Hero Honda launches new Passion Pro Power start and new Splendor NXG

As expected, Hero Honda today launched new variants of its popular models – Passion plus and Splendor NXG. This new models will ensure the Hero Honda to cash in on the festive season sales. The new look passion pro comes with a electric start option and is priced Rs44,000. “These launches are part of our strategy to boost sales during the festival season. Last year during the festival period we sold about five lakh units, this year we are looking to better the mark,” Hero Honda Motors Senior Vice-President (Marketing & Sales) Anil Dua said. Heor Honda also launched new look pleasure and CBZ Xtreme along with the passion pro power start and splendor NXG,

Update: Hero Honda’s new Splendor NXG comes with new graphics and black alloy wheels. However the price of new splendor NXG remains at 41,990  (ex-showroom Delhi).

87 thoughts on “Hero Honda launches new Passion Pro Power start and new Splendor NXG”

  1. pls mail me about passion plus pro start and its price and even tell me we the family of four me and my wife are littel over wight my kids slim of 11 and 9 years age which bike will be comfortable for us pls sugges me sir, kindly make it fast so i can go for it before diwali

  2. hi sir, pls send me the hero honda passion pro start and nxg self start byke photos and detail to my email id pls i searched in web but i didn’t get the photos .pls

  3. i want to know the price and all details of passion pro with picture……………pls send me i have to buy mtorcycle in 2-3 days so pls tell me immediately

  4. I want a comparative study with numerical figures regarding today’s price at Nasik less octroi of hero honda mobikes with their mileage. Since I want to buy a mobike whether I should go for that now or after the budget 2009 with an effect on price as on today.

  5. is there any technical changes between passion plus & passion pro?including mileage????? which one is best? is passion or passion pro????

  6. Sir, Hi Yet I was using Hero Honda CD, after this I was using Splender Plus, Now I sold the same. I am average man 45 years, so suggest me about which bike should I purchase which give me more milage too.

  7. iwant to know more detail about passion pro specification,mileage,available colors and price. pls send me passion pro pictures. deos have disc break it?pls inform me rapidly.

  8. i want to know about passion pro specification,milage,available color& price. pls send me pictures of passion pro. does have disc break in it.pls inform me rapidly.

  9. hi I want to buy a bike with good mileage. i was bit confused with passion plus and pro and also with glamour. among these 3 which will have a good mileage, less maintance and all. Kindly reply me with the price list also.

  10. pl,inform me the details of passion plus, passion pro,cd delux and glamour which one i prefer to buy with good condition and milage.

  11. I want to buy new passion pro, Please let me know how is this bike, why there is a delay in delivery any problem? What are the colour available

  12. Plz. tell me the mileage Splendor NXG gives and its maintenance cost. Plz. also tell the difference of mileage given by Passion Pro and Splendor NXG.

  13. Hi, I am eager to buy the new passion pro bike this april 2009.Can anyone ve any details about the bike?s it worth over passion plus?

  14. plss tell me the actual cost of passion pro and passion plus in Delhi and from which bank i can finance it and what will be interest. and how much i have to pay in advance( down payment). pls tell me.

  15. pls send me a passion pro pic & more information about milege, speed,avrege etc…………….and most important its price………..ok………. thank u

  16. Hi,I am Mathew.I want to buy a byke.But am confused whether i should buy a Hero honda Passion Plus or Bajaj XCD or Hero Honda Hunk.Please suggest me whick byke is good form me.I am looking for a vehicle which gives me mileage,looks stylish and also good overall.

  17. Hi, All these pro & plus are simply stickers no real change in brain or muscle (engine & body). This passion plus & Splendor NXG are reborn with new stickers thats all nothing new, they are simply expensive. If you are new to biking and if you want mileage & don’t ride beyond 50kmph speed, then go for Cd deluxe, its a perfect bike. Its really a solid bike. Mileage excellent. If you are changing your bike, then go for splendor+ which has good resale value. Colors: Black with purple stripes are preferred. This power start is a marketing tick, hope you have seen many mopeds with button start, but you have to start them manually, as they are power guzzlers and battery life of your bike is less. No battery no horn or indicators and cost to replace battery is more than 2000. One positive note: if your bike stops in middle of traffic, then button start will help you.

