Bajaj Pulsar 135cc Pictures

Ahead of Pulsar 135cc launch on December 09, pictures of pulsar started floating across. A Bajaj Pulsar fan club called bajajpulsar org has posted pictures of  the Bajaj pulsar 135cc. From the pictures, pulsar 135cc looks like a fusion of Bajaj XCD sprint (shown at 2008 auto expo) and pulsar 200cc. The styling of this bike is radical with trapezoidal headlamps. The rear muffler and rear number plate are also distinctly styled to resemble larger displacement sports bikes. However, the chain unit is closed one unlike we open chain arrangement in few Bajaj bikes. Pulsar 135cc is powered by 135cc DTS-Si engine which already powers XCD 135cc and develops 10bhp of max power at 7500 rpm. It pumps out 11.58Nm of peak torque at 5000rpm and the engine is mated with a four speed gearbox.  Similar to other Bajaj motorcycles, Pulsar 135cc comes packed with list of features. LED tail lamps, gas charged rear suspension, digital instrumentation, split seats, clip-on handlebar,alloy wheels, handlebar weights and spilit grab rail.

The specifications are purely speculative and taken from

Pictures of Bajaj Pulsar 135cc






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  1. “Pulsar 135cc is powered by 135cc DTS-Si engine which already powers XCD 135cc and develops 10bhp of max power at 7500 rpm. It pumps out 11.58Nm of peak torque at 5000rpm and the engine is mated with a four speed gearbox.” This statement is wrong.This is the same bike shown in the auto expo 2008 powered by a 4-valve DTS-i engine,not a DTS-Si engine.Also XCD 135 engine has 5 gears,not 4.Bajaj is not a fool to give a 10 bhp bike for 60K.

  2. The Design of the Bike is looking Good, but the silencer is too small for such a bigger bike.The xcd 125’s equipment(silencer) is fitted to this vehicle. xcd is a small vehicle and pulser 135 is looking big in size. So the customers of this bike need to change the silencer who wants to give an Awesome sportier look for their Bike.

  3. @ This is bad. Please do not do negative publicity for the bike by publishing wrong data. The power figure, gearbox is all wrong. Please correct it and a disclaimer is not sufficient.

  4. The exhaust does not match the bike. It hurts the overall macho image of the bike. Design apart…will this also go the xcd way?? Only time will tell.

  5. pulsar135 looks like pulsar 220&xcd135.this bike is awsome but what about xcd 135? if pulsar135 is realesed before releasing of xcd 135,there is no wrong with it.but pulsar135 becomes a good hit to bajaj.

  6. Hey!!!!!!!! If this bike is priced between 54,000 to 60,000 on-road with self-start & disc-brake. Then by the looks of the bike it has the power to take all the 100cc,125cc & 150cc segment bikes behind because of it’s super-macho look as well as giving good mileage & great looks. So i m eagerly waiting for the bike to release on December 9th and view it’s specifications & price…..

  7. N having observed the pics, the engine is not the DTS-Si of XCD but the DTS-Si 2.0 of discover 100 bored to 135cc. This means that the power specs. will be different than XCD 135.

  8. hey man this bike has got the all………its upto the mark ..!!x i was eagerly waiting 4 the combo of style n milleage , m definetly gonna pur. this one as soon as it gets realesed ….!!x

  9. ultimate lokking bike lekin iska naam alag hona chaiye tha or ye 150 ya 200 cc mai ye look layege to or matcho bike lag sakthi hai jay maharashtra

  10. What a mess!!! I wonder what bajaj guys are thinking. why are they hell bent on diluting the brand image of pulsar by launching it in under 150cc category. This is seriously going to harm the brand pulsar. Can’t they find any other name????? also, the design is creepy, silencer is awkward, and headlights pathetic.

  11. Bajaj did it again! The ‘copy-master’ company has done nothing but unabashedly copied the design of yamaha FZ-S. Just look at the triangular headlamp & the rear design…reminds me of FZ-S. Moreover, i feel the short silencer has also been put up on purpose, that is to replicate the silencer of FZ…albeit the design looks crap on this new pulsar variant. You really cant expect innovation from Bajaj but at least they should learn to copy tastefully!

