Hyundai’s Strategy:

Hyundai seems to be following the footsteps of Maruti. Hyundai put more cars in the small car segment which constitutes 70% of the Indian car industry. Hyundai do not want to miss a single customer. It has cars for everyone’s requirement. Truly it is the only player who has cars in most of the segments. Hyundai makes makes India a major export base for small car. Hyundai is more enthusiastic and plans to launch series of cars for India. 1.5L diesel version of Getz, new face lifted Getz petrol, new elantra and CNG santro, new small car codenamed ‘PA’ and more in its pipeline. It has started 2007 with sonata embera diesel and now comes up with new Getz prime.

Engine and Powertrain:

Hyundai’s getz is a leader in small car all over the world but Hyundai do not see such a success in India. All because of Indian government who made only petrol cars powered by engine less than 1200cc qualify for small car. Maruti positioned swift to knock out Getz, it does! Because of swift’s competitive pricing and good quality. Hyundai had to sit down and revamp its strategy and evolved Getz prime which picks santro xing’s 1.1L engine instead of 1341cc engine. But Getz prime weighs 200kgs more than santro xing hence Hyundai tweaked the engine a little bit, the tuned engine pumps out 65.67 bhp at 5500 rpm and 10.39 kgm of torque at 3200 rpm. If Hyundai plans to position Getz prime to match swift petrol it will be futile, since swift possess a powerful engine which delivers 87bhp. I believe Hyundai tries to make a new segment between B and B+. Hyundai retained the same five-speed gearbox, but have changed gear ratios in fourth and fifth.

Design and Engineering:

Hyundai has made appreciable changes for the new Getz prime. The exterior changes include

#set of new headlamps and tail-lamps

#new front air dam/ fog lamp setup

#new three-spoke steering wheel

#slight revamp of the centre console

#change in the plastic grain finish

#new body colours


Inside the new getz prime Hyundai has made following changes

#new driver’s seat armrest

#illuminated glovebox

#illuminated power window switches

#adjustable backrests at the rear



Hyundai has done a serious makeover to Getz to produce Getz prime. When Hyundai is already been complained for under-powering the Getz when compared to its size, Hyundai has opted for further smaller engine. Getz prime – a superior car with under-power engine.


Tata motors displaced Hyundai from second rank in terms of sales in volume and continue to hold the second rank from last December. Hyundai expects a turnaround with its new getz prime. But the expected turnaround will depend on pricing of Getz prime; even Hyundai discounts heavily in the current getz prize (Rs 5.23 lakhs – costlier than swift and Chevrolet U-VA) swift or existing Getz customer will not move for underpowered Getz prime. If that’s the case Getz prime has to compete with its own sibling santro xing and Maruti’s zen estilo. With Hyundai’s planned new small car ‘PA’ is expected to positioned between Getz and Santro and is to be launched by the end of this year. I believe Hyundai Getz prime may find hard to fit into a segment. I believe Hyundai must have named this car Santro Xing prime that might grab more customers. Anyway let’s wait and watch their strategy. Getz prime is expected to be priced around Rs 3.9lakhs.

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