Honda unveils Unicorn Sports Concept

Posted by admin at January 6th, 2010 under Auto Expo 2010 |

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Honda showcased Unicorn sports concept at the Auto Expo 2010. Chances are high that this concept will become reality very soon. Some of the exciting features of the Unicorn Sports concept are

* Exciting new front cowl for Unicorn Sports Concept

* Stunning rear tail lamp

* Attractive tank shrouds for Unicorn Sports Concept

* Rear disc brake

* Dual tone styling

* Spilit grab rail

* Still a 150cc engine

Pictures of Honda Unicorn Sports Concept

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  1. jet says:

    Yukkkk looks dirty…gals will miss the monoshock..dual shock doesnt look gud on unicorn

  2. sameer says:

    the pic is of CB Twister and not Unicorn concept. please correct it.

  3. Ravi says:

    The pics are CB Twister and not Unicorn. I guess mistake of links.

  4. Ravi says:

    But, the numberplate says, Unicorn Concept, really strange.

  5. benzen says:

    1st & 3rd picture is unicorn Concept,2nd Picture i think its CB Twister Concept……..

  6. milind says:

    its CB twister and not the unicorn….there’s a mistake….and if not, then the new unicorn sucks….the older edition was better(mono suspension,etc,etc)….wat abt performance???

  7. Ankur says:

    no dear !!! this is really a new unicorn. i have confirmed from other sites too. They had made the fusion of twister and stunner.

  8. Ankur says:

    but yes its second pic is wrongly placed .. it is of twister only. New Unicorn is still comes with MONOSHOCK

  9. Vicky says:

    Guys, Apologize. It was a mistake. Updated the correct Pic now.

  10. Shankar says:

    Hi, I really dont understand why the Honda is not updating the Honda shine bike, Lat 2year i am requesting them to paint the engine & chain case in black color.but they have not updated yet.

  11. Shankar says:

    Hi, Stop updatting Unicorn,rather that update Honda Shine. I am having honda shine,compare to bajaj & tvs bikes,my bike looks dull model. Honda is not interested to upgrade their bike with good colors or equipped with advanced lcd odometers.

  12. kk says:

    is new uni has digital speedometer if yes please post some pictures

  13. Tilak Raj says:

    This is indeed a great looks for the new unicorn, However, i am looking forward for M&M new SYM CEvalo , to give a stiff competetion to Monoshock bike segment. But undoubtly Honda Engineering rules and rocks.

  14. Yuva says:

    Hi Vicky Can Yu please let me when probably this sports model would be released, And what the rate would be like???

  15. Yuva says:

    When is this model to hit the market? What would it be priced at?

  16. myla says:

    Hi kk, yeah the new uni has a digi speedo, but an analogue tacho and fuel guage. And also it has a 110section tubeless tyre with disc for sheer stopping power, and a 80/80 tubeless tyre at the front, with a slight tweak of power to the engine, with a maintenance free battery and a viscous filter. and yuva, in the month of may or june is its birthday, and would cost around 75 thousand for this beauty. be ready to lay your hand.

  17. ARVIND BHATT says:

    Whats wrong with honda! i really dont”t understand look on tvs bikes they are rising with speed……… honda is now just because of activa model.

    • Harish says:

      dude where are you living. Honda is known for its unicorn, they first launched unicorn and it got a success. There every model is getting success now…….twister, stunner, unicorn and activa. What you seeing in tvs. I think they only had apache as a success.

  18. Yuva says:

    Thanks a lot Myla. Lookin forward to buy one. A die hard fan of Honda, yu know. It’s really got amazin looks, Hope the performance still stands as good as or better than the previous Uni.

    • Harish says:

      You are lucky dude that they launched when you are buying. Don’t miss it, specially this sports concept. They don’t make much unicorns in sporty looks. I think they’ll dispatch some 4000 bikes in this type of color and rest in normal. So don’t miss out. ITS A WONDERFUL BIKE but remember it doesn’t gives you speed. Its for comfort, smoothness and power with mileage.

  19. santos says:

    @ arvind bhatt,,, dude get a life,,,,, honda is already at the top,,,,,,,

  20. Ben says:

    i would like to known about the launching and price details about this bike .