  12. Hey!!!!!!!!!!! Guys Really its a Another crap from Bajaj just see its Headlight its looking like XCD, This fellows are Just damaging Brand PULSAR, Just u see the differences in 150 and 180 there are only Some small differences in that, That should be done in 135 and 150, They are just fooling every 1 by changing Name of XCD as pulsar 135. Honda Stunners is 101% better then this Guys….. Think twice before u go 2 dat

  13. guys, bajaj guys chu… bana rahe hai its not a pulsar. its a XCD. H.L. is copied from yamaha FZ. silencer is FLOP only GOOD things is its rear NUMBER PLATE

  14. Its a very flop bike……. a black dot on the name of pulsar…. i request the company to stop its production…. atleast they should think 1000 times before giving this bike the name of ‘PULSAR”…… is the company fool doing such an acts….. the bajaj is going mad…. JUST STOP PULSAR 135……

  15. what is bad: tank, it is not pulsar tank. dome, it is not pulsar dome. foot rest, it is weak. tial lamp, it is copy from xcd. pulsar name is a sticker, not embolum.(but in the picture it is different) what is good: Handle is pulsar 180 handle. seat model is pulsar 180 copy. 59000 is too much in south india, i think it is a flop if it is more than 55000.

  16. Quite true,that pulsar 135 is a copied version of outdated xcd 135 .Moreover its price is more than xcd MODEL. A NEW WAY OF SELLING XCD 135 BY PASTING A STICKER OF PULSAR 135..

  17. ya today i too seen that bike….. Its looking great but they copied some bike and they implied in this bike…. what ever it is pulsar always rocks……………….

  18. this bike is great bt silencer is too short 4 dis bike and other new looking styles are excellent….and wanna change some doom designs

  19. This bike absolutely for those who wants style, comfort, power but as well as fuel efficient. >13 PS delivers 115 km/hr. And gives approx 68 km/ltr. in city. Nitrox shockers, DTS-Si, 4 valves, split seat, auto chock, power styling and priced like 125cc bike makes it impressive. But it should not be named as Pulsar. I think they have something in their mind before giving the name. I hope the bike will rock the road.

  20. 55,000 is a huge price for that type of should be till 40,000.because all the parts are been copied from xcd.and silencer does not at all suits for that bike.yow pulsar riders think 1000 times before buying???

  21. Hey Frends wont Buy Dis Byke Bcoz All is That Dis Is Xcd And Not u Will Enjoy At all Dis Byke As Before U Buy Think ….and Itz an Xcd And Dis Is d Company Stunt of 55000 Rs In D Market…………………………….


  23. worst looking and size for this For the bike, however they used their branded xcd and discover 100cc engines with some sort worst looking which their made, it should be spoil the name of original pulsar.

  24. Bike ki height is mind blowing, and the front look is similar to that of Yamaha FZ, By looking at the pics, I see the only drawback is the rear mud-guard and tyre size, I think tyres kaafi chote hain. The price is OK and this byke can be purchased at the price band between RS.50000-Rs.53000. In my opinion, it will face a tough competition from Stunner 125cc.

  25. i deside to buy the good look and most power full pulsar135cc bike,kindly send me price of this bike in tamilnadu,erode showroom price.i love baby bulsar

  26. design runining the name of pulsar & the cover on rear tyre adds to it……plz bajaj correct some features & launch it….


  28. Pulsar 135cc bike is abike tat which is aworst bike model i ever seen…; its a total copy of all bike models like apache,fz,hunk,cbz,discover,xcd,platina,bajajm80, my bike total damage….

  29. much hype abt this 135cc machine.i had a test drive last weekend.i expected alot from this baby and felt glad as it was per my expectations also but lacked few qualities on the way to excellence. is not comfortable.sure back pain complaints after 2-3 years 2.all the parts r’s damaged even the tyre slip’s[exeption:->bajaj spares r inexpensive] 3.didnt like the headlight.looks awkward!!!! isn’t it.. yes except this all the features r taken care.i was waiting for the delivery of this baby for 9 months but now willing have patience and wait for next model wit better ingredients!!!

  30. indha vandiya ootaradhuku nan nadandhey office ku poiduven…… romba romba mokka vandi….. plz dont buy this bike… if u buy this bike, defenitely u go to hell…

  31. It looks cool from the above shown photos, also major plus is the mileage of the bike – 68Kms. Worth enough for 51K I could say for this look and style!!!

  32. I purchased 2 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and 180cc, I am very upset to buy bajaj bikes very bad performance of both of bikes and poor customer services on service centre of Bajaj. I sugges to all that never purchase Bajaj bike speciely pulsar.

  33. Can u please send me the proper information of pulsar 135cc… about its its cost and milege… please can u send it as soon as possible….

