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TVS has finally made up its mind to please the bike lovers with its Apache 220. The new version will arrive hot with necessary modifications to take up the rivals. The bike will go in for production in February , by getting a new sporty outlook- this 220cc will have 22bhp power (varying from the current one which raises at 150 km/h speed.

The bike will be ideal for power segment at a price tag of Rs95000, though higher than the same range of bikes in the market. But TVS assures better quality and performance. There will be changes in form of size (bigger) and sturdy (stronger) than the current 180 version. TVS knows that this Apache will offer more style than fuel economy- meant for the racers and speedsters.

This April will certainly hot with the arrival of this Apache 220. Wait for the coo moment.

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  1. Jas says:

    @TVS. why are you becoming a follower instead of a trend setter, when you have a capability. Do something new, from which other indian manufacturers have been shying so far…i mean making a pure quarter liter bike.

  2. cha says:

    ya u r right jas…its time to bring 250 cc engines In India..though 22bhp sounds enough for speed freaks

  3. HH says:

    @jas & cha They ‘re gonna do it only after bajaj does it. you know they always follow bajaj’s foot steps!!

  4. Abhimanyu says:

    It’s a perfect competion @ HH U fool they are not following Bajaj foot steps!!! There is no need of 250cc Our roads r not so ready for it. This is powerfull than Pulsar 220 Dts-i. I’m waiting for it Hope it look’s nice like all kickass Apaches

  5. Hrishikesh says:

    We definitely need 250cc bikes. I doubt when our roads are capable of 220cc then why cant it handle 250cc….. Nothing gets ready until u acquire what it needs to get ready….

  6. Sakthi says:

    We can’t simply say TVS is followng Bajaj. Then what you say for Honda, Suzuki, …. even Ducati they all launched its litre class bikes followed by Yammy. Checkout the 2010 Autoexpo pages, # TVS is the first indian bike with ABS, # TVS developed a quad bike(Hammerhead), # TVS Racing famed Apache RTR 160 (Track champion), # TVS Motocross champion RTR 250 FX… Both the companies are performing up to their mark.

  7. Rathish says:

    Very good to hear a sports bike from TVS, the indigenous sports bike and should be capable to be in par with Ninja 250, then it will create the Desi brand popular world wide

  8. Goa On Wheels says:

    TVS should concentrate on existing products and improve dealer and service network before tasting new waters

  9. eshaan says:

    dekhne mein to pulsar 220 is the best, but apache bhi kam nehi. par kab apache 220 ka image hamare samne aayga. yehi soch ne wala baat hai. ab dekho karizma zmr ko, market karizma ke jaisa nehi hai. udhar pulsar ka all series bindas bik rahe hai. ab apache 220…….? yeh jo 220 ka segment hai in sabko to kuch khas hona chahiye. in sab ka style, better comfortable, reliable etc sabhi 125 cc, 150 cc segment mein kyon apply karte hai? jaise stunner ke look dekho bilkul 150 cc ka lagta hai honda cb twister ko dekho 125 ka lagta hai. mera hisab se in sab ka style kam cc mein behetar hai, but 220/250 cc segment mein aur bhi kuch khaas add karna chahiye. jaise many type of sensor, google map, sound system, double strong horn, styling glass, double exhaust pipe etc.

  10. Microman says:

    I sincerely hope TVS will put a counter balancer in their engine to cancel out the vibes!(like the Gladiator) I also hope there will be a fresh approach to the styling which will help to distinguish it from the other models. One also hopes they will have licked the fuel metering problems which leave their existing models gasping for fuel at certain rpm.

  11. Tim says:

    oops… hey always following bajaj foot steps,,,, they dont know act as a separate moduler, Do something new……………

  12. Dirt says:

    I want this bike in two variants one for off-road lovers :) and another for super-bikes lover

  13. Dirt says:

    I want TVS to launch an Off Road Variant of 220 making it street legal as it would be a great help for those bike-lovers, those who want to keep off-road bike but doesn’t have time to go into modification, and they don’t compromise with local modifications.

  14. Dirt says:

    I am sure, if TVS manage to launch such a bike, it will replace all those locally modified RX, YBX, Fiero, Shogun and Shoulins :) And apart from this if you see any Bike Race Event, right from RAID DE HIMALAYA to flag race, every where u’ll find modified rx/fiero/shogun/shoulin and in some events bullet too. Specially in motocross/supercross/dirt-track races in India u’ll find only these bikes which are out of production now and it is difficult to get its genuine spare parts and it is also very hectic to go into modification every time before race.

  15. Dirt says:

    And if TVS manage to design it perfectly in looks, it will also attract the buyers, those who doesn’t ride professionally but they are strong supporters of off-road racing events.

  16. jack says:

    i wan’t some fuckin photos of this bike u motherfuckers….it’s already been 2 months and still there r no pics…what the fu…………ckkkkk i going on???????

  17. Dollar says:

    hi may apache 220 ka bahut intajar kar raha hu and i want 2 race with it so that i can beat my frnd pulsar 220. i aspect that it should have strong musles like r15 and great pick up like sports bike. may is bike se ghar ghar k chakar lagana chahta hu. i am tooo9oo ooao oo exccited

  18. rinu rajan says:

    hai, i have a tvs apache 150. am not satisfed with its comfort, as it is poor in long drives.Its rear shocks doesnt work perfectly.But with the engine am satisfied, because i have used it maximum roughly, but still the engine runs well with a mileage of 50 km/l. 2010 august it will be4 years i owned my bike. TVS shown their guts as they introduced RTR 250 FX,RTR 180, THE HUMMERHEAD, ISOTOP,TAURUS,X-FOSSIL,TVS PREDATOR.Ans now RTR 220 going to launch.

  19. abhishek says:

    Hey,atleast u f*****s plz post some pics of apache rtr 220… madly waiting for it…

  20. abhishek says:

    There is a news that TVS is gng to launch apache rtr 250 in place of 220 on august 2010….cost is high around1,10,000

  21. abhinav says:

    there is a news of launching apache rtr250 in place of 220..with a cost of rs.1,10,000

  22. tvs lovers' says:

    people who say apache are followers of pulsar are ass holes….. do u know that apache 150 vs pulsar150, apache’s the best and apache 180 vs pulsar 180 apache’s the best and upcoming 220 apache will be the best. tvs production might be late, but thy’ll definetly kick pulsar’s ass. why didn’t pulsars think of white paint, speed recording meters, engine guards, racing stripes, petal disc, alloy stickering,etc..etc. tvs think more than bajaj. they’ll not rush to leave their vehicles.. always tvs is the best. race winning company.

  23. i am waiting apache rtr 220 says:

    I think its good

  24. Abhishek Rana says:

    I am waiting

  25. What da!!!!!! says:

    i need 2 see a pic Of Ap.. 220!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Apache Freak says:

    Hey dudes even i support apache dan those pussies. Pulsar 220 looks too big not at all sporty.Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope to get it very soon

  27. raj says:

    i want to apache rtr 180 but i have no money iam so sad i miss you apache sorry my friend my num is 8121588660,8801386194

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