Tata Motors response to production of LandRover in India

Last week vicky.in reported about the Tata Motors plans to move the production of LandRover to India. http://www.vicky.in/blog/production-of-land-lrx-to-be-shifted-to-india

In response to Vicky.in story on shifting of LandRover production to India, Tata Motors says that it has no such plans. Here is the official response from Tata Motors

Tata Motors does not have any plan to shift production of any Jaguar Land Rover vehicle to India.

Talks between Tata Motors and British Government remains in deadlock over the loan guarantee issue. Also it is widely believed that Tata Motors is unhappy with the conditions proposed by the British Government.  While it wanted £500m for commercial financing, and a £340m European Investment Bank loan for research into green cars, the government wants to grant £175 million which is much less than the Nano maker have asked for. Adding to that, Observer report claimed that Tata would scrap the Indica Vista Electric launch in UK following a similar loan issue. All these things indicate that Tata would look for a new location to build its fuel efficient Land Rover LRX away from UK possibly in India. But Tata Motors denies moving the LandRover LRX production to India.

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