Toyota to launch Lexus cars

Posted by Vignesh Annamalai at May 4th, 2009 under Auto News |

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As Indian auto market shows signs of recovery, Toyota plans to follow the footsteps of bigger luxury car makers like BMW,Mercedes and Audi. The much expected Lexus brand will foray into the indian market soon. The luxury car market seen a growth of 22% last year. “We are very much looking at introducing Lexus, based on the feedback of our dealers and distributors, but are yet to decide on a final timeframe to launch it in India,” Toyota Kirlosakar Motors, MD Hiroshi Nakagawa said.

Toyota also plans to hike its production as the market back on track. Toyota is now producing around 3500 units a month at its Karanataka plant and plans to ramp it up to 5000 (to its full capacity) by July. “On the basis of the market’s performance last year, we cut our output, but since in the last four months the market is coming back on track, we will increase the production of our vehicles from May,” Toyota Kirlosakar Motors, Deputy Managing Director (Marketing) Sandeep Singh said.

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  1. cars uk says:

    i ain’t gonna get another car by toyota after getting mine to the garage 2 times!

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