  21. jjwalla says:

    byk looks cool, very unique and am gonna wait for it and see if honda is gonna take it into production…hmmm

  22. kokab says:

    man wat ever it is, the bike luks great and it should come in 175cc with foot rests in the foot bracts and single liver gear. m sure it will take over the pulsar

  23. pravin says:

    its unicorn nt cb twister…

  24. Ben says:

    will u plz publish all the possible details about this bike …..all about its launching and all

  25. jaskaran deol says:

    yaaahhhoooo……. finaly …… i was waiting soo long… for such type of bike… hope lauches soooon….

  26. aniket mahamuni says:

    i want book unicorn sports immidiatly.ready to pay on the spot.please send detail related booking 9870181884

  27. Michael Jackson says:

    Wat is dis Guys ?????????????? What r des Honda Guys Doin ??????????? I am Not able to understand them ! Wat abt u Guys here ???????????????? Watsovever it might b Trick of ders Mayb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Pavan says:

    Hi vicky, I’m for HYDERABAD, A.P. Is this new honda model now available. Coz i m not able to find it at the honda website. please give me more information about the availability of this model and the price. Pavan

  29. Sagar says:

    hey u jerks its unicorn only cant u see …………r u folks blind see carefully everywhere its written unicorn sports concept not cb twister or anythin dumbos……….

  30. vipin says:

    hay would you please send me details about uincorn sports and what will be its show-room price and when it is going to launsh in india.

  31. Samir Maniyar says:

    Unicorn ka yeh model market mein kab aayega ?

  32. Yuva says:

    Hey any news from the Honda ppl yet ’bout the bike??? It will my 2nd vehicle in the hondas. Prayin that it doesn’t take a long time.

  33. madhukar reddy says:

    nicebike hope it launches soon

  34. TEJ says:

    hi tej here i want to kno wher do i get this bike’s parts, cos i hav a unicorn n i wan to modify it lik this one, pls help me out with this……..

  35. sonu says:

    its yhe best 250cc bike in india

  36. Sonu Mhatre says:

    it has cool looks but lacs mono suspention according to given pics

  37. karan says:

    shut up u dumbos……the bike is unicorn sports concept………..and this bike is goin to ba GREAT ONE ……STOP RUMOURING

  38. arun says:

    Gadi lavkar Pathava. its my dhamki. Jam waiting aahe.

  39. Ankur says:

    @Sagar Better keep your big mouth shut if u really don’t know. Earlier vicky has posted a wrong 2nd pic of twister thats why we all were complaining about this. Read the post made by vicky on 7th january. U will itself came to know who is big dumbos or jerks. Always think twice before speaking anything.

  40. Madhu says:

    Do anyone know when it is going to be launched ? And the price of it?

  41. jinoj says:

    yaar there is two varients in HONDA unicorn sports endition concept. mainly the mono-shock and Dual-shock. i think they are trying to launch the dual shock varient in india. but i likes only the mono-shock varinet…. INDIAN youth needs MONO-SHOCK UNICORN only…… we dont want dual-shock unicorn….

  42. gauti says:


  43. hitesh says:

    new unicorn sport concept AVALABLE IN BLACK COLOUR

  44. shailz says:

    hitesh, unicorn(sports) is available in black color it a authentic information…

  45. Dev says:

    Hi Frnds.. Is there any one can help me out, b’cas i’m really stuck up in buying my bike. I’m intersted only in Unicorn. Looking towards the Unicorn Sportzz… Any one can tell me when this Sports edition gonna launch in Hyderabad(A.P) So tht i’ll stop buying the CB Unicorn. Plz help me out. Regards Dev.

  46. AniRao says:

    hey vicky i desperately want this bike can u pls update much more details abt the launch date,cost and performance

  47. stranger says:

    It lOOkS gUd _______ BuT Only 150CC _______nEEd moRe poWEr ____Folks

  48. strangerrr says:

    Hey the bike is priced at jus Rs 65000/- on road

  49. rahul says:

    mai is se achhi bike bana sakta hoo yaar it is a great bike but achhi tarah nahi banai hooi

  50. SWAPY says:


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