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Vento to venture in October

Volkswagen has set a strategy for its play in India after planting its seeds of success. It entered the Indian market with its Jetta [images], and Passat [images] sedans and Touareg [images] SUV and the latest Beetle [images]. Now the company is eyeing on securing a market share of 8-10% in another

06.5.2010 | Auto News |

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Maruti Alto to be upgraded to 1000cc with K-series engine

India’s top notch car maker Maruti Suzuki is on the verge of upgrading its high selling Alto [images] with 1000cc engine from K-series. The move is Maruti’s strategy to go along with the latest technology for its prime models. With this change, the compact Alto will get a refined version with a

05.21.2010 | Auto News |

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Maruti to increase its production

Maruti Suzuki, which enjoys 50% of the Indian car market, is setting a new level to increase its production- 70000 units in 2010- to feed the demand. The utilization of employees in full swing and wiping out wasteful operations is the need of the hour, said its Executive Officer. The Manesar facilit

04.27.2010 | Auto News |

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Maruti faces export decline to Europe

The present is not as potential as past for Maruti in the case of export sales to Europe. The earlier sale was due to the incentive offered on scrappage scheme for dispensing with old cars for new ones. Now the scheme is since withdrawn there is no point in lamenting the consistent sale. The decline

04.27.2010 | Auto News |

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Yet another feat by Maruti

Maruti Suzuki is in the news again but this time with the achievement of 3 lakh units of K-series engine. The engine is fitted in the robust models – Swift [images], Swift Dzire [images], Ritz [images] and A-Star [images]. Maruti boasts this achievement made in the time span of just 19 monhts sin

04.22.2010 | Auto News |

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End of road: Renault shifting to Chennai

Renault, a partner of the JV between Mahindra under MRPL, is shifting to Chennai. By this, Renault is eyeing on a larger base in association with Nissan Motor India, which bases in Chennai. The company feels that there will be more synergies by this move. However, the studio in Mumbai will continue

03.26.2010 | Auto News |

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Renault is on refining spree

After much fuss over refining the Logan, Renault has come forward to meet the specifications preferred by M&M. To save any sort of rift between the two companies now Renault has agreed to consider the options meted out by Logan in the shape of the car. The length will be reduced to avail the 10%duty

03.18.2010 | Auto News |

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Suzuki’s Kizhasi ignited to drive home in India

The sport sensation from Suzuki, Kizhasi will alarm the Indian roads soon, said American Suzuki Motorcorp’s VP. Disclosing the launch in India on the occasion of Chicago Auto Show, he had not made any elaborate announcement. The car will showcase Suzuki’s maiden entry into luxury sedan segment.

02.12.2010 | Auto News |

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A stupendous feat from Maruti

Maruti Udyog Ltd could achieve a tremendous performance in production, that even its parent Suzuki is made to lag behind it. In 2009, the net production volume was 9,66,399 units whereas Suzuki could muster 908302 units. This made the net sale volume of Maruti to 967581 units – 836893 units in dom

01.29.2010 | Auto News |

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Sedans carry the torch of popularity

Close on the heels of triumphant passage of compact cars, the sedans are likely to bloom. The major players like Toyota, Skoda, Nissan and Honda are recharging their strategies towards sedans. The small car projects seem to bring in returns after 2-3 years and hence the parallel platform of sedans f

01.25.2010 | Auto News |

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