  34. Don’t give false comments as most of u have purchased the bike after giving bad comments. Its a good bike though not as pulsar 150,180,200……………….


  36. I like pulsar 135cc its good looking and good design who was given this design i thanks to that person and i m trying to get it very soon……

  37. this is my second mail here. look for my first one with my name.(Sri). Price: it is 59+k, almost 60,000 in south india. looks: Side look gr8, frount look not good, back look is very empty not good.mudgud frame is not there. Ride: gare 1,2,3 is good, in 3rd gare pickup, speed are gr8, 4 ok 5 is bad. 5th gare is wasted, (no pickup and cant raise speed. (NOTE: TEST 5TH GARE TWISE AND REPLY back here if you ride and see this.) Parts: some small parts are weak not strong like pulsar. only handle and seat is pulsars, everything is changed. Ithink Bajaj should come with 135cc second model within 6 months then it may stay.

  38. What is this huh? Is this is a bike? Who want to buy this? I guaranteed that a person, who want to ride a bike n love it, will not purchase this bike (pulsar 135cc). This pulsar 135cc bike is look like a cartoon. There are so much 135cc bikes which are better that this. Stop making this pulsar 135cc.

  39. actually ,,, mujhe ye byk purchase karni thi and me is byk k liye bahut time se wait kar raha tha or mere kuch dost par ab hum itna bada risk nai lenge jab tak ap iska silencer change nai karte then i promise 2 u i ll purchase this byk


  41. this bike is good yaa….i m confused with the rewiews ..which are posted here……….i like its looks,,the Name pulsar…wat else can anyone want….i trust only bajaj bikes…(dnt kno y)…..who ever i ask they say dnt buy pulsar…kharab hota hai jaldi…frm past 2mnts i m serching..for a nice good loking bike…and finally got one..i.e pulsar ls..135cc…lokin forward to buy it..:)…….where will i get it in mumbai…reply at

  42. i think we shoud buy stunner of honda atleast it has new look becauze now it is to old … nd i dont no what happened with the directors of bajaj why they were continuously launching same design of pulsar ,,,it affect the financial position of the company so plz change designs nd give new name to bike so that it give rise in the sale of bajaj nd satisfaction to customer ,.,.dis bike is available in market not more than 45000rs…

  43. this bike is combination of 2-3 bike in the market, few u taking about look it has FZ, hunk,xcd looks so u can njoy every thing in one bike. what a grate news for all bike has good power, look and well balance bike and weight also less. so if u buying this bike it’s really good don’t worry. Be proud u r the owner of the PULSAR 135LS.

  44. Greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt bikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuu bajajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  45. can any1 who is using pulsar 135 tell me wht millage ru getting from this bike… n how is the performance n pick up and price……..

  46. I recently bought 135 LS black color and it is a superb bike.The pick up is awesome and it is giving me 60km/ltr average in city conditions.The only problem is that while driving i feel some kind of pressure on my hand.i guess this is because it is a sport bike.But over all bike is good.

  47. Plz dont talk bad about a pdt if you didnt try to use it. As far the specs. are concerned its much more better than stunner. When it comes to looks, only silencer looks normal for a hit bike. Prefer performance and mileage. You get both… So fetching this bike is not a blunder…. Bajaj passed in this regard.

  48. It’s very bad why bajaj launched this bike the pulsar 135cc is not looking nice i don’t like this bike but one think old is gold.

  49. suthamududa wazir singh bhadu paiya this bikes not looking nice it’s stupid but i like bajaj compeny very much luv u bajaj hummma…………………….!!!!!

  50. hay ….pulser 135cc is same as xcd but the company has changed its name pulser.the company is getting down in xcd so bajaj changed the name donot by this pulser

  51. @ dear friends dont give comments before riding…… after r15 …..this byke i like the most… i have purchased one week a go…. mileage..around 50-55 zabardast byke hain…stylish bhi hai… pulsar 200 ke look ke saath…. kaun kehta hai xcd …..bakwash kehte hain sab ke sab..maine back ka madguard khulwa deya hai kya sexy lagta hai….kasam se….kya bataun…what a stylish digital meter… this byke rocks…. love u @bajaj pulsar 135

    1. you are right my friend this is realy very good and its style awosom bole to abhi tak to iske jaisi bike hai nahi market mai…….

