Vento vs City vs Linea vs Fiesta vs Sx4 vs Manza vs Verna Transform

July 8th, 2010 | In New Variants, Trends | 54 Comments »

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Sedans line up!

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54 Responses to “Vento vs City vs Linea vs Fiesta vs Sx4 vs Manza vs Verna Transform”

  1. Pankaj says:

    I feel Sx4 is worth the money as it is from Maruti and also, the service is very much satisfactory. Maruti always give competitively priced cars and Sx4 is no exception. Sx4 has got all safety, luxury and comfort that most of the other sedans don’t provide. After driving Sx4, Hyundai Verna, Honda City and Ford Fiesta, I felt Sx4 to the best all rounder scoring more in all aspects, be it handling, or riding quality or braking or top speed. My suggestion to any one looking out for sedan… -> go for Sx4!

    • jasim says:

      your low suggestion kindly keep it with you! its the worst car among all the cars mentioned above…. seriously! I guess you havent tried the cars above except SX4. try any car above youll never return to SX4.

      • Ranju Anthony says:

        Your comment is pretty immature. On what parameters did you come to that conclusion that SX4 is the worst in the category. Do you even own a car??

        Ever heard of “Tech Specs”, “good service” & “Value for money”

        I am owning an SX4 & have people crying over the lower floor base of Honda City cars; sheer bad service for Fiesta & Fiat cars. I would rather rate Verna pretty close to SX4.

        As for Vento; the buggers don’t even have a car for a test drive….should give shivers down the spine of recent owners on what would happen when a service is requested for this model :(


        Grow up mate

      • Rahul Srivastava says:

        My Dear Friend Jasim….i seriously think your knowledge about Cars is very limited..SX4 is bull among cars..sheer power, control, comfort…though it may not be a sophiscated one but its very practical..can take on any damm car with in 10 lakhs if it comes to race…..i feel realy safe with my loved ones when i drive it on highway……u need to sharp your knowledge..

      • Nikhil says:

        @jasim: If u dont know about cars then shut up.

        sx4 has best value for money

        it is muscular,highly powerful and best in its price range

      • Sumit says:

        Dear Everybody,

        I know you all are car lovers and love the brands. I am an automobile testing engineer and have gone through the indepth detailing on the deliverables of all the cars. Whenever, any one should comment on the forums like this, keep youself cool. Take the Positives and practical approach to own a car.
        It is very easy to say that this car has this and that, but believe me there is a massive brain work that goes into designing.
        To choose a better car for yourselves, always make a table in the following way and rate each car accordingly:

        1. Design & Styling : (looks : the very first choice of everyone)
        2. Interiors, Safety and Ride Comfort
        4. Space
        5. Mileage (coz fuel is very expensive)
        3. Technical Specifications (this comes only if you have to drive very fast)
        6. Service
        8. Cost

        once you give rating against each car you will be able to clearly make a practical decision.
        Each Car maker has a strategy to present. Just for example, Maruti SX4 has now the diesel option which has come after a successful Petrol Version. Vento launched by VW in both Petrol & Diesel, in which you will find a face change again in next year. Honda changes the design every 3-4 years. Ford has always dealt on their engine pick up quality and ride comfort (also trying to change their image). Linea is going safe by giving the work to TATA and earning money (which actually is affecting them to come up and they will get away from TATA one day).

        So, do not fight and make your own judgement after all you have to ride the car and not the others.
        My own submission on cars (practical approac) (against cost, affordability, design, power, features) is below:

        1. Fiat Linea Emotion (diesel) (a real value for money, good engine refinement, all possible features one can have)
        2. SX4 Diesel (again a superb car and will over take Fiat on Service front)
        3. VW Vento Diesel (Engine refinement, but expensive parts)
        4. Honda (if honda decides to launch diesel, I am sure every one would like it and could change the game)
        5. Ford Fiesta (good engine, ride quality but very very expensive parts and service)

        Though, I do not own any of them but I have driven them in both City as well as Highway conditions for long.
        You can have a luxurious feel in all of them but every one’s choice may differ on their own way of looking at a car.

