-45. my rtr have 10cc & 1.3bhp more. still i get such mileage. the headlight of rtr is also better than achiever & cbz extreme. so guys, please throw out the concept that hero honda is the best bike maker in india. tvs & bajaj(also) can make good bikes for indian roads.

  114. i have an apache. it gives an avg of 32-35 in city and on highways 32. many people say it gives 45-50 but i’m happy wit this because my engine’s smoother than many rtr’s i’ve seen. its better not to make the engine starve.

  115. oye hoy TVS chackday thanks for lunching RTR180 it’s so smooth with great pick up power. so rider have it n get an enjoy ful expirence BYE BYE pulsar

  116. moi j’ai ma apache RTR160;et je peux vous assurer quelle tient bien la route.bon ven a tvs et vivement que les pieces arrive vite au burkina faso en afrique

  117. look tat SANTANU fuck iz sayin tat his fren has kept a record by doin 0 to 60 on 7.1 seconds…ha ha ha i can do 80 on 7.1 sec n 4.5sec is enough 2 do 0 to 60 atakes approx 13sec to do 0 to 100kmph on rtr160..superb throttle response

  118. hi guys..i have orded for apache 160 rtr…every one is saying vibration will be there.i have choosed apache though my passion in apache yellow color.insipite of vibration..can u guys tell at wat speed vibration will be present??..can v reduce it or not???

  119. Hi Friends, My name is Amey. Same Issue is with me…I recently purchased TVS Apache RTR 160 Refresh from Jayna Auto @ Borivali(W),( that dealar named Suresh Jain was really Rude to talk). But the Main problem & experience I want to share with u is that, When I Ride this bike I found Vibrations,…friends told me that….may be Ur engine is new, it will take some time to become smooth. After 1 month I go to Service Center(Vijay Sevice Center @ Borivali(E)) just because of that vibration, He serviced my bike….I found He done nothing to it….just changed break oil, engine oil that’s it & took 500/- Rs. from me….& not Even ready to wash my bike. now I’m planning to show my bike to some different Service center, in spite of all 6 free Services from that TVS SC. I found Vibration issue had been not solved after servicing….I told to Mr. Vijay that its Vibrates too much But he told me to Accept it, & ride it We can’t do it. (It looks like Sports bike Thats Why it vibrates like Sports bike …………………FUCK OFF). I really got depress form this bike. Creates Noise, Too much Vibrations, as a result, consequently less millage. Its Gears are not smooth. Got much more frustrated from this Bike. Just it looks good. Really Pulser & unicorn are much much better options then Apache. this is the reason why they r much often on the road. If you agree or even you don’t, If any suggestion I appreciate you. My email id is Thank you.

    1. Dear friend i wont agree with u about vibrating, but agree when speed is 50 or 60 kmph, when its cross more than 60 kmph there is no vibrating in the bike, total profermace very good compare to pulasur 180, b’coz i am using this bike since from last 2 years, and also i reach 130 kmph there is no vibrating na very good road grip, this is ur info, but maintiance is very imp

    2. dear friend, i’m also using apache rtr 160,from last 1 year. first i found the same problem for vibrations but at only speed about 50-60 .but as u apply full throttel at that speed,above 60 u will not get any vibrations and as compared with PULSAR 180 , THIS BIKE APACHE RTR 160 IS ANY TIME BEST …,I have reached a the speed of 127 recently,so as per my concern this bike is any time best…..

  120. Just few days ago I posted my problem in TVS Apache RTR 160 R regarding some vibrations. Within a week, managers as well as engineers from TVs Company contacted me, and asked my problem very politely. They are really eager to know the issues from me. I know they definitely got heart by watching my review, after creating this amazing & sporty bike with great Looks, comfort, best performance, good mileage, handling as well as durability. They took my bike to their SC for analyzing & rectification, and really they done it. Extra vibrations from my bike r vanished. Actually this bike is created taken into consideration, the concept of “sport Bike”. Its sounds, looks, performance as well as vibrations r part of it. Then I decided to ride other bikes in this segment(less than 10 cc & less BHP), & I really surprise that, my bike is too good then it. After all it has 15 BHP power. I suggest those people, who want to enjoy bike riding, as well as good mileage around 55. It’s really nice bike. Thank you TVS!!!

