Tata Motors announces discount offers on Indica,Indigo XL Sumo Grande and Safari

It raining offers! now its Tata Motors to exhibit the generosity to lure the customers. Buy any Tata product (except the newly launched Indica Vista and best seller Indigo CS) and avail cash benefits of upto Rs66,000. You will also get a scratch card and if your lucky you could win a sumo grande,10 Indica Xeta LPG, Blackberry 8830 and a range of exciting products from Tata Indicom. Here are details of discount offers on specific models

* All the variants of  previous generation Indica NA (DL,DLE and DLS). comes with a discount of Rs30000

* Rs 30000 discount on all varaints of Indica turbo and Indica DICOR

* Indica Xeta (excluding the LPG variant)  gets a cash dicount of Rs30000

* Tata Motors offers Rs40000 discount on Indica Xeta LPG

* Indigo Marina and Indigo XL is offered Rs40000 discount

* Sumo,Sumo Victa and Spacio is given Rs40000 discount

* Rs60000 cash discount, 1 year free extended warranty worth Rs6000 and a matt kit on all variants of Sumo Grande

* 2007 introduced Safari DICOR comes with a  Rs25000 cash discount offer

* You can avail a loyalty bonus of Rs5000 on Indigo CS LS variant. But there is no discount on Indigo CS LX variant.

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