        I hope you can do a good hunting doing your surveys and wish all of you Good Luck.



  2. Farid says:

    I am owning Sx4 for the past 4 months. The car is a “owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy” . Also, Maruti is giving more features at an affordable price. In fact, other cars like honda city and linea are too costly but the overall package is small. but Sx4 is a true value for money car and that too from the No.1 car maker maruti.. hence maintenance is easy, resale value is too good!!!

    • jatinder says:

      Hello farid,
      I am planning to buy sx4 cng in feb-march this year.Can u please tell me
      1)How much average do u get from sx4(true indeed,we indians are obssessed by this
      2)What is the top speed of this car and how is the control on high speeds?speeds over 130-140 KMPH?
      3)I have to drive on extremely bumpy(almost cratter) type potholes to my office.How is the handling of this car on such roads?
      4)How much is the normal maintenance or servicing cost of this car.
      5)Some people have told me that the right side view from driver’s seat is not very clear owing to the twin bars located on right side of driver’s window.Do u think this is true?

      • Rahul Srivastava says:

        Jatinder…if you can believe me……i dorve my SX4 vxi at speed fo 190 km/hr and she was ready to go more….control is awsome… does not shake for even a second…this is when 5 guys were dere in car..take it….its a fusion of suv and sedan

      • Nikhil says:

        1)11 kpl
        2)170-190 km/h
        3)it designed for all kinds of roads
        4)my car is new so i dont know about it. but it is sure that maintanence cost will be low

      • k.khaitan says:

        hayyyy 1st o fll please u dont buy sx-4 becz tht car is not better compr to fait lenia or volkswogen’s vento just think ones becz i hv both car sx4 or linea

  3. Chandresh says:

    I am a proud owner of Sx4, I test drove all cars and finally found that none matches the macho Sx4, it has got muscular exteriors that will demand way from other road users. Sx4 is also pulled by a great 1.6L powerful engine which is from Maruti, hence mileage is very much consistent. Running cost is also very less. and finally since its maruti, resale value is very nice.. i recommend sx4.

  4. Karan says:

    i think linea is out of question coz its way underpowered compared to the remaining sedans of this platform, (comparing all base models)—> well no petrol sedan gives mileage more 9kmph so we cant compare d mileage comparing the specs vento is aerodynamically designed compared to remaining sedans and vento has a powerful engine compared to all mileage wise vento MIGHt hv a slight edge over d other cars & vento has rear AC vent ,also fiesta is good in diesel compared to petrol its variants verna doesnt hv tubeless tyres,tachometer and remote fuel-lid but has fog lamps wich are frankly speaking of no use in Mumbai also fiesta doesnt hv rear defooger also but the advantage of sx4 is its integrated music systems of kenwood company fitted with 4spks + 2 tweeters + keyless entry which is an advantage………COMPARING THE PRICE…..
    SX4 & VENTO hv a diff of only 10K which is not tht much WHEREAS Fiesta & Verna are lil cheap but they lack behing SX4 & vento in few specs and features…….

    FINAL VERDICT if a person wants to opt for tried n tested then go for SX4 if a person wants something new then go 4 Vento

    P.S—-> I own Sx4 from 1 year and polo from 1 month(BOTH BASE MODELS)………

  5. Karan says:

    if price is not an issue for people then blindly go for City the best car

  6. Rajesh says:

    If you want style, status n driving pleasure.. ignore the premium just go for a honda city.

    Im just loving mine. its the best.