  121. hi…. I m using this bike from last 2 years .and i didnt find any problm in this bike. I m using it 60km daily and i reach to 125km/h twise and there is no vibration after 60 . It is a nice bike.

  122. Hey Friends !!!!! I jus happy to see ur comment.. I’ve bought a Apache 160 black…. Its really a awesome bike yaar. Initially i felt vibration as u guyz said but above 60.. its very smooth to ride… Another problem which i felt was startin prob in rainy days… if he got wet in rain da engine dead often wen we close the accelartor… This and all normal prob.. other than this wen you as whole Apache is gr8 Proud to be Apachian

  123. hii, I am confused which one to buy… pulsar 150 or rtr 160?? I have taken test ride of both bikes.. i like pulsar more comfortable than rtr… also found some vibrations in rtr180… But pulsar is very common now a days.

  124. saale, tune kya test ride ki behancho…. rtr s one amoug da best n its v v dashin dan pulsar 180 in evrythng….. samjha…..

  125. Hi Piyush, do test drive Honda Dazzler, FZ 16, CBZ Xtreme and Hunk. Then you can come to a conclusion. Don’t decide your bike just because you want to be unique, rather give importance to ride, handling, comfort, performance and mileage.

  126. hi frnds, b4 25 days i bought TVS apache RTR 160 red color….. b4 i bought i analysed lot of bike in the segment but apache won finally…… vibrations is not matter man when u ride sport bikes it occurs, milage good near to 60 km/l, tire grip very good, sounds are smooth, i love my apache… i proud be a apachian…… guys those who are want to buy bike just go for TVS apache RTR 160…… Thank u TVS……

  127. Please i request you all not to buy TVS bike i bought it 2 years back in mumbai it has manufacturing problem & no body is able to solve this the blunder is i have taken this ike to serivece station ashwini TVS thane for 50 times now & they have only on e engineer who can repair this bike i called up tamilnadu office bu they didn not provide me solution worst thing is the engineer says bcos it kept in open parking rain water enter engine & makes it jam they think we are foll i have two more bikes of bajaj of which caliber i am using for 11 years now I have to fill in oil every one month someone responsible person in company please help my no is 09004649186 /09892389480

  128. Hi All. I am an APACHIAN. My racing DNA got unleashed a week ago when i bought a white rtr 180. Looks wise its a killer as u al know. But im concerned abt the vibration prob which is mentioned in almost every review. Im stil running in so hav not faced much vibs. I would like to know suggestions frm neone which can help me keep this vib prob at bay. My mail id is Thanks all. Proud to be an apachian

  129. 220 is good topspeed but in pick up of pulsar 220 is less than apache rtr 180 you can see vedio on youtube apache 180 vs pulsar 220 you see in heavy weight at 89 kg pulsar 220 pick is lees than rtr RTR is more comfor tabl than other bikes

  130. Apache 160 is a awesome bike !!!! it can be made more good by makin the tyre of MRF … the tyre of TVS has less grip than MRF tyres !!!!!

  131. I own rtr 160 red rear disc.. till now i’ve beaten Yamaha fazer, bajaj pulsar 150, Hero hunda Hunk & new CbZ X-treme… and bajaj pulsar 180 in pickup and aftr 3rd gear 180 caught me bcz of its greater top end bt no wory, i’ve almost a best racing bike in its class… proud2b a Apache owner…

  132. Rtr160 is great bike. I have taken him in speed of 133 its better than pulsar180 also which my friend has. Pulsar180 can reach the speed of 123 only.. There is no vibration in rtr160 after 60 :)

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