  52. kisi ke comments pe mat jao bindas le lo 135cc mast hain…..koi problem nai hain zabardast mileage ke saath style bhi…pls take black….pulsar stunts minia mein new wlal jo hai yahi bike un logon ne use kiya hai add, mein……

  53. Ab tou yakin ho gaya doston..ndtv walon ne 5 out of 5 star deye hai mere byk byk top speed 110…bindas kharido doston..mast byk hai…maine leya hai yeh byk..sexiest byk after r15…more contact me..9308006862..ready 4 help..

  54. Ab tou yakin ho gaya doston..ndtv walon ne 5 out of 5 star deye hai mere byk byk top speed 110…bindas kharido doston..mast byk hai…maine leya hai yeh byk..sexiest byk after r15…more contact me..9308006862..

  55. Its very very good perform other then the 135cc Bikes. just take a tril with your Frien & your loving Girl Frind then you & she feel the wonderfull confert like HEVEN with Rear Rider seat like Hot seat with Hotaest Friend. Only Bajaj & Only Pulsar-135 Sweet Sixteen

  56. Pulsar 135 CC is a nice bike. I have purchased it a fortnight ago and am using it. Very comfortable and gives good look also. Don’t go by comments of people who have not used this bike. They are just making fun of themselves as they can not afford to bye one. These bicycle rides do not know anything. They are idel fellows glued to net. Thats all. I recommend strongly to bye this bike. rishi

  57. I have bought this bike last week. I feel it is one among the fascinating bikes. It is a ideal bike to ride in traffic congested cities. As it has a good pick up and acceleration , you will not feel the pain while moving in a stop and go traffic conditions. The looks of this bike is also a point to be considered. I could see people starring at my bike and people admiring about the looks of this bike even while standing in the traffic signals.( I do approve, that many parts of the bike resemble other bikes in someway, but even the final look is what we need and i can tell ,bajaj succeeded in that context) I have not checked the mileage of my bike till now. But i guess it comes around 50. The on-road price of this bike is 58,400 in bangalore and its worth it. So its a good deal for the persons who need extra style,extra mileage,good performance(among 135cc bikes) in a fairly lesser price.

  58. dear friends. Iam praveen Iam a mechanic. i know about bajaj bikes whatever lounched in the market.according to my exeperience all the bikes but pulser are not comforteble for riding and our they are planning to cheat us with the help of bajaj135.actually it is not 135.I can tell you strongly. It is xcd 125.It was a bike from the family of bajaj.GODS GRACE it was flop.( FOR MALAYALI FRIENDS PAZHAYA VEENGU PUTHIYA KUPPIYIL AKKIYATHANEDEEE….. }

  59. ekdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bekarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr donttttttttttttttttttttttttt useeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  60. hi your bike is very stylish ,sporty, light weight, i have this bike ,but after long ride engine get so hot is there any problem with engine ,i brought this bike immediatly after launch

  61. Hi Friends, I have read all the comments. Let me tell u that I have purchased the bike and it had given me 62avg during first 15 days and is continuing with the same.Also bike is in very good condition, no complains about it. So unless n until you use it don’t give false comment on bike. Also it is upto u how u use it.It’s an ausum bike.

  62. Hey… People… tis s sure a copy of xcd,fz n hunk.. but cant say its not sporty.. for tis low rate, the looks n mileage are great.. ofcrse its not good as pulsar150 r 180 r 200, but tat doesnt mean tis s bad. people needin a sporty ride, who can afford oly a little cash, they can get tis for sure…why do v need to remodel bikes when one comes directl wit low price.. can buy..

  63. hiii kind attention my dear frnds before buyng pulsar 135 i had buy pulser 135.its gud byk to ride….but i had only one big problen in this byk while driving in traffic after some time its aoutomaticalcly start taking chock due to which its become uncontrol to drive and i am very much fedup with this problem its my kind request to bjaja if they can rectify this problem please….. 9958535886

  64. Is pulsar 135 as good as the other bikes from bajaj i.e. 150, 180 and so on. I am a lil confused as to go for 150 or 135. Kindly suggest.. Thanks in anticipation of the reply.

    1. 135 is better than 150 because it gives better mileage and its 4valve technology gives the power of 150cc as u know its looks a very sporty and best so for my opinion pulsar 135 is the best

  65. Hi..!!!Actually m planning 2 buy a new bike,choice btw Honda twister(with disc brake, which will take a month 2 come) & bajaj pulsar 135….please suggest. Pesonally, I felt latter has a little too big mud gards which spoiled its look, as these resemble old uncle’s big Atlas bycycle.


