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Bolero has emerged as the best selling vehicle in the Mahindra & Mahindra stable for the past two years, overtaking Scorpio. Bolero has been growing at a CAGR of 35 per cent. In the last two years, volumes have gone up 50 per cent and the company has sold about 1.2 lakh Boleros since its launch. But that doesn’t make Mahindra to take rest; it has seen the sales of Tata sumo which once hits the roof and now the ground. Mahindra has launched the New Bolero and it has invested about 30 crores to keep the lead.

Engine and Powertrain:

The new bolero features two kinds of engines snd transmission for its variants. The new bolero SLX 4WD engine delivers maximum power of 68hp@4000 rpm the other engine which features in SLX 2WD , SLE, DI, Diz and Plus delivers maximum power of 63hp @3200 rpm .With NG520 5speed manual gearbox with overdrive on the 5th gear and hydraulic clutch Mahindra claims New Bolero will deliver a combined mileage of 15kpl. The new bolero complies with BS III emission norms. Mahindra gives 3yr warranty for engine and drive line and 18month warranty for the complete vehicle.

Design and Engineering:

New Bolero has shed the pleasing look with the new bold headlamps, muscular bumper and neatly curved wheel arches, the New Bolero looks intmidating. With the new trim on the front grille and dual tone exteriors which is derived from the brother scorpio the New Bolero’s driver gets a commanding position. 215/ 75 radial tyres and the new fender extensions gives the vehicle a much needed masculine look. Blend-in side indicator lamps stimulates the pedestrian and fellow car drivers to look at it. New Bolero may intimidate from the front, but from the rear with the curved clear lens tail light and stylish spare wheel cover, i’m sure that other cars love to follow this SUV. New Bolero is offered in seven colours.

Seating postion and low integrated footstep makes the New Bolero easy to ingrees and egrees.While the SLX 4WD is equipped with complete features the PLUS variant is larger in terms of dimension. The base variants requires 11.2m to make a circle while DI and PLUS requires 11.8m. SLX and DI features rigid leaf spring at the front and the rear whereas the other variants feature coil spring at the front and parabolic leaf spring at the rear.

Inside the New Bolero…

The SLX 4WD variant of New Bolero is loaded with complete features while the other variants takes and leaves something from the master variant. The two tone fabric enhances the interior along with moulded roof lining. Two tone gear knobs, sporty white instrument cluster, wood grain finish dash board and a decent centre console ensures you pleasant driving. Plush bucket seats, voluminuous glove box, thoughtfully located bottle holders and armrest increases the ergnomices of the Bolero. Side ventilators, multi directional AC louvers with flow control helps you to breathe easy.

For keeping the low cost Mahindra has provided power steering and power windows only in SLX variant. But the basic requirements like air conditioning, heater, 12V charging point and CD mp3 player are absent in SLE, Diz and DI variants and optional in PLUS variant makes wide variation of price between the showroom price and on the road price.

Safety and security:

Don’t expect ABS or SRS airbags from this entry level SUV. Mahindra has tries its best to ensure safety of the Bolero’s occupants. Special sensors sounds when the door is open or if you forget to buckle your seat belts. Disc brake at the front and rear at the back with a GP valve prevents rear wheel locking and stops the vehicle as you wish. Bolero’s low centre of gravity, wider radials and the anti-roll bar give it solid anti-topple stability in uncertain condition. Solid structure with corrosion resistant sheet metal body makes you more safe. Depending on the variants you pick the ground clearance varies from 180mm to 195mm and thus new Bolero protects itself in off-road driving conditions. Sadly, the keyless entry and central locking systems are equipped only in SLX 4WD variant it is not even provided as optional in other variants

The game has just started…

Bolero’s Rival Chevrolet Tavera have brought in fresh features, built quality and after-sales service-warranty packages unheard of till now in the utility vehicle segment. Mahindra’s natural rival Tata Motors is to introduce a new-look Tata Sumo in April 2007 which will feature a 2.2 litre CRDi (common rail direct injection) diesel engine. With the new models that are technically and feature-wise on par with the competitors, Mahindra has understood the deciding factor would be the pricing of the vehicle and hence the new Bolero is competitively priced, ranging from Bolero DI at Rs.4.58 lakhs to Bolero SLX at Rs.5.6lakhs (ex showroom, Bangalore).Will the other players follow the leader….

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  1. As Mahindra plans to enter the world’s toughest market United States it is developing automatic transmission for its future SUV range(possibly for Mahindra’s ingenio and Scorpio eagle 2.2L CRDe). The automatic SUV’s may be offered in India as well. source:autocar

  2. Hi vicky, thanks for the details out here,I am in the market for a 4wd as i intend to do a bit of jungle trips etc. i read that the 4wd has “rigid leaf springs”as against the 2wd which has coil and parabolic srpings. 1.How will this rigid leaf springs be in terms of comfort for city driving.?? 2.When does the turbo kick in ?,i’ve known that for the Tata Indigo, the turbo kicks in when the rpm comes close to 1800 .And i’ve spoken to a few who have given me different versions. naveen

  3. I bought the new Bolero SLX 2WD on Jun 2007. There is a vibration on the floor when you are driving at 50 – 50 Kmph on 4th gear. The same vibration can be seen while at 60 – 70 Kmph on 5th Gear. This vibration is there in all the Bolero’s, the newly launched one. Initially I thought that this was specific to mine, when I contacted the dealer, they have requested me to check with other Bolero’s, so I tried around 3 new Boleros, the vibration is there. Especially when you are slows down and picking up the speed, the vibration is really worse. On our Indian roads, the 60 -70 kmphs is the typical speed you will do, this problem is really annoying. The reason given by Mahindra and the dealer is that new Bolero has newly designed gear box, which delivers higher torque, so the vibration is normal. It seems the old Bolero has the Isuzu gear box, that’s why that problem was not there. Have you ever noticed this problem??

  4. How many times will mahindra change the fibre around the same model and declare that this is a new model.armada,armada grand,bolero…..though it looks good its the same old model. If Mahindra is shrewd enough it is high time they change the model in the same price range.

  5. You are true dost.Scorpio drives like a silent petrol car.You would love to hear mild clatters from Bolero engine and very live steering.


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