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CNG car sales may be hit with the hike in the price

The proposed increase for the price of CNG version cars may see a fall of sale by nearly 20% it is estimated. The move will force ahead the autorickshaws and bus. However, the demand for CNG may prosper in the coming years, the observers foresee. The reason cited for the increase in the price was th

05.22.2010 | Auto News |

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Renault to invest in car engine facility in India

Not brooding over the financial instability, Renault is on the verge of setting up an engine facility in India. The proposed facility may come off near the company’s complex situated in Oragadam in Chennai. The move is to make free flow of engines and transmissions for the low profile Logan sedan

04.24.2010 | Auto News |

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The Honeymoon between M&M and Renault is over, but flirtation goes on

The Indian truck company Mahindra&Mahindra has departed its journey with Renault paving way for whole amalgamation. The departing deal will make M&M to buy the share of 49% owned by Renault. The deal will in no way be a constraint for M&M to avail the platform of Logan from Renault. The President of

04.22.2010 | Auto News |

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Twin faces of a coin

The failure cannot resist the push along the path and the revival is not a matter of serious concern. This is what exactly happened when the CEO and Chairman of Renault conceded the deal with Daimler. The global market is flooded with the ebb and low of the marketing from the giant killers like Toyo

04.9.2010 | Auto News |

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Logan to undergo pro-indigenous

A final word about the reconciliation between Renault and M&M is on the cards. But there is a speculation that the revamping process will involve much indigenous nature for Logan. Despite in the market for the past 5 years, the vehicle is not able attract many customers who felt disappointed with th

04.8.2010 | Auto News |

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Renault-M&M pact over Logan cemented

The long standing tussle between Renault and Mahindra&Mahindra over the structuring of Logan has come to a cementing stage. The French company is agreed upon the restructuring, as desired and insisted by M&M, to reduce the size of the car and certain other modifications. The need is for availing the

04.1.2010 | Auto News |

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M&M may slam brakes on investments in Renault JV

The Logan issue is getting a soft pedaling with JV between Renault and M&M is forging ahead to alter the petrol engine. The move comes in the wake of availing the excise relief offered by the government of India. However, the current diesel engine would likely to be continued. If the tussle is clear

03.30.2010 | Auto News |

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End of road: Renault shifting to Chennai

Renault, a partner of the JV between Mahindra under MRPL, is shifting to Chennai. By this, Renault is eyeing on a larger base in association with Nissan Motor India, which bases in Chennai. The company feels that there will be more synergies by this move. However, the studio in Mumbai will continue

03.26.2010 | Auto News |

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Renault working on new lease of life for Logan

Notwithstanding the stiff resistance from M&M, Renault has come forward to localize the Logan in India. But the modifications will not in any way disturb the movement in Europe, said its CEO. The Indian facility will explore the possibilities to upgrade the vehicle to suit the new requirement ably g

03.19.2010 | Auto News |

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Renault is on refining spree

After much fuss over refining the Logan, Renault has come forward to meet the specifications preferred by M&M. To save any sort of rift between the two companies now Renault has agreed to consider the options meted out by Logan in the shape of the car. The length will be reduced to avail the 10%duty

03.18.2010 | Auto News |

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