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1) a) Tata’s new safari which will be powered by a 2.2L DICOR engine producing 140bhp.

b) Tata’s new sumo which will be powered by a 2.2L or 3L DICOR engine.The new sumo will shed boxy look instead new sumo will get more curves and lines for contemporary look. Both the new safari and sumo is expected in the end of 2007.

tata safari dicor
tata new sumo

source:autocar india

Raining small cars:

We have already reported about tata’s one lakh car, Hyundai PA, Maruti Suzuki splash, Chevrolet Beat, skoda fabia, Fiat punto and Honda Jazz. With these Ford’s KA/Mazda 2, Toyota yaris, Mitsubishi ‘i’ and Volkswagen Polo based small cars are going to hit the Indian markets. Yes! Our Finance Minister’s dream of making India a small car hub is going to be happen very soon. But as Ford fears uncertainity over policies may result in one sided advantage.(It is believed that in the 2008 budget, a new small car regulation is likely to be stated. According to the new regulation, a car will be estimated as small car if it satisfies four metre length i.e the current restricition on cubic capacity(1.2L for petrol and 1.5L for diesel may be abolished.

Here’s a preview of cars you may see in indian roads soon. These photos may be speculative and some of these cars may hit our shores only by 2009, however we will bring you more information about these small cars as we passby.

3) Ford’s new small car for india may build on its popular hatches ‘KA ‘ or ‘Mazda 2′. Mazda2 powered by a DOHC 1.3-liter engine and a peppy 1.4-liter diesel engine may be the Ford’s indian small car..

ford mazda 2 india

ford mazda 2 india side

4) Another option for Ford is introducing its european hatch ‘KA’. Ford’s KA has an interesting connection with Fiat’s 500 – the disney car. Ford co-develops the new ‘KA’ with Fiat infact the new KA is being produced in poland along with the new 500. Expected to be rolled out early 2008 in Europe may be available in India in 2009. A artist of carmagazine impression of Ford’s KA suits best for indian market.

ford ka small car india

ford small car ka india

5) MItsubishi is seriously mulling for its debut in small car segment. It may choose ‘i’ for its entry in volume segment.

mistubishi i small car india

Mitsubishi’s ‘i’ mall is less than 3.4 metres long and1.48 metres wide but because of clever engineering it has ample space to seat four and is loaded with abundance of equipment(auto transmission, climate control, electric windows and folding door mirrors). For Indian version Mitsubishi may use this ‘i’ platform or just shed this expensive features to suit indian market

mistubishi hindustan motors i small car india

6) Toyota’s is seriously mulling on developing a small car for emerging markets like India, Russia, China and Brazil. Toyota’s small car may be built on the ‘Yaris’ platform.

toyota yaris india small car

toyota yaris small car india

7) Volkswagen will join the small car party through its small car to be unveiled in 2007 Frankfurt Motor show. Volkswagen small car will get its cues from its VW popular hatchback polo.

volkswagen polo small car india

8) Chevrolet’s refurbished Aveo priced between 5.9 lakh and Rs 6.8 lakh. General Motors also introduced a maintenance programme called ‘Chevrolet Promise’ for all its models that would allow the customers to reclaim or get a refund from the company if the cost exceeds or is less than the amount spent by the customer on the package. The package is valid for three years or 45,000 km and would range between Rs 13,000 and Rs 27,000. (For Chevrolet Spark, the fixed maintenance cost set by GM is Rs 13,000. For Chevy UVA, it is Rs 15,000r, Optra Petrol and SRV its Rs 18,000 and Optra Magnum Diesel Rs 27,000. So much so, even the erstwhile Daewoo’s Matiz owners can get some benefits in coming days). General Motors India plans to source components worth of $250million from india but denied any plan of producing a small car below spark

chevrolet new aveo august

9) Volkswagen Touareg SUV V6 will be available soon in India. With the Touareg SUV and passat sedan Volkswagen will build its brand in India. Till its 530 million dollar pune platn starts production.

india volkswagen touareg

10) Volvo XC90 will be available in india to take on Porsche cayenne

volvo xc90 india

11) Volvo another offering for India -S80 sedan – expected to be priced around Rs40lakhs

volvo s80

12) BMW will add the X5 SUV to its Indian line-up soon

bwm x5 india

13) Honda civic hybrid may rule Indian roads soon. Civic hybrid will be priced around Rs20lakhs about 8lakhs more than the petrol Civic. For the premium you pay you will get more mileage and you will make our india greener.

