Volvo XC 60 Used Car Valuation

Find below price details of Second Hand Volvo XC 60 car in and around Delhi. Get Price list of all 2nd Hand Volvo car models in Delhi.

ModelYearEstimated KMsPrice
Volvo XC 6020187500₹ 38,43,225
Volvo XC 60201715000₹ 34,38,675
Volvo XC 60201630000₹ 32,36,400
Volvo XC 60201545000₹ 28,31,850
Volvo XC 60201460000₹ 24,27,300
Volvo XC 60201360000₹ 24,27,300
Volvo XC 60201260000₹ 24,27,300
Volvo XC 60201160000₹ 24,27,300

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