Tata’s one lakh car heads Geneva

The much expected Rs 1 lakh car (may be named as ‘jeh’) will be finally out at the 2008 Delhi auto expo. We hear this news atleast 100 times a day, but what’s more exciting is Tata is building a variant car that would meet U.S. or European specifications  Tata Motors plans to display the high end people’s car at the Geneva Motor Show in March. This will be a prelude to entering the competitive European market. Tata’s people car would be around $6,000 in europe or america.Tata Motors has already shown interest in launching the car in markets that resemble India. The Geneva Motor Show has been a happy hunting ground for several Tata vehicles including concept cars. Tata Motors had unveiled the pick-up Cliffrider (to be launched in India), the Elegante sedan, the TL Sprint among other models at the Swiss show. The recently launched 2.2 litre Safari Dicor was also displayed Geneva last year.

Note: Wanna test drive the Tata’s one lakh car? you have to wait till september or october of this year ( when car will be hit the showrooms). The one lakh car won’t be available for test drives at the Delhi Auto Show.

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