Kinetic Sym Flyte – Pictorial Review

1) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc :Those who wish to enjoy the performance of the eterno and mileage of Scooty pep plus suddenly has two choices in their hand- suzuki access and kinetic sym flyte will fit the demand. Kinetic Flyte is the result of kinetic’s joint venture with Taiwan-based Sang Yang Motors (SYM).


2) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc the styling is conservative resembling the scooty pep(infact nowadays it has become the standard for all scooters) . Flyte features steeply raked aprons with elliptical indicators. The impact body coloured rear view mirrors is functional as well as stylish.


3) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc it is compact,neatly proportioned and offers generous space. Kinetic imports around 15% of spare parts to keep the Sym quality. Panel gaps are minimal and flyte make use of high quality plastic. The only short-come is the painting and graphics fails to charm.


4) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc Better support is offered the riders thru upright seating position, wider seats and flat footboard. These comfort level is not for tall riders. Thumbnail shows SYM is embedded in the grab rail.

kinetic-sym-flyte-125cc-rear-1.jpg kinetic-sym-flyte-125cc-decal.jpg

5) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc is powered by an 8bhp motor which produces 9.1Nm at 5500rpm slightly lesser than the suzuki’s 125cc scooter access. Since air filter is superficially located it makes it easy for servicing. The dash choke is also an another useful feature. The engine employs secondary air injection to cut emission. Kinetic Sym flyte makes use of CVT(continuously variable transmission) and a powerful 9Ah which assures easy starting. Flyte’s top speed is claimed to be 80kmph

6) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc makes use of contemporary telescopic forks at the front which the company claims the imported bike type suspension. At the fore and aft 130mm drum brakes(no disc). Sym flyte features 3.50″ -10″ wider tyres which offers better grip and stability which is supported by a larger 1260mm wheelbase.

7) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc instrumentation is simple with speedo meter and fuel gauge. Headlamps and tail lamps are large, powerful and attractive.

8) Kinetic Sym flyte 125cc: similar to the Bajaj kristal, kinetic sym flyte features front fueling sytem. Poping out fuel tank lid, 22 litre 2 level underseat double cab storage(spacious even after accommodating the helmet) which is LED illuminated. Mobile charging point, smart bag hook and a smart storage section are quite useful for commuting. 4- in -1 locking system – under-seat storage lock, fuel filler lock, ignition lock and an innovative magnetic lock. The magnetic key system behind the key shutter the whole lock system. Footboard is offered with integrated mat.

P.S: Our sincere thanks to eswari motors ,adayar, Chennai (9840226147)

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Karthick Annamalai

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  1. Dear Friends Kinetic sym FLYTE looks like a 50 cc scooter suitable for kids.Already kinetic 4s.kinetic nova,kinetic zing,Kinetic blaze all are failure vehicles which could not compete to honda activa. It is high time the design people think rationaly to understand the customer requirement.Kinetic 4S is the worst vehicle I have ever seen, The engine of which vibrates very much.Persons riding the vehicle will also vibrate. However this has got a good price tag for nobodies use.Which is never comparaable with Honda Activa. M C Ramesh Bangalore

  2. hey! The Kinetic SYM FLYTE rocks! Its got great features, looks good, rides amazing and is very high quality! I am buying one for my sis as soon as its launched.

  3. This seems a breakthrough vehicle for Kinetic. From what I have read and seen so far, I am sure it is going to be a success.

  4. Hi ! The pictorial review of Kinetic Flyte is good.The scooter has a 125 CC engine, which has more power than Honda Activa, with a 100 CC engine.However the scooter should not compare itself with Scooty PEP in appearance.This is a much more advanced scooter than Scooty.But I would have preferred a little better scooter body design so that it does not look like a 50 CC scooter in shape & size.Body graphics must improve to the present standards, when it boasts the Taiwan collaboration.Kinetic company would do well to change the body graphics to make the scooter look appealing, even if the scooter looks small.The features & technology is OK and may be better than all the existing models Kinetic has produced.Please be aware that Scooty PEP scores a point on the looks front when both scooters are seen together.3 years warranty on the scooter is a plus point and may bring customers running for this model.I wish the comapny all the best.One more point, just because a new model has been introduced by Kinetic, they should not forget its old & loyal customers who have purchased its earlier models.Good after sales service is equally important for Kinetic Flyte as it is important for its earlier models like KInetic Nova 135, Kinetic 4S, Kinetic Zing. Continuous R& D support must improve its earlier models so that people will have confidence on the company.