  7. Midhun J says:

    I think go for Manza or Linea,they gives the best value for money.They give awesome mileage and features.Both have same engines.Those who looks for comfortable,go for manza,those looks for style and more features,go for linea,,,,,,,I LOVE MY LINEAAAAAAAA

  8. ishwar patel says:

    my buget is 9.50 to 11 lakh . i want milege,good Interior,law maintance,

    • Errol says:

      Honda City is the best deal, may be priced slightly higher but what you pay for is what you get. 1st 3 to 5 years (depending on driving style) no major maintenance costs. Looks, drive, mileage, fit and finish is excellent. Gives you a feel of driving a big car. Hands down ‘Honda City’

    • kamal sangha says:

      if ur budget is 9.50 to 11….then go for vento or city…u get everything..mileage,good interior,performance,even maintance is not so high…..

    • akhil says:

      hey thenu must opt for a Volkswagen Vento…
      which is of an international company with german engineering…

    • arjun says:

      linea t-jet the best car

  9. verma says:

    SX4 makes me wanna puke … looks cheap like most of the maruti cars , they are only good at makin small cheap cars for people who have just maintainance in mind and not luxury and performance.There are so many better cars than Sx4 in the same segement (linea,City,Optra and now Vento )

  10. Ashish says:

    Vento is good make diesel,1.6lit ,good mileage,good luxury staement and bran value,rear a c vent,daily use luxury sedan,good price, only demerits comparing with honda city and manza is total car height is 10inch almost less,less headroom,service,and way much less interior trunk volume

  11. Ashish says:

    Vento is good make diesel,1.6lit ,good mileage,good luxury staement and bran value,rear a c vent,daily use luxury sedan,good price, only demerits comparing with honda city and manza is total car height is 10inch almost less,less headroom,service,and way much less interior trunk volume ,Can u tel me any compare ?

  12. Viren says:

    vento is d winner :) in all d aspects in millage interiors, leg space everything
    and yes vento is also a value for money
    my suggestions are in the favour of vento
    being a owner of vento………….. dis is my true experience……

  13. Georgy says:

    I am an engineer and I own a Linea diesel emotion pk. It’s a superb vehicle compared to the City. What does Honda give other than just an engine and that too, a petrol engine which does not give considerably better fuel efficiency compared to European turbocharged petrol engines? New City owners have told that they get average 12-14 kmpl. Some of them squeeze this mileage with the AC turned off. Why suffer in the heat?
    Come to the Linea. The equipment level which you get on the Linea is worth Rs. 1 lakh. The ride and handling is simply superb and way above what the City gives. The solid build quality and heavy suspension is a made for India package. The refinement and the economy of the diesel engine is a worthy accolade. I get an average of 21.4 kmpl with AC on with average to busy traffic in a 80 km.trip. I have got a maximum of 27.5 kmpl with AC on for 60% travel distance in a 170 km. trip. The least I have received is 15.6 kmpl with AC on. Of course it is the correct driving style with the correct shifting which returns this mileage. No wonder FIAT’s multijet engine received the International Engine of the year award in 2007. After all, whatever car you buy, the question what people ask first is its mileage.
    I have never observed a lack of power. Even while overtaking, the Linea is a well-composured car. It is not stressed and sudden body roll if any if it is at a turn is well under control which gives such a sense of confidence. The well weighted steering and the handling can never be matched by the City.
    How can Honda as well as its car owners brag about its reliability when Honda has not even won a single Formula One title in its entire career till 2008? And also I hope everyone would know that in most races, Honda’s engines burn out and didn’t complete the race. How many times have you seen a Ferrari engine going up in flames? Ferrari is everyone’s dream car. FIAT owns Ferrari. Don’t you think that FIAT cars will have the same DNA of its supercar brand?

    When I bought the Linea diesel, I saved almost Rs. 2 lakh when compared to the City middle variant with not even half of the features found in the Linea. I save each time I visit the fuel station also. Well done, FIAT.

