Hero Zir 150cc Scooter – Pictures

Find all the pictures of Hero Zir 150cc scooter from every possible angle here. Hero has shocked the market and the competitors with the array of launches. In past 15 days hero has launched HX250R, Xtreme sports, passion pro NR, splendor pro classic, Dash scooter, Dare 125cc scooter and Zir 150cc scooter. Also a number of concepts including the ion,simplecity and rnt diesel. Hero is no longer a Hero Honda (sticker and graphics job is over). Find the zir scooter how stunning it looks, powered by liquid cooled engine, its simply new segment which hero tries to build on

hero-zir-150cc-scooter-01 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-02 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-03 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-04 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-05 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-06 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-07 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-08 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-09 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-10 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-11 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-12 hero-zir-150cc-scooter-13

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