  5. blaze is an exclusive bike but not preffered because of its automatic gears…not a failure. jst because of lack of quality its not as oing as it should. flyte is a good bike compared to all its competitors of the class. and kinetic blaze has no competitor . making the trick for kinetic

  6. Hi Ramesh, Don’t get carried away by Japanese names like Honda and Suzuki… If you browse the internet you will find Kin Nova inspite of having more CC engine has more milage to offer than Honda activa… ACTIVA lookwise is soooooo boring….and that too 100 CC…it puts you in scary situation when the rear wheel is in ditch and you are twisting the accelerator…. Frankly speaking all Honda vehicle fail on looks… i am sure kinetic is trying to copy Bajaj way of marketing to become successful in scooter segment…by focusing on high end 2wheelers…

  7. I bought a Kinetic Sym Flyte last week, doubt it is the best scooter available in Indian market today. Do not compare it with other Kinetic Scooters as this is a SYM scooter, Sym is well known for its quality and reliability. Also the engine and front shock ups are imported ones. It is well capable of beating Activa in all fronts. Activa true a good scooter, but you are paying more for it. Flyte Bangalore on road price is Rs. 41700, around 4000 less than Activa and you gets all the extra fittings like saree guard, number plate and side stand in that price. Flyte though it looks like a scooty pep its design and actual look are much better than the one in pictures. Its luggage space (23 ltrs) is largest in scooters. All the critics, feel it, see it and ride it before commenting. Also remember both Autocar India and Overdrive rated this scooter as the best one in Indian market as of today in features, engine, refinement and value for money. I am sure this product will change future for Kinetic the same way it happend 20 yrs back with the Kinetic Honda

  8. yes sajith you are right flyte is definitely the best scooter in India today. so many people who have decided for activa or pep forget about them totally once they see and test ride flyte. then they just say that we dont want any other scooter. so it is experts and public both who are saying tha flyte is best scooter. (and me too!) thanks

  9. Sometimes time is the best acid test of any vehicle. I have driven the Access and know it to be a very fast and fine scooter. I have read the report of Flyte in Bike magazine and they have appreciated the superb roadholding but the mileage is very low. Who is right and who is wrong, only time will tell.

  10. I have taken test ride of Access 125 and also of Flyte. the recent copy of Auto drive has done an excellent job in comparing the data and has voted for “Flyte”. My opinion differs from their opinion on the following points based on my requirements : 1)Leg room. Flyte has a smaller place in the front as compared to Access. In case you plan to drive with some small luggage or a child in the front, it will be difficult in Flyte. Also we have the option of fixing a glove box in aceess. Flyte losses on this storage space. 2)Access has the provision of fixing a stephney. 3)Access has better ground clearance than flyte which is needed for Indian roads, at least Pune roads. 4)Access has better engine quality (at least less noisy) as compared to the engine of Sym. 5)Aceess seats are more comfortable as compared to Flyte. 6)Access is 0.5 bhp ahead of flyte and its pickup is great. This also means that you need to a bit more careful while driving. 7)Both access and flyte have the option of anti-theft keylock. 8)To me the features which does not matter much are : i)Flyte has 22 litre storage space as compared to 20 Litres of access. Both vehciles are able to store helmet under the seat. ii)The rear view mirror of flyte is collision resistant. iii)In flyte we can fill the petrol without getting down from the vehicle – front loading. iv)Flyte’s engine comes with a three year warranty. v)Aceess has built in turn signals. 9)To me the design of both vehciles are good. My pick is Access 125 and I dont mind paying 5K more to Suzuki.

