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Twin faces of a coin

The failure cannot resist the push along the path and the revival is not a matter of serious concern. This is what exactly happened when the CEO and Chairman of Renault conceded the deal with Daimler. The global market is flooded with the ebb and low of the marketing from the giant killers like Toyo

04.9.2010 | Auto News |

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Indian market of Volvo will survive despite Geely take over

Volvo Auto India allayed the fear, if any, on the impact of the take over of Volvo by Geely of China. Further, Gilly’s acquisition will not make the entry of the company into India. Volvo Auto India will retain its supremacy and individuality by being in Sweden, said its MD for India. The affirmat

04.1.2010 | Auto News |

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Ford Volvo car unit sold for $1.8 bn to China Geely

In an informal decision, the Chinese Geely Holding group has accepted to take over the car unit from Volvo of Ford. Once materializes, this will be the biggest global deal in the automobile industry. The deal, almost to be certain, is the outcome of two years’ prolonged discussion with two compan

03.31.2010 | Auto News |

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Nissan’s next vehicle to roll out from Chennai plant

Nissan’s new sedan on platform V will come out from its Chennai plant on parallel with Mirca. The Nissan-Renault JV will see this Versatile on three varied vehicle body – hatchback, sedan and a compact MUV. The market for this sedan is yet to be arrived at by the company. By launching this sedan

03.19.2010 | Auto News |

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Volvo to launch XC60 in India this June

The launch of XC 60 by Volvo is almost certain to happen in India this June. This 2010 XC60 will juxtapose with Land Rover Freelander 2 as these two are the offsprings of Ford. But the Indian version of Volvo XC60 will accompany lot of safety aspects like self-braking at the time of possible crash w

03.19.2010 | Auto News |

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Volvo launches new S60

Volvo makes a deep breath with its launch of new S60, the latest fun car to be ready by January 2011. The car is designed by Peter Horbury, the design of head and coincides with the switch over to Geely ownership. The new S60 enables performance and emotional disturbances. The car is technically fit

03.13.2010 | Auto News |

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Cars to cost more thanks to the budget

The Indian Finance Minister’s budget involving an increase in the excise duty-from 2% to 5%- has made Maruti and Hyundai to effect the rise in their price for cars. The hike may be around Rs25000 with Maruti slating the increase by 2% Hyundai said the rise will be somewhere in the range of Rs6500-

03.1.2010 | Auto News |

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Volvo sets the Power Play

In a bid to strengthen its identity, Volvo has taken the stumps to run along the crease in the ensuing One-Day International cricket matches between India and SAfrica. The highlight of the association with the ODIs will be the award of the latest “Volvo S80 twin-turbo diesel” to the man of the

02.24.2010 | Auto News |

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Alarming entry of Volvo S60 into India

The once thought never possible model Volvo S60 is booming into India. It fascinates with its chunky waist line, bigger headlamps, swell grill and wheels, a roofline resembling a coupe. The interiors mesmerizes with a finished dash board, a floating central console by being sporty and youthful in lo

02.22.2010 | Auto News |

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Volvo’s dealer network will increase in India

In a bid to increase its sale and to strengthen its base, Volvo is increasing its dealers from the current 7to 12, covering 7 cities. The dealers will be appointed before this year end, said its MD for India. Presently, dealers are in Delhi, Cochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Pune and Mumbai an

02.4.2010 | Auto News |

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