    The City has a torque of 14.9 kgm at a high 4600 rpm from a 1497cc engine. The Linea diesel has a torque of 20.7 kgm at a low 1750 rpm giving the same torque all the way upto 5500 rpm from a 1248 cc engine (The figures themselves should give you the conclusion of how efficient the FIAT multijet engine is).
    A person with a little automobile sense will know that it is the torque, i.e., the turning force, which is the real pulling power of an engine and not the bhp power which is the theoretical max. power.
    Please observe that the City’s engine is running at 4600 rpm and above in order to give you that torque. Keep in mind that higher the rpm, greater the fuel consumption, more wear and tear to the engine components especially the cylinder and piston block – simple equation. Our normal driving is in the range of 1800 to 2200 rpm in order to get good economy. The Linea’s multijet engine gives you that full torque starting from 1750 rpm. The engine is more relaxed, gives better economy, and longer life. Even if you are pulling uphill with five passengers in first gear, still it will return very good efficiency compared to the City. No wonder the world is shifting to smaller diesel engines of which FIAT makes some of the finest engines.

    Moreover, smaller displacement engines reduce pumping losses and allow more complete combustion of fuel and maximum performance efficiency from the torque band.

    Honda is just extorting a hefty price for its H badge and for nothing else. Why don’t prospective buyers look into it and take an informed decision? The days of reckoning for the Honda brand in India has come. Come European companies and hit Honda hard with your solid cars.

    • daddyzhere says:

      Its not only the engine that honda city excels in, therez a lot more than just the engine, very stylish, futuristic exteriors from all the angles, linea on the other hand looks best when viewed from side, from front it looks like a catfish. City offers a very good milage with ac switched on. Honda’s reliability and assurance is unmatched, quite unlike the treacherous fiat which left its customers stranded after launching uno… who knows maybe it can happen again. The only thing against city is that its not for everyone out there with 7lacs in pocket , i mean the price is high but justified after considering what it offers.

  14. ebaazar says:

    I agree with Georgy & thanks for your review of Fiat Linea.I am planning to buy it in next 2 days.Kindly give some review about After Sales Service & Resale value.


    • Georgy says:

      FIAT is upgrading its after-sales service. Well, I can tell about two services which I had, and they were just ok (they were under TATA roof). But a recent suggestion and comment sent to FIAT India had their people responding instantly and that they will take care of the pitfalls. I can say that they will and have to improve. Anyway, the car’s 15,000 km. service interval will ensure that for many people, it will only be one day in an year that you have to spend for service.

      About resale value it is a bit too early to comment on it since the car has been around for just over an year and few Lineas have come to the second market. But I can say that the diesel will command strong resale value since the price of petrol is going upward every now and then. Soon, petrol price will touch Rs. 100. Only diesel cars can survive. So if you want resale value, opt for the Linea diesel and enjoy her superb economy and performance. If you plan to keep your car for more than five to seven years, do not think of resale value since by then any car will be obsolete in terms of features, technology and other gadgets if not in price. (The future is electric and hybrid vehicles, hope you know).

      Another thing which people miss is that every company will have drawbacks in service because it is India and here there are no real consumer laws helping people. Many Indian service people lack the work integrity and sincerity which westerners have. Therefore one cannot ever say that well this particular company in India gives excellent service. Fair amount of basic troubleshooting on your part when a problem surfaces will help (if you don’t know well, consult any of your friends or relatives who have knowledge in automobiles).

      TAKE CARE OF YOUR VEHICLE AND YOUR VEHICLE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. I say this from my own experience of owning and running other cars as well. If you abuse your car, drive over bad roads as if it was a rally car, throw her into corners for which she is not designed on a day to day basis (such people don’t respect the vehicle), then expect even a Mercedes to break down or give you repair costs that will give you a heart-attack. After all, any vehicle holds itself together on nuts and bolts.

      Ebaazar, please do your own research and if you are convinced, go ahead and buy the Linea. Surely you will enjoy her and admiration is surely guaranteed.

  15. automobo says:

    Some interesting facts about the FIAT multijet engine’s technological superiority.