  11. This Kenetic flyte modle looks good. Good improvement for the kenetic company. BUT THIS MODLE IS NOT BETTER THAN THE SCOORY pep

  12. This Kenetic flyte modle looks good. Good improvement for the kenetic company. BUT THIS MODLE IS NOT BETTER THAN THE SCOOTY pep

  13. One fails to understand how the Kinetic vehicles so easily manage to get the “Scooter of The Year Award” with so poorly designed scooters, especially the Kinetic Nova. Its center stand is placed so low that with two passengers if one is negotiating a speed breaker even at a speed of 5 -7 kmph you are bound to get a severe jolt, though I agree that most of the speed-breakers in India a mindlessly constructed. In case Kinetic Nova scooter self started fails, it is a real test for the user legs to kick start it, specially if it is beign tried by the legs of the fair sex. And of course last but not the least, the amount of vibration and the poor quality of the material used in manufacturing of switches etc. It also casts a serious question mark upon the credibility of the institutions who confer these high sounding awards.

  14. Road grip and stability of vehicle at high speed are fantastic. I think Kinetic Flyte is going to be judged “the best” shortly. It’s really a good piece from Kinetic after a long list of “not so good” launches. I have purchased one last week and recommend “Strong Buy”.

  15. i think the flyte is a real good scooter. its not competing with the access at all. the only thing they have in similar is the cc. rest is all different. access is very old styled and conservative and is targeting the activa head on. the target audience for the flyte is the fairer sex like the pep and pleasure. but unlike the pep, the flyte will be comfortable even for guys to use. and it has much more features than the pleasure or even the kristal. finally looks like kinetic has a winner for the first time since the good old kinetic-honda.

  16. I am a flyte rider too … Flyte is supercool! I am so thankful to Kinetic for launching it just in time for me.. otherwise might have had settle for pep plus as my requirement was bit urgent. Thank god flyte became available just in nick of time. I love the front fuel filling… on other scooters, u have to get off, put it on main stand, open the seat, fumble to turn the cap, fill gas, close the cap (fumble fumble again), close the seat and finally get goin. but not on my flyte. i just zoom into the gas station and turn the ignition key a little .. tank lid pops open! as simple as that. Plus because of the front fueling, the weight distribution is better and the Flyte handles as good as a motorcycle. love this 125cc beauty!

  17. I purchased a new Flyte for my Fiancy. Its too good with its Technology. Girls please purchase Flyte its simply superb for you all. Its best out of the lot at present available vehicles. Positives:- Engine functioning & sound is ausum,3 years warranty, handling at its best, front shocks is the major plus point, pick up, foldable Mirrors, not sure with the mileage yet i feel getting around 45 per litre, last but not the least Mobile charging point which is very useful. Negatives :- Fuel tank capacity, Leg space for men, seating comfort not very comfortable for men, looks & colours, need to work on mileage something more than 60 per litre is appreciated. I think they should come up with more colours & graphics. Some thing needs to be done with leg space if men needs to purchase. Overall i am very satisfied with this vehicle. This vehicle might make another history for Kinetic in Indian Market especially in all cities. Note : Its a Sym product & Kinetic is doing the Marketing.

  18. hey everyone.. moi a flyte rider too. really love this 125 scooter watch me zipppppppppppp and leave everyone behind.. yay! I even overtake bikes because the flyte handles like a star mileage 50 damn good! lots of things to love @ the flyte too many to list here find out for yourself!

  19. I paid something like 41 k (on road including tax, insurance etc) for mah flyte Suzuki access will cost you 5k more.. and youll have to pay extra for so called “accessories” like side stand, number plate etc. The Flyte is a great scooter ,, go for it.. its totally worth it

  20. i have recently bought a black flyte for my wife its an impressive 125cc scooter very practical, sensible and also user friendly rides & handles very well some of my favorites about the flyte are: telescopic suspension front fueling large storage easy start too good handling cool mirrors comfortable to sit & easy to manouever so far mileage is 45 kmpl, quite good, should improve after first service recommend flyte highly to all looking for an ungeared scooter, especially lady friendly. it is also very well priced & has a 3 year warranty

  21. Suzuki Access 125 has the waiting period of 4 months (minimum) as on March ’08 Kinetic SYM Flyte is ready stock Feture wise both are same.