  66. Hi, I have bought this bike a month ago. I have completed my first service last week. I could get a mileage of 62 in city traffic. The Bike is awesome to ride and overall its nice. *** Never compare Pulsar 150 with this 135. Try comparing with the same segment/CC bikes. For eg,It wont make sense if you compare a TVS 50 and a Splender.

  67. I have bought this bike a week ago. I have not checked the Mileage. The bike is good for ride and look. The only problem i noted that engine gets heated.Does any body have this issue . Because i want to know if that is a problem . This is my first bike . Need some reviews from the Pulsar 135 users

      1. veryyyyyyyyyy nice in red not in black ……. ok………. so buy in red colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. check ur bike coolant buddy and tell the servicer about the problem because i bought the same bike and got same problem then i told the servicer now it is running smoothly properly and stylishly

  68. It’s very bad why bajaj launched this bike the pulsar 135cc is not looking nice but its look like a makap to old women

  69. hey guys i have used both pulsar 150cc and i bought 135cc 12 days back. this version of 135cc overtakes 150cc by means of power and torque. the mileage is great and the best thing in this bike is the quick acceleration created by world’s first 4valve engine. it is very comfortable while riding. those who r having 150cc they will regret coz dis one is an amazing bike.

  70. Hi; this is cool bike for new generation. I would like to give u suggesion for Pulser 135 that there have been some change at the distance given in seat and rear wheel ANAND KUMAR KASHYAP MOB No 09307731932 09305322782

  71. Hi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cool bike & nice bike,,,,,,,, This is strong bike & smoot drive & Attract to any Youngesters,so enjoy for every moments. I LIKE IT. ANAND KUMAR KASHYAP TATA MOTORS LTD LUCKNOW Mob No – 09307731932 09305322782

  72. Hi i am amarjeet from delhi i want to buy a bike i am confused with apachi pulsar 135 or yamaha fzs please tell me which one is best i want average and style both

    1. apachi pulsar 135 or yamaha fzs are all off different Segment bikes. Be perticular about your needs. like Milage, CC and pickup. 135 is good for citi ride. Apachi and Yamaha FZS can be compared with pulsar 180 and not 135.

  73. I m buy pulsar 135ls. This is very good bike to ride in plane rode and just uncomfratable to traffic i repvest to bajaj pls few change their modification

  74. i am very happy showen to bajaj pulsur 135 cc bike this bike is very beautyful & look , shape is very comfortable in long drive i have allredy pulsur 150cc i am like this bike kapil

  75. Hi, I want to purchase a new bike but i am totaly confused that which bike i will be purchase pulsar 135cc or 150cc so pls give me a suggetion……… I m waiting for reply Mob no…8802231601

  76. I own this byke and its awesome. while in drive i feel the byke in Air. its too light like a feather. After first service byke performence improve more. Thanks to Bajaj

    1. go for pulsar 150. I am already a owner of pulsar 135cc. Although its good but not as 150. u will not regret if going for 150.

  77. bajaj never continue his small bike (instead of pulsar) more than bajaj has no resale value in market. and spare parts also not available even in there agencies also. i have xcd 125 now i am getting problem to get repaired it.

  78. Hi, i want to purchase a new bike but i m totally confused abt bike which i want to buy pulsar 135 or apache rtr 160 both bikes are really sexy so pls give me a best suggestion to buy nice bike pls reply in my email id.

  79. Dear Friends , I have a small request to make.. All that Glitters is not Gold.. Please go have a look,have a test ride and Buy: Is that what a sensible person do while spending 50-60 thousand and buying a companion that would trouble you anytime after 8-10 months. Yess, thats what Bajaj Products do. Many of our biker frns dnt realize bcoz they had either Pulsar only or CBZ only. Please start excahnging your bikes with friends for 1 week’s time to run. You ll understand the diff. Girl friend kum sexy hai to theek hai yaar, dhokebaaz to nahi chalegi bhaii. THINK , my frns..

  80. every thing in this bike is nice i feel , but only one 1 things keeps irritating is its mudguard on rear , makes me to say yeeaaak & reduced weight of bike ! it ought to be same as like pulsars 150’s rear mudguard which is looking stylish & cool , come on bajaj guys , u guys need to think

  81. bajaj has a good market value now a days bajaj is the only company which is more in demand due the sporty look of the bike and speed of the bikes

  82. Iam above to purchace pulsar 135 cc bike, request u to kindly give me the valuable suggissions, Thanks , Shyam

  83. Hi, One month back i bought pulsar 135CC byke. Its giving 45kmpl milage. Crancle sound coming from the engine. No pickup at 2nd and 3rd gear.

