Maruti Suzuki Ritz Vs Honda Jazz Vs Fiat Grande Punto

Maruti Suzuki Ritz

Price: Rs3.90 lakhs to Rs4.80 lakhs

Variants: Petrol – LXi,ZXi & VXi  | Diesel –  Ldi & Vdi

Expectation: Not announced

“Yes, we did consider the competition when it came to positioning the Ritz, but we also had to see how it fitted with regards to our Swift,”Mayank Pareek, executive officer-marketing & sales, Maruti Suzuki said. “A small number, around 5-7%, of Swift customers may shift to Ritz, but that will benefit us as there is already a waiting period both for Swift diesel and petrol. This way, we will bring down the waiting period for Swift and also add to Ritz sales,”Mr Pareek added.

Honda Jazz

Price: Rs6.98 lakhs to Rs7.33 lakhs

Variants: Jazz basic,jazz sport and Jazz mode

Expectation: Half  the number of city. 1200 -1500 units a month

“We expect the customer of a Jazz to be an owner of an executive car looking for a second car, which will probably be a compact car. It’s unlikely the Jazz customer will be a first-time buyer. It’ll take time for this premium segment to gain acceptance. We are willing to wait for three-four years for this to happen,” Honda Siel President and CEO Masahiro Takedagawa said.

Fiat Grande Punto

Price: Rs3.99 to Rs6.11

Variants: Active, Dynamic, Emotion, Emotion Pack

Expectation: 2500units/month

“We do expect to sell 2,500 units of the Grande Punto each month. The car is in the B-plus segment where it will have to compete with the likes of the Honda Jazz and Chevrolet UVA” Mr Rajeev Kapoor, CEO, Fiat India Automobile said.

21 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki Ritz Vs Honda Jazz Vs Fiat Grande Punto”

  1. Good to know what the manufacturers were thinking :-). In Honda’s case that they were actually thinking ;-). I have to say its all wishful thinking. The sales numbers from next month end will be very interesting to see.

  2. Honda people say they are ready to wait for 3-4 years for the segment to develop. Lolz! I think the only people buying Honda Jazz will be the top executives of Honda themselves. Or may be, even Honda people will buy Fiat Punto!!

  3. honda who many time will you burn your fingers… better get back your jazz coz i dont see at lest 100 car in next 3 months..

  4. See my research is based on the Car prices in UK. Most of these B segment cars launched with around 70-80% Localization. In that case their prices in India should match the prices elsewhere. The models I have chosen for comparison are similar in accessories and other comfort! Jazz-9815£ Ritz -9000£ Swift-8979£ i20 – 9270£ Fabia – 9170£ Grande Punto-10000£ I have taken these prices from carprice checker!! The prices seem to be more or less the same. However in India, the Jazz has priced almost 75% more than other cars. They cant justify the price by any means! So think before you buy from these rac…ts!!!

  5. Hoda Jazz is most unsafe car on ndian roads that too with a over stressed 1.2 litre engine.sold at looting price Indians should reject this car like they have rejected Suzuki A star and Ritz

  6. Hey Mr. Bhosle i dont think that any indian has rejected Maruti Suzuki Ritz …… so please study the market well and then post it… Do not pass wrong and misleading posts! Take Care!

  7. I eagerly waited for Honda Jazz but now i have new i20 and Ritz as well as choice. I did comparision of i20, Jazz and Ritz for their technical specifications, features and price for my own use. Let me share this comparison at this place.

  8. Its deep hearted cry from dealers of Suzuki (makers of Indias most unsafe cars like Omni in the world) that Ritz and A Star has been a big flop because A star engine has same pistop slap problems like in M-800 engine. and Ritz highly unstable at cornering .Mr.Guptha try yourself a Wagon R driving in city in 2nd or 3rd gear you will hear the piston slap if you are technically inclined , same is the case in A star.But donot try to ram any car on SUZUKI OMNI (Death Box on 4 wheels)

  9. My heart has fallen for punto. I wish to go for 1.2 petrol. Does anybody hav any idea if I’m going the right way ? Guide me & its urgent

  10. i was also eagerly waiting for the Jazz , but looking at the prices , i feel honda is cheating the Indian ppl, so i think i will have to shift from honda to fiat, as they are making really good cars at reasonable prices. also i think fiat servicing should not be an issue as tata service centers are backing it !!!

  11. why are people blasting honda like this? after all, this model being discussed, the honda Jazz/Fit is a massive hit all over the world, and in all the places it is sold, honda sells it at a premium to other cars in it’s class. (forget that carprice checker- that info is inaccurate since the ritz and the i20 are sold with bigger engines in the uk) if a car were to be a success based only on features in the cabin, then the old honda city, the 2nd gen honda city should have been failures. in many S.E. Asian markets,the jazz is about one lakh INR costlier than the new honda city honda is not fooling anybody, nor do they have massive egos – they just make excellent cars that prove their worth to the (lucky) one who buys them. it goes without saying that a honda will give trouble free service for 10 years, but a fiat – not more than three

  12. ritz an awesome car… interiors of ritz are superb, even better den i 20 and fabia.. u will enjoy d luxury comfort when driving ritz.As far engine is considered, petrol k series and diesel same as swift…. ritz have more sapce, comfortable legroom and head space…ritz rocks forever….

  13. Honda has recalled Honda Jazz models built and sold in Japan, China, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and India. This mass recall is to replace a possible switch defect that could cause fire. What a exellent Car ? What type of quality ? for how much- 8 lacs ? Shame on Honda. Stop looting Indians.

  14. Ritz is indeed a good car, good height.. but cant compare well to Swift which is much powerful and spacious car. The back look of Ritz is too flattened which appears like a car without the boot. The interiors are no doubt better than other car in its segment

  15. The results are out at suzuki deeler meet, A star is not selling as much as they are publisizing so is Honda Jazz dealers are offering discounts upto 1 lakh on Jazz.Jazz has sever engine problems obviously almost all the places except in India they have replaced intake manifolds,ECU mapping increased the piston skirt length to avoid engine bursting into flames

  16. ritz is very comfortable to drive and better utilisation of space. Very smooth gear shifting and you don’t even know if the engine is on.good in mileage…

  17. hmm well da thing i know about cars is … honda make superb engine luxury while fiat is also but in indian market dey r not as successful as honda…. so i m confused b/w punto and jazz

  18. I have recently brought Ritz. It’s an amazing machine….It is actually a driver’s car. Interiors are good. Noise is zero. Smooth drive. Give ard 15kmpl and I know it will be better after few services. See the below video: Ritz rated as best hatchback car by Overdrive CNBC, on a drive from Chandigarh to ladhak which included competition between 9 cars like Jazz, Ritz, fabia, i20, swift, indica, punto etc. (watch all 3 videos) -superb exterior -latest new KB series engine with better Mileage, -trusted as used in many counteries with the name splash -Elegant design

  19. Punto no doubt is d leadr of all i mean in luxury looks n performance.maruti ritz looks like an old sheep ha ha ha,ritz owners are dfimaty loosers it sucks

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