Bajaj plans two stroke bikes

History repeats itself! two stroke engines will be back soon and they may power the future indian bikes. Once wiped out from Indian two wheeler industry for failing to comply tougher emission norms will be back nearly after 10 years. But how it can be possible, when Indian government is making the emission norms more stringent. Two stroke engine gets a new life through a new technology similar to common rail which saved the life of diesel. In this technology, two stroke engines will be fed through injection rather breathing through carburettor. Hence, these advance two stroke engine meets the stringent emission norms with 50% lower carbon monoxide ((CO) and 25% lower hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides (HC+NOx) than the earlier 2-stroke engines. Also this technology improves the fuel efficiency/mileage substantially

Bajaj which made great strides in the two wheeler market through its DTSi technology has recently introduced the GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) technology in its three wheelers. Bajaj has brought the GDi to indian market through RE – GDi three wheeler. Bajaj got the license from the Orbit corporation of australlia (maker of gasoline direct injection technology). For more information on GDi technology visit  Is direct Injection Bajaj’s next DTSi?  Now following the three wheelers Bajaj is working on  fitting this technology into bikes and scooters.  Bajaj is believed to be working with Bosch for  customising GDi technology for two wheelers. Bajaj may use this GDi equipped engines for the proposed global car ($3000 car) which it produces jointly with Renault.

Also Economic times reports, Bajaj is working to combine its proven DTSi technology with the GDi technology on bikes with smaller engines. The company wants to put the same technology in the volume-generating 125-150cc segments as an alternative to the existing four-stroke engines.

15 thoughts on “Bajaj plans two stroke bikes”

  1. It would be great if bajaj launch a bike like Yamaha RX-100. I think the bike lovers are still expecting for this kind of bike and im 100% sure that this kind of bike will bring a boom in mobike industry in india. I am still also looking for new RX-100 kind of 2-stroke bike. 🙂

  2. India “System less country”.day by day pollution is going high and group of people try to make India as garbage.The people looting this country by third class product now come with new looting schema.If LML is not come Than we can not see even the sidelight on bajaj scooter.Happy Looting Mr.Rahul Bajaj.Keep it Up.”Harama Barat Hamara Bajaj”

  3. I already Have a TWo Stroh Bike , which is a bad experince for me, i think bajaj need tp launch elctric Bike Like Yoo Bike , I think this bike will be a chepest mode of transport.

  4. Bajaj should introduce pulsar 2 stroke as pulsar is best bike in 4stroke . If there is pulsar with 2 stroke then any bike cannot break its i request bajaj to introduce new pulsar 2stroke.

  5. If bajaj KTM can provide such technology once produce by Vespa for ET2 FI scooter with mechanical fuel pump injection Iam sure Honda has to retreat back just the way happened in Taiwan ROC .The local two wheelers like ssangyong /Kymco gave such a competetion with ceramic engine technology, and 2 str FI etc Yamaha and Honda closed their assembly shops and moved to Indonesia and India

  6. i had two stroke bikes like rx100 nrd350 i like two stroke bike becouse it,s lot,s up power i mean torque if bajaj launch two stroke bike in india there ,ll dreams come true those who love two stoke i know it have pollu problem but it must be decrease the corbon mono gases to reduce this problem with other tecnology i hope u will find out this solution like baja yamaha .

  7. Very happy to listen about the two stroke bike from bajaj. I’m just waiting for that as i love the power me two stroke bikes as once I had kawasaki bajaj 100. Hope bajaj would launch a powerful 2stroke bike.

  8. Almost bajaj pulsar is best in all and also it is in cotinuous sale. All bikers should buy pulsars because bajaj’s specility is lower cc with great power and with very good mileage.

  9. i love 2 stroke bikes i have 250cc yazdi its super bike in india it has more power & more pic-up i have other four stroke bike but two strokes no comparision

  10. nice move to introduce 2-stroke engine bikes soon!hope Bajaj will introduce 100-200cc with power valve, fuel efficient EFI, electric starter, compression release for large cc (similar to my NSU quickly 50cc moped, and other add-ons to revive this light,agile,quick-revving,and rear wheel steering (power slide)on or off road bikes!i also own a ’78 kawasaki ke 100 and it’s a great bike for weekend trailriding!Good luck guys. hope to get updated re ur new 2-stroke bikes!(nonong divinagracia,EXODUS Trailblazers Club) putik, zambo. city philippines

  11. can Bajaj make a two-stroke bike similar to 4-stroke wet crankcase?here’s my suggestion: high pressure air is forced into the combustion through geared or belted pump (or anything similar to magnacharger) before TDC. few degrees before TDC high pressure fuel is injected, then followed immediately by triggering the CDI to deliver the exact amount of spark and the programmable spark duration.burned exhaust passed through exhaust valves on top of the cylinder head where it is being sucked by either negative pressure or by an turbine attached to the works similar to any turbocharged car or truck engines.this is probably quite complicated and costly to produce, but it’ll raise the eyebrows of 4-stroke lovers where a two-stroke bike sounds like a rumbling four-stroke more or less!hehehe.Good luck guys!

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