Tata Aria- World’s First Cross Over with 4WD

Tata has projected its brand new Aria, which is the world’s first cross over with 4 wheel drive. The new aria is outfitted with 2.2 lit Dicor engine that adds a maximum power of 140 ps and a maximum torque of 320nm. Sumo Grande and Safari are also motorized by the same engine.

Tata Aria swanks with in dash built-in GPS system and whirls gently with multifunctioning steering wheel. Aria is equipped with dual air condition with automatic climate control mechanism. Aria assures safety by incorporating six airbags with ESP. Tata Aria will be launched in second quarter of 2010.

Press release

The Tata Aria, to be launched in the second quarter of 2010, blends the functionality and comfort of a mid-range MPV with the all terrain assurance and premiumness of an SUV. Its unique design and construction makes it robust, elegant and comfortable. The interiors, with three rows of theatre style seating, present a luxurious world of premium features comprising 3D surround sound, dimming roof lamps, in-dash built in GPS, a state-of-the-art infotainment system, multifunctional steering wheel, dual air conditioning with automatic climate control and cruise control. Top-of-the-line safety features include 6 airbags and ESP, offered by an Indian OEM for the first time. Besides, the chassis frame comprising advanced hydro formed members, a stiffened body cage, and dual zone collapsible steering make the Aria one of the safest vehicles.

Its 2.2 Litre  Direct Injection Common Rail (DICOR) diesel engine, delivering 140 PS power and 320 Nm torque, is mated, in the 4×4 option, with an all-wheel drive with torque  on demand, which senses and distributes torque to the wheels in accordance with the terrain.

Catch More Tata Aria Pictures @ http://www.vicky.in/gallery/autoexpo2010/tata/aria/

23 thoughts on “Tata Aria- World’s First Cross Over with 4WD”

  1. Does anyone know the price and approximate time when it’ll be available in showrooms. Some sites are saying 6-8 lakhs, some 8-10 lakhs and some are saying 10-12 lakhs. Come on Tata guys, please reveal the expected price tag atleast!!

  2. I expected Vicky blog to be perfect blog which i love to visit….. but amazing no picture of interiors of Aria ???

  3. Why do the photographs look like spy photos, as if taken by stealth? Can do better guys… some of your spy photos were better 🙂

    1. Thanks Dhruv Bhutani For responding on behalf of us 🙂 Yeah Rajiv, Today the entire hall was jampacked and it was really difficult to shoot pictures. Tmrw we will get you High quality pics 🙂

  4. Why do the photographs look like spy photos, as if taken by stealth? Can do better guys… some of your spy photos were better 🙂

  5. @Rajiv : I was present at the unveiling of the Aria. Believe me , there was a mad rush of photographers and snapping photos of the interiors was quite a difficult proposition.

  6. Hi can you explain me in which sense TATA ARIA is going to be the world’s first cross over with 4 wheel drive??There are a ton of them already in the international market. I myself reside in Toronto, Canada and see so many 4 wheel drive equipped crossovers humming the streets around me. To name a few, there are the Nissan Murano, Nissan Rogue, Chevy Equinox,and many more. And could you please make it clear if it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, or an all drive one, because the following piece makes it kind off unclear. “in the 4×4 option, with an all-wheel drive with torque on demand, which senses and distributes torque to the wheels in accordance with the terrain.’ Well i must appreciate the torquey nature of the DiCor engine.But as Indian I feel proud that TATA has come with this unique product even though their are numbers of international car mfr.in India. 3cheers for Mr.Ratan Tata & their Team

  7. Agree with Yogesh, not sure why Aria should be called the first cross-over with 4wd. Even Innova comes with a 4wd option. My guess is that the torque differential for all four wheels maybe new, Aria looks interesting. If it is bracketed with 15 lakh price range it will be a very tempting deal. Kudos to Tatas for introducing full climate control, ESP and Airbags etc. Others will be forced to up their ante now 🙂 The third row window design seems to be nicked from the Honda CRV though 🙁

  8. More features, more comfort means more visits to the service centers where you will find unqualified staff & lots of approvals to get anything replaced under warranty.. i own a TATA grande which after 10 months & just 11000 kms of run, it stays 5 days in a month in TATA service center & they give me the vehicle when the spares are not available with a Disclaimer “Sir Please do not go on a long Drive”…

  9. Good Shape, Finally sharp cuts , and chiselled, 1)Attach rear end to hatch, 2)Modify front grill, probably new one , not the old one , re-design it,Give fresh look to grill. 3)Concentrate on colours, Bring Brinjal —First , Move for the beige and Blue next, 4)Attach spoiler on the rear,Should be 6″in height. 5)Rear bumpers need some more modifications, give some deep grews. Fine Go ahead,Cheers Mr.Ratan and TATA team. MAM—Majid040@gmail.com


  11. it looks like Honda CRV. i think that tata should to do somthing different. beacause we are indian, not chinese in front tata aria looks like tata indica , its ok. but behind side it looks like Honda CRV, it is not good. THEN ………………

  12. Tata hats off ,one side without any assisatance from govt of India like for suzuki tata is busy making Indias most economical and safe cars for Indians apart from funding public schools, hospitals, other end suzuki having eaten up public monies in the form of custom and excise waivers from Govt of India busy making unsafe vehicles still like Omni and M-800 selling at 2.5 lacs and pocketing all the profits to Tokyo.And patriotic we are busy buying and saving suzuki from unless otherwise a bancrupsy

  13. This is definitely not world’s first crossover (assuming my understanding of crossover is correct). Subaru has dozens of cars that fell in this category. Almost all Subaru cars are 4WD and that includes sedans, saloons, hatchbacks, offroaders and coupes.

  14. I am making the front axle of the Aria Vechile in the Spicer India Ltd. Its a very good Technology and i have learned many things from this

  15. The front look of aria is aggressive. The side profile is OK. The rear is bland. But as it is being priced close to the Innova which is no beauty queen, styling is reasonable. As usual we get the TATA’s interior space and even the third row is reasonably good. Build quality is always a hiccup in TATA vehicles. By the look of the interior, there is some evidence that the guys from Land Rover are involved which is good news indeed. Considering the rumors about new technology being used and new chassis being employed, she should ride well. If TATA manages to do some good work with the engine, the Aria is gonna be a great success. Good luck Ratan Old Boy.

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