honda civic hybrid india

14) Honda civic hybrid comes with the Honda hybrid technology Integrated Motor Assist system1.3-liter, 8-valve, i-VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine paired with a lightweight, high-output electric motor consists of a super-efficient. This combo power is mated with a CVT – continuously variable transmission.

honda civic hybrid

For more visit Honda Civic hybrid Webpage

15) Volvo’s S80 reigns supreme in IIHS large luxury sedan side-impact crash tests, while the Mercedes E class got a fair rank in the test. What’s shocking is? BMW’s 5 series(world’s first carmaker to introduce head-protecting side-impact air bags) recently launched in India was ranked last in the test .

volvo s80 sedan india crash test iihs side impact

16) Suzuki officially released pictures of its next small car ‘splash’. Suzuki showcased splash concept in 2006 paris motor show and already spy pictures were taken by western media. Following Swift, Grand Vitara and SX4, Splash is the fourth all new Suzuki model within just three years, and it epitomises Suzuki’s ‘Way of Life!’ philosophy, underpinning its strategy of building cars that excite customers all over the world.

suzuki splash india maruthi

17) Thank you vikram rao( reader) for sending us mail on suzuki’s new car. Yes vikram we are following the developements and waiting for more details at the frankfurt motor show

Suzuki plans to unveil a concept version of a new midsize sedan at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Suzuki plans to begin building the sedan in early 2009 for global markets. The concept is called Kizashi, said to be Japanese for “prelude.” Suzuki kizashi will take on Honda civic and Toyota corolla in india.The first phase of the new world strategy was implemented with the focus on ‘Sporty’, a philosophy that resulted in great success with the launch of Swift, Grand Vitara and SX4. The new Splash represents the second phase for Suzuki. the Kizashi represents the third phase of Suzuki’s world strategy. The theme for this third phase is ‘Status’, with the Kizashi guiding the way to a new direction for Suzuki, representing the continued upward breakthrough of Suzuki and its ability to offer a wider range of vehicles to customers. Suzuki plans to develop the Kizashi platform with a hatchback, a stationwagon and the sedan. Engine options might include a base 1.6-litre variable valve variant of the one found on the SX4, with close to 110 bhp and the 2.0-litre engine found on the Vitara, producing about 138 bhp. Suzuki might even offer the car with its 1900cc diesel engine obtained from Fiat, with over 128 bhp.

suzuki kizashi

18) Yamaha has added another variant of gladiator – the gladiator grafity

yamaha gladiator grafity

source: Yamaha India

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  1. vishnu says:

    hello vicky i want the price of the Bajaj Discover plese tellme in my mail ok .

  2. karthi says:

    Volkswagen indian website

    Volkswagen on August 9th announced the launch of its all new Indian website as a part of strengthening its Indian operations. The Volkswagen Group recently set up a new sales company called Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited in Mumbai to focus on the Indian market.Volkswagen passat sedan(Mercedes C class category) and Touareg SUV(Honda CRV category) is shown in the volkswagen indian website. Volkswagen is also considering jetta(Toyota corolla category) for india. As we earlier reported Volkswagen will unveil its indian small car in September Frankfurt Motor show. As Volkswagen siblings Skoda and Audi are making good numbers, VW too want a share. Infact Volkswagen was considered when Indian government scouted for a manufacturer to partner Maruti in early 80s.

    Here’s the Volkswagen official india website

  3. karthi says:

    Volvo S80: Volvo’s S80 sedan which is to be launched in India tops the IIHS crash test result, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) measures protection of large luxury sedans during side-impact collisions. Luxury sedans testesd in the test are Volvo S80, Acura RL, Mercedes E-Class, Cadillac STS, and BMW 5 Series. Of these cars Mercedes E class and BMW 5 series is available in India. During the test, each car was hit on the driver’s side by a barrier moving 50 kph, an impact that’s supposed to simulate a sport-utility vehicle striking between the driver and rear passenger. Researchers measured structural damage, as well as possible head injuries to the driver and rear passenger. They then assigned each car a rating of good, acceptable, marginal, or poor. Volvo’s S80 was awarded highest rating followed by Mercedes E class. Really the shocking conclusion BMW’s 5 series was awareded last position in the test.

  4. karthi says:

    Chevrolet’s new aveo: Chevrolet upgraded the new aveo to mark aveo’s first anniversary in india. Here are the new features and upgradation: * aveo now has 2 new colours – white and blue *instrument panel and Ac louvers now gets a chrome lining in the upgraded aveo * the refurbished aveo features new armrest with cup holders for rear passesngers * General motors has tweaked the transmission and seating to suit customers in the upgraded aveo

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