  22. access has some features but flyte has more viz: front fueling (great advantage) mobile phone charging anti theft key bigger storage with automatic lighting, also front cubby & 2 bag hooks 9 AH battery for easy start impact resistant mirrors better price & better value for money 3 year warranty quick delivery (except red color) CRM program with tollfree number all “accessories” included in price zapper tyres (better) exceptional handling & manouevering SYM technology including secondary air injection I did total comparative research & read all expert reviews & verdicts before selecting flyte for my wife as i wanted only the best for her πŸ™‚ check it out at

  23. heyyyyyyyyyyy… this scooter is so good..,,, The Flyte is a great scooter ,, go for it.. its totally worth it

  24. i want to buy this scooter and want to go for a long drive with my loving wife…….. but i dont have money rite now i m waiting for next year

  25. i m loving it … The Flyte is a great scooter ,, go for it.. its totally worth it watch me zipppppppppppp and leave everyone behind.. yay! I purchased a new Flyte for my Fiancy

  26. flyte is the worst vehicle I have ever seen in my life, The engine of which vibrates very much.Persons riding the vehicle will also vibrates. However this has got a good price tag for nobodies use.Which is never comparaable with suzuki access isme sab purana hai naya kuch bhi nahin with horrible regards chinkara ranga billa

  27. flyte does not vibrate at all! it is a truly remarkable scooter with great performance and a fabulous 125cc engine. lots of new things like front telescopic suspension, front fueling, huge underseat storage etc. good mileage too. go for the flyte, its very awesome scooter

  28. I test the ride of flyte its excellent in handling specially on path hole also,smooth engine noise,vibration free riding. I like it very much. Rohan

  29. i am riding flyte for several weeks now and guyz & galz – the flyte rocks! i like everything about it in fact i cannot live without it now!! go for flyte with eyes closed, no worries.. it will not let u down..

  30. I had a test drive of flyte yesterday. It have very nice features but I felt lot of vibration in pulling. I have doubt that do it give compertable drive. Can anybody suggest I can go for it? Really is it worthy?

  31. I had a test drive of flyte yesterday. It have very nice features but I felt lot of vibration in pulling. I have doubt that do it give compertable drive. Can anybody suggest can I go for it? Really is it worthy?

  32. seeny go for the flyte… i assure you it is the right choice.. there is no vibration in pulling . must be some issue with test ride bike? ask your dealer to make sure that this was your observation and to ensure that your particular machine is fine in this respect.

  33. i am very cofuse between flyte and suzuki access 125 coz most of the people give importance to company. acc. t this suzuki is best but i like flyte. can you help me? every one is saying that flyte will not give a good average in comparison to access 125.

  34. hi sona go for the flyte its a great scooter rides very very well & giving me mileage of 50+ the front fueling is very cool & convenient plus huge storage & lots of other things

  35. guys..i have gone through all your valuable points πŸ™‚ . … now its time for my opinion , rite??ok listen up coz what u listen now is going to change how really a two wheeler matters to u.i went for buying a blaze actually today.but after knowing its mileage and seeing its awesome(at the same time gigantic) body , i forgot about blaze and even my parents did not prefer it. in the showroom we saw that it was dominated by these cute but powerful beauties.i have test driven a red one and here goes the views.. performance-the pickup and acceleration were as smooth as starting a skoda car. handling-the handling is awesome as u do not have to cut the roads with is just like turning a power steering. mileage-i heard my friends and even the relations quoting that they get around 50-57 kmpl which is good enough for city commuters. kinetic nova has a little power more than flte but u have to be aware that it is a 2002 model πŸ™ … and even its features suck. guys even the top speed of flyte rox as it can reach around 90+ without difficulty with its powerful 8 bhp 125 cc engine. just go for it.i am getting it tommorow morning as today is not a good day.

  36. hey vishar u echoed my sentiments almost exactly just for the flyte today..was riding activa previously. it had become 4 years old and needed to be replaced badly as was giving back problems .. this time we decided to get the LATEST & BEST in market which is clearly and no doubt about it the FLYTE flyte is so cool!!! just lovin it

  37. i have just got my red flyte 2 days back .. superb suspension previously was riding honda activa that was giving back problem due to bumpy ride (bad suspension). this flyte is much better.

  38. I bought the sym flyte after reading all the reviews. the mileage is 25kms/litre . And there is a very bad vibration while I drive the vehicle > 40kms. I have just driven 127kms, but mileage 25kms/litre is ridiculously bad. I am taking it to the showroom now and also have informed the SymFlyte customer service . Let see what happens. Is everyone who owns a flyte genuinely happy?? Now I start feeling jealous on people who has bought Activa or Dio… :-(, guess they made the right choice..

  39. PB – 25kmpl is impossible… i am getting 45 kmpl even before first service.. the fuel indicator is a bit different so you may be reading it wrong. just check that. to calculate average pl check from full tank to full tank only. you will see that u are getting good mileage.

  40. Hey hold on.. Take a breath.. I also not have a good experience with Kintic honda ( Traditional model ). But I have taken a chance and bought Kinetic flyte for my wife.. It’s amazing the that the risk has paid off. company has provided a full feature packed bike at such a small cost ;). It has very good comfort. The international look. Front fueling, the largest space under seat cover, front telescopic suspention, Impact resistent mirrors and finally 125 CC @ 90/100 CC bike. The less accessories will be required. The only thing to look for is Milage. Company has promised that it will be more than 45 KMPL ( i.e. ON ROAD not under standerd condition). My advice is don’t go by your own pro castination, Just take a ride and I can say it will prove you wrong if you have any doubts in your mind ;).

  41. hi i ve done almost 8000 kms on my flyte already!! and its performing flawlessly & giving milege 50+ too good!

  42. My parents just bought a FLYTE for me as a surprise. they did a lot research before it and believe me its great. u need not get double minded .Just go for it. its my first scooter and just lovin it. its too easy to handle. i couldn’t have handelled any other scooter the way i was able to do with it the very first day. confused abt. colour ……….go for black……..its royaaal.

  43. After going through all the reviews, I intend to go for Flyte. Can anyone give the address and tele of dealers located in Koramangala- Bangalore? Thanx.

  44. hey guys i’m 17.. i have been ridin a pep+ for the past 2 yrs… but now i’m goin to college and am having a tuff time deciding between the blaze(for it’s awesome pride) and the flyte(for the features..)…. cud u help me with this decesion??? [pleaseee…….)

  45. Hey Friends, I have planned to buy he kinetic flyte… thank u for ur suggestions. For more details about the dealers in your cities… check in Thnks and regards Vijayakumar.J

  46. great scootret , quality ok ,great price n features. must buy. honda dealers blackmail n charges more than company price. i had wasted 10 days with honda dealership……….. buying this………..

  47. love the flyte every day i appreciate the handling & convenience of this scooter its just GREAT mileage is 48 kmpl very good!

  48. Don’t forget that Flyte is from Kinetic SYM & not from kinetic is better than any other kinetik vehicle. both acceleration & braking of Flyte is better than access. handling & sbability is realy amazing. Riding flyte is a great fun. Flyte reaches 75 km/h just under 20 sec & remains absoulotely stable & vibration free. Flyte never gives starting trouble & the 125 cc SYM engine comes to life with a simple push of starter button. The things I don’t like about flyte are the complecated key, bad rediability of speedometer & unaccurate fuel meter.

  49. very bad experience purchased in april 2008 from chembur mumbai used very little in nov after service battery found exhausted used kick . after little use kick component found broken inside. service centre says it will b replaced in jan 09 & battery i hv to deal directly with excide. given battery to excide in warranty for replacement . after 15 days report came that defect in battery is due to faulty charging system in vehicle. battery ppl blaming vehicle design. vehicle ppl diont agree. now my flyte is standing in compound for wait of battery reserch & kick component in 2 months.i m using bus since one month & two more month to go .

  50. I bought a Kinetic flyte from blaze Calicut, Kerala they are npt giving proper service for my vehicle and most problem is when i given my vehicle for the third sevice held and its tank is leak several times I contact with the blaze motors, but no response they chenged their dealership with kinetic and now they took yamaha need to get a solution for the same

  51. for the last 1 and half month am sacrifising with my tank leakage and the availablility of spareparts is the second problem. there is not any other dealer for kinetic in calicut ? out warranty period will spoil by these nuisance problem of the dealear. comparing with the price the vehicle have not any speciality and about the tank fuel meter is not showing the correct level of petrol? comparing with other companies its very bad and i lapsed my mony by buying the vehicle Now I heard mahindra took kinetic and hope we will get out service (warrenty)correctly and soon

  52. Mahindra2Wheelers launched their showroom at Tanishk Motors on the 27th. I ordered a Flyte for my wife betting on Mahindra to deliver the service.