  18. Hi everyone, I bought PassionPro a month ago. Before buying this bike, i was confused with Honda Shine. Then after hearing lots of feedback’s and comparison reviews, i selected this bike. I write my review about this bike. so that it was helpful for others. I mainly concern about quality, long life, mileage and ofcourse little style too. This bike fulfills everything i concerned. It has good style. Black alloy and Black Engine Gives a royale look. Mileage is about 65kms. It produces very low noise. Powerful Headlight. The only bad thing i’am irritated is ‘Cold-Start Problem’ My suggestion for buyers is ‘Its a standard bike for professionals’ You can go for it

    1. hai to all,, its all right. i am waiting for a bike which is good pick up and good look with comfortable mileage .. a new black passion pro came and satisfied my thoughts.. thank u HH

  19. Dear Sir, My name is Akram Siddiqui I want to purchase a bike I am three member of my family first my wife second my child 4 year which bike suitable for me. Please tell me about Passion pro and Hero Honda Hunk which for suitable for me with best price and mileage and comfort. please reply me urgently becoz i will purchase bike in the month of september last please reply me my E-mail address akram_parvez989@yahoo.co.in or mob. no. 9953198011.

  20. pls mail me about passion plus pro start and its price and even tell me we the family of four me and my wife are littel over wight my kids slim of 11 and 9 years age which bike will be comfortable for us pls sugges me sir, kindly make it fast so i can go for it before diwali

    1. Hi, You can go for Hero honda Glamour.That is the best bike. In which you can feel very comfortable

  21. Sir, Please send me the different colours photos and respective prices of PASSION PLUS AND PASSION PRO bikes urgently so that I can go for hero bikes. thank you

  22. Hi, sir please send me the green coloure and best stylefull and respective prices of PASSION PRO BIKE. THANK YOU

  23. Hi, I am planning to buy a byke of Hero Honda company and basically I prefere to buy Passion PRO/Passion plus/Glamour. Plz let me know the details about the price and other facillities available. I would like to know the system of buying for cash and on Hire Purchase. I am waiting for the information from you

  24. Sir, Is it possible to convrt the Passion Plus bike from a kick starter type to electric sstarter. If so, what would be the prize. My bike is two years old. Recently I met with an accident and find kick starting difficult. Kindly reply. with regards viswanathan

  25. dear sir , i am wanted to by a hero honda bike like passion plus / passion plus pro /Glamour/ hero honda splender plus which one i take i am very confused i am live in mharastra plz tell me in full detail

  26. Hi, Recently I booked Passion Plus Pro. It quite beautiful. But which one is best colour yaar i.e. black with red or red with black. I am confusing. S.SRINIVASAN (SSV) CHENNAI 59

  27. Sir, Is it possible to convrt the Splinder bike of 2003 model from a kick starter type to electric starter. If so, what would be the prize. Kindly reply.

  28. i want to bye a bike Please kindly inform which bike is most fule efficient among passion pro,Bajaj discover,Pulsher135cc

  29. I’m deciding to buy hero hond bike. But I’m confused with passion plus, passion pro and glamour. Can u send the detail and picture of these bikes. So I can go for anyone. Please help me fast. Its urgent

  30. Dear Sir, My self manoj from bhubaneswar(oriss).sir i want brought a bike herohonda passion+ .and collour is sky.is it avalible in orissa ?

  31. sir i want to know about the hero honda passion ,or old passion pro bike.is it avalible in orissa plz mail me -(manoj.kuhuri@gmail.com)

  32. Dear Sir, My self manoj from bhubaneswar(oriss).sir i want brought a bike herohonda passion .and collour is sky.is it avalible in orissa ?

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