Royal Enfield to launch bikes in Thailand

The premier bike manufacturer in world Royal Enfield has made attempts to enter into the Thailand markets for retailing its bikes. This is in addition to manufacture of parts for all its bikes. The current production scheme, from its Chennai unit, is 50000 units per year for selling in almost 25 countries.

The bikes from this company are in the price range of 85000 to 204000 baht. The price of these bikes in these two countries – India and Thailand- is very high due to the taxation. The company has made a 4-day road show in Thailand exploring for business peers to promote the bikes. The show displayed bikes of fully imported and accessories for the bikes of which 95% are derived from the Chennai plant.

The company, with the prospective increase of business partners, is aiming for 60000 bikes this year and 100000 bikes in the subsequent years.

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  1. Any news on my question as i have tried many websites and news sites including Royal enfield themselves but nobody seems to know, anybody out there can help !

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