Fiat to launch Grande punto Sport

Fiat added excitement to its popular hatchback – Grand Punto with the launch of three new variants called Grande punto Sport, Grande Punto Trendz and Grande Punto CNG. Grande sport is the new top end variant of Punto targetting he youth.

Grande Punto Sport

Though the punto sport lacks any monster engine, the Punto sport comes with lot of add-ons and will be top variant of Punto. The interiors are refreshing and dual tone – sporty red and black in colour. Punto Sport also comes with

* a funky electric sunroof

* a rear spoiler

* sport badge

* sport red stickers on the body panels

* aluminium foot pedals and foot rest

* 17″ alloy wheels

* smart black headlamps

* cool spoiler

Pictures of Grande Punto Sport

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6 thoughts on “Fiat to launch Grande punto Sport”

  1. wow!!90bhp for the taking.thats sure to ignite the roads hehehe ….. if only they cud put it on sale soon enough.Already the power hungry are moving over to the i20 1.4’ is a real pity that fiat did not put some good work on the punto.atleast they shud have gone for the 1.4 T-Jet cud have stopped atleast a few from goin over to the other camps and given a good image makeover.With its superb handling and ride characteristics it SHOULD hav been given a better engine.

  2. I cannot believe there are so many people in India that get their testosterone up looking at macho cars when the rest of the world is finding ways to reduce carbon emissions. Are we tuned into the world? Do we know what was discussed in Cop 15. Did you know Germany has implemented a ban on non-energy saving lamps? I strongly recommend forums like this drive leadership on moving green. Please dont mistake me, I love cars and am passionate about them, just that a move towards a more sensible future is an urgent need in markets like india where we have the opportunity to change.

    1. Yeah, right. we get excited about small cars with small engines and the rest of the so called developed countries have nothing much to be excited about. just the normal V8, 3 or 4 or 5 litre engines!!! WAKE UP, and my be , just may be you will get a global view of problems one of these days.

  3. Green Please, For the 90bhp sport the power does come at the cost of CO2. The 90bhp is more fuel efficient than the 75bhp thanks to its VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry) turbocharger! You can except 2kmpl more than the 75bhp engine and better driveability. This is the engine that FIAT should use as a standard for Grande Punto Diesel for all variants except Active…

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