Actor Ajith Kumar bike ride from Pune to Chennai

Actor, Mr.Ajith Kumar who is passionate towards biking, took a ride with his BMW bike from Pune to Chennai.He crossed a distance of 1354 Km from Navnit Motors Pvt.Ltd , Pune to the Valmiki Nagar Post office, Chennai. He chose the AH 47/NH 4 to reach chennai. He has taken 19 hours and 26 minutes to complete this trip.


He already took a bike ride for road safety in the month of August. At that time he has taken a bike ride from Chennai to Bangalore in order to create the awareness of road safety and this bike trip also to explore the traffic culture.


He felt that that the road trip was like meditation that gave him a lot of time to think about his other future plans .He was spotted at many places on the road side with all necessary safety measures. He enjoyed eating local foods at the roadside shops.


A person close to the actor says , “After wrapping up a small patch work for ‘Arrambam’, Ajith drove his bike from Mumbai to Pune, to shoot for ‘Veeram’. After completing his 20-day schedule for the film, he decided to ride back from Pune to Chennai in his bike. With the help of a road map, he rode more than 1300 km for about 19 hours in his bike with all the necessary safety gear. This road trip is to continue the road safety campaign and also to get to know more about the traffic culture in India. He has always wanted to discover that.”

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