  84. Hi All, This is cool bike for new generation. Note :check before purchase 1)I also purchase new 135cc pulsar it is ok but suspension problem(Please check it before purchase). 2)I would like to give u suggesion for Pulser 135 that there have been some change at the distance given in seat and rear wheel. 3)Crancle sound coming from the engine. No pickup at 2nd and 3rd gear. 4)chain problem(always loos) 5)if u have problem in suspension contact with u r BAJAJ service station and request to change suspension. Thanks,

  85. i dnt like this byke at all coz its nearly bajaj pulser copying the other signature brands of like tvs hero honda,,,,c mon dnt it be like that ,,,,,shame on bajaj pulser group,,,,lets be unique and lets be on modern world not in cartoon world ,,,,for me the best is bajaj pulser 180 latest 200cc ,nd 220 cc


  87. I have bought this bike 5 months ago , the performance is better after 1st service. The bike is good for college goers , office goers . The bike is good . Initially i got fooled by some reviews . If you are interesed you can go for this bike . Thanks, Prakash Tamil Nadu

  88. I buy this bike , its a pressure of hunters ,, i love it ,, and i go above 100 meter reading also ,,, No problem it gives 45 above millage

  89. Maa Ka Bhosda…..Is bike ki Meri bike pichle 6 din se service center me padi hui hai or koi achha resposne nhi mil raha hai…. 4 valve engine…..gand me bhar lo bajaj walo…. jan10 me li thi or aug10 me band pad gayi….. meri bat mano to mat lena ye bike…. Fuck of pulser 135….

  90. I bought this bike last week. i already have bajaj pulsar 150 cc of 2006 model. This bike costs 63300 in bangalore(on road). I bought this bike coz no other bike has 13.5 BHP power in this category…d honda twister looks like a stunner also nt much power…but costly…i did a lot of research before buying pulsar 135cc…it is best in its category…its cost is 10k less dan pulsar 150cc but almost same feel nd look…im getting mileage of 55+ now…whts more we all need friends…. The whole design is new and werever i go people just glare at it…im very happy to hv it…its from bajaj!!!!enjoy…no complaints!!

  91. Hey guys i brought this bike in this year 2010 its awesome only disadvantage if u speed up at 80km/h it starts vibrating a bit n more over my bad luck i met with 4 accidents with 4 months but no damage to bike apart from the silencer n the sides of headlight …such a strong bike …ppl who r planin to buy go for it good one ….definetely male …not any other category

  92. pulsur135……135i am buying this bike because i like this due to its super style those who are telling this bike is bad is stupids , first test drive it and say commands aBOUT It is not looking like xcd first see the xcd and pulsur 135 and say about it ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..omar

  93. i want to by pulsar 135 4 good looking……. i very much like pulsar bike……. my wt is 49kg………….but i want pulsar bike…… pulsar 135 only suit 4 me i like it

  94. I bought this great bike 3 months back and it has been consistently performing well. When I was going to buy this one, I was bit confused as I heard this bike had lot of problems – electronic parts, gear shifting, etc, but i don’t see any issues so far. I think Bajaj has rectified all the defects in the latest version of P-135LS. I used to race my bike while starting and so it’s giving me around 55kmpl. Moreover I like the starting/moving sound more in this bike.

  95. Hey Guys, i Heard a lots of negetive feedback of pulsar 135cc i m bit confused shall i puchase this bike or not People are giving feedback regarding there is noice in suspension, there are veberation after 70kmph, engine getting hot after some distance. so plz help me out because i like this bike by stylist look, good pikup, and the fuel efficiency, because bike rooz nahi li gati to dar lagraha hai ke kahi fass na jaaoo can plz any bike owner of bajaj pulsar 135cc can help me out and just give me a true information about this bike. I really thank to that.

  96. Hi guys, the look of this bike is very good but the performance if very bad. Suspension is very pathetic. Whenever u drive on this bike u will not feel comfortable that what i would like to tell

  97. bakwas bike h bhul kar bhi mat lena mane khud chala kar dekhi h, bike ke accordingily price level kafi jayada h is bike ki kimat 40k to 45k ke bich main honi chahiye

  98. i want to buy a new bike. i need a fuel saving bike. which is good? pls help me to find the best….. the look also must for me. my weight is 70kg. so which “CC” is suitaboe for me?

  99. For those who are looking for mileage, should purchase Moped. I would suggest you to look for enfield for power. For those people who dont fall in any of the above category, should purchase pulsar 135cc or 150 cc.

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