Bajaj does it again with its Discover

What else would make the camp of Bajaj more cheerful than the 10 lakh number of its Discover motorcycle. The feat makes the fever among the circles of Hero Honda, which hits the sale motion of its Splendor. Discover range has reached a whooping 127,397 units during August 2010. The sale figure for Discover 100, since its launch last year, is 85000 units a month, Discover 150 (in market since May this year) has reached the figure of 35000 monthly units. This discloses a rise of 242% rise compared to the net sale volume of April-August in 2009. Bajaj has by this attained the status of the fastest growing two wheeler company in India. To meet the existing and the ensuing demands, Bajaj is scheduling its production capacity to 2 million per year, starting from October 2010, aiming for the largest selling two wheeler during this year end.

The company’s President for Motorcycles said that the launch of Discover last year unleashed a storm in the two wheeler market and is on the close race to Hero Honda. Bajaj is all set to overtake and face the stiff competitors to reach the top
slot, he added. The period April- August saw a growth of 28% in the two wheeler industry, out of which Bajaj has clinched 68% by increasing its share from 25.6% to 33.5%.

4 thoughts on “Bajaj does it again with its Discover”

  1. Bajaj Bikes runs like Hell after a Year…..and its a fact…Even they stop the Product after a period of time…Discover 125, Discover 110, XCD, Pulsar 200, 22o Fi ???????? Are peoples fools who is trusting Bajaj and buying thr Product ????? Part quality is a big issue with bajaj.

  2. At least there is no problem with disco n pulsi n if there any, it’s one off case. Qualitywise, both disco n pulsi are far better than splendor n passion, which has never seen any improvement of the day. so, the writing is on the wall !!!! discover has snatched a major share from splendor n passion n about to overtake splendor (disco is already seelling more than passion). Improve hero honda, else days of splendor n passion are just numbered…..

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