    The jury of the International Engine of the Year Awards elected the 1.3 litre MultiJet turbodiesel engine produced by Fiat as International Engine of the Year 2005 in the 1.0-1.4-litre category. The Fiat 1.3 diesel engine won the award ahead of the Honda 1.3 litre IMA, Peugeot-Citroen/Ford Diesel 1.4 litre, Volkswagen 1.4 litre FSI, Toyota Diesel 1.4 litre, and Daihatsu 1.3 litre engines.

    The International Engine of the Year jury, which comprises 56 of the world’s most respected motoring journalists from 26 countries in the world, judged every single engine in mass-production that is installed in a car on sale in more than one country. The list included almost 60 new engines that have come to market in the previous 12 months. The 1.3 Polish-built common rail diesel engine features MultiJet technology that was developed at the Fiat Research Centre.

    MultiJet uses electronic control to divide the main injection into several smaller ones to achieve quieter combustion, reduced emissions and increased performance. Low weight is a further asset of this 90 bhp, 209 Nm engine. And it is compact too, which means it can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles. This versatility found favour with the judges: “A frugal and agile engine for a wide variety of different cars,” commented the German motoring journalist, Thomas Imhof. Awards Chairman Graham Johnson says: “It’s a very smooth and quiet diesel application that offers fine driveability and performance, combined with economy”. Swedish judge Lasse Sward summed the engine up thus: “Small, lightweight, smart and very fuel efficient”.

    The 1.3 diesel engine represents a new chapter in diesel engine technology, pioneered by Fiat. Just as it did in 1988, with the launch of the Fiat Croma 1.9 TDI, the first standard production car in the world to be fitted with a direct injection diesel power unit. And, 10 years on, the advent of the 1.9 JTD, the first direct injection diesel unit to be built using the Common Rail technology that was developed by Fiat.”

    Go ahead and take the Linea or the Punto because you have one of the world’s best award-winning engines under your car’s hood. Still, do people want to take the City, or the Vento, or the SX4 or even the Jetta?

  16. aman says:

    the problem of all of u is that u all praise,mostly of u ,only ur owned cars…………but we have to c abut the features ,value for mone and tech specs………so if i rank them then it will be like this………..

    #1- MANZA_made on the concept of cadillac interiors and exteriors inspired from benz S class,this is the only car which made TATA stnad in the race with these handsome cars ,wether the car is of lill low cost than others but it gives better milage,performance,interiors are bigger and it some wat feels like driving a big car……….
    #2-HONDA CITY-know THE PRICE IS HIGH BUT ITS SURELY CALLED”MINI ACCORD”COZ OF ITS JAPANESE techs and slim body….but not soo much pretty interiors if compared to the cost it requires….but it sill has somthing which attracts people towards the honda company
    #3- VENTO- as its brand suggests,the german engineering and other piculiar lill things in it are fine
    #4-SX4_best car for indian roads,sporty looks,fine interiors,but it stands here bcoz of its lil problems in driving
    #5-VERENA transorm- because of its lil space it stands here and the major prob. is that it came latest in the market

  17. Gurpreet says:

    HI!!!! I would like to comment on the fact that tested most of the above mentioned cars and also took advise from friends and Family who own these cars before I decided to buy the Linea MJD…I got a deilsel car for a very low proce and although I got the Active model …it still has all the features that a big car is expected to have , also the emotion PK Honda city or Vento highline and is still cheaper (The petrol Emotion Pk is another1 lac chaeper than deisel), The engine is smooth has adequate power and is very fuel efficient , I got 23Kmpl with AC on for 40% TIME ONA 300KM TRIP AND THE CAR HAS NOT EVEN DONE 2500 kms…still needs ti go for first service (bought it just 2 months back), Solid bulid quality , excellent handling and very good space )the boot is humungus and interior space is good too….only other care with such solid feel is Vento but then it is nearly 1.2 lacs more expensive (Active VS trendline).The car exibits excellent poise at high speeds have driven it over 140K on the expressway in Delhi….and is the best looking Sedan in its category (personal opinion). