Hyundai’s santro CNG

CNG for santro..

Hyundai Motor India launched an alternative fuel variant of Santro on Wednesday. The dual fuel Santro will use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternate fuel. The Santro comes with a 1.1 litre petrol engine and will be CNG compatible without any modification. Hyundai has tied up with CNG kit supplier Minda Auto Gas Ltd to supply the CNG kits. The advanced kit with Lambda control system ensures that it meets Euro III emission norms. Also, Hyundai has an arrangement fitment specialist NGVI of Korea to retro fit the kits on the Santro model. Initially, the CNG Santro will be available in Delhi and all Hyundai dealers in collaboration are equipped to sell and service the CNG Santro. Similar to the petrol santro the CNG Santro would also come with a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty and Hyundai also offers an additional warranty for the same period on the CNG kit and fitment. The CNG Santro would have a manual selector switch, which would enable the driver to easily switch from gasoline to CNG and vice versa. The on-board CNG cylinder has a capacity of approximately 12 kg and the running cost on CNG for the Santro is estimated to be in the region of Rs 1/km or even less depending on the driving cycle. This leads to a savings of almost 60 – 70 per cent for the consumer. Hyundai has introduced four variants of CNG Santro — XK (non A/c), XL, XO and AT (automatic transmission).The cost of the CNG Santro (XK, non-AC) is Rs 325,361 (Rs59,631 more than petrol Santro. The CNG powered Santro will compete against Maruti’s Wagon R LPG duo, which comes at a base price of Rs 3.49 lakh. All the prices indicated here are ex-showroom Delhi.

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  1. hai want to know about New Mp3& Mp4 Player And New or Old Car and Bikes with Price. feel happy to know about Santro LPG Version From Your mail. Thanks KD Singh Chauhan Mo. No. 09350393588

  2. please , tell me whem the cng sntro vrgn will availablle at Gorakhpu. And what is th price at this centre. MUKESH

  3. Please give me a santro CNG mileage and price & santro LPG Mileage & Price at ghaziabad (U.P.) and luggage space.

  4. Santro CNG will cost 60,000 coslier than normal santro and can be fitted to any version of Santro… ! It runs amazingly good on CNG with a mileage of 90 paisa / km on AC On …. Its an amazingly loaded car with great performance on CNG and hence very cost effective….. U have to bear the No Boot space for a CNG santro…. if u need the boot too u can go for Accent CNG which is again good with a milega of 1.20 / Km …. Guys Go For It !!!!

  5. hi i want to purchase a santro (cng)……..i am residing in srinagar…..wat should i do…please let me know along with details

  6. It is really nice but cng is not vailable at many cities lik,e pune, solapur. It will be nice if santro is cng/diesel variant as then it will be really economical and good for customers. hopefully hyundai is listening! Diesel/cng cars are not there with automatic switch over.

  7. hi, i want to purchase a cng santro but before it i want to see its boot space with cng fitting, can you mail me its boot photo

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