  53. Hey Guys! I have to purchase a scooter 4 my new class (i.e.) 1 nd my family wishes to buy the cool new flyte for me as it has remarkable features, it is easy to tackle with. & so on. But there are many -ve responses regarding it than the ve ones, like no leg space, vibration related prolems, no gud luks, etc. So what should I do? Should I go 4 it or not?

  54. Hey Guys! I have to purchase a scooter 4 my new class (i.e.) 11 nd my family wishes to buy the cool new flyte for me as it has remarkable features, it is easy to tackle with. & so on. But there are many -ve responses regarding it than the ve ones, like no leg space, vibration related prolems, no gud luks, etc. So what should I do? Should I go 4 it or not?

  55. Hey Guys! I have to purchase a scooter 4 my new class (i.e.11th )nd my family wishes to buy the cool new flyte for me as it has remarkable features, it is easy to tackle with. & so on. But there are many -ve responses regarding it than the ve ones, like no leg space, vibration related prolems, no gud luks, etc. So what should I do? Should I go 4 it or not? plz reply!

  56. Hey Guys! I have to purchase a scooter for my new class (i.e.11th )nd my family wishes to buy the cool new flyte for me as it has remarkable features, it is easy to tackle with. & so on. But there are many negativeve responses regarding it than the positive ones, like no leg space, vibration related prolems, no good looks, etc. So what should I do? Should I go 4 it or not? plz reply!

  57. This is a wonderful discussion! I’m a proud owner of Kinetic Red Flyte from 1.5years now & I luv it! Okay, Now here, I wanna ask people if anyone has tried taking their Flytes on a LONG RIDE – perhaps in Mountains? Well, here is the truth… ***** Somday I wish to cover Leh-to-Pangong Tso on my Kinetic Flyte! (Almost 170km , thru the 3rd highest motorable road at Chang La at 5289m a.s.l)***** Last time I went biking in Ladakh – it was with my friends as a pillion rider on their Pulsors, Enfields, Apaches & Enticers. And I must say Pulsor Rocked!!! But I wanna push my Flyte’s limits along with mine πŸ™‚ in Leh! Any thoughts???

  58. The leak issue is there in almost most of the Kinetic Sym flyte, I have driven mine for just above 1000Kms and the leakage has started and the dealer doenst have the spare.. so i could not use the bike.. does anyone have the contact number of the mahindra kinetic customer care?

  59. Can anybody suggest me which is the best vehicle, i am in teaching profession, it should be an excellent in terms of milage and performace. i reviewed all the vehicles and seen teh feed backs, and finally wanted to go for kinetic flyte, but in this also i heared petrol leakage as its very dangerous. can you please help me choose the best brand in todays market.

  60. Activa does no work before MAHINDRA FLYTE. ACtiva is a waste bike with 110cc engine and also with many problems. it is better to buy MAHINDRA FLYTE than Activa There is no problem with flyte.Belive it just buy it MAHINDRA had resolved all problems of KINETIC FLYTE and introduced new MAHINDRA FLYTE .I bougth it(silver) I will give assurence to you MAHINDRA FLYTE is best of all bikes .IT is suitable foor all people(PEOPLE WITH LESS HEIGHT ALSO) really belive ME

  61. dear sir Iowned a kinetic flyte, puchased from blaze motors calicut.the first day itself problem started,petrole tank leakage, 2, dead (electric short circuit. 3, again tank leakage not rectified, authorise dealer stoped dealing kinetic brands. i had to wait getting service till a new dealer comes to calicut. I got better service through MR Nagarajan,until he has been tranfered from calicut. now i complaint for mileage and sound from emgine, the service center, they pulled speedo meeter cable ( inner cable from top)for sound advise if increase then again wants the vehicle at their work shop.present customer care has billed everytime. company has given 3 years warranty for what? then what is for warranty?

  62. I do agree with Shyamala & MURALEEDHARAN. I have also purchased the flyte 3 yrs bk. Often it gives more problem like mileage, etc. Dealers have no positive and responsible mechanics. The technology is not understood by them. It is a mere waste of purchasing this vehicle. I purchased this vehicle but for the name KINETIC. The Kinetic vehiles were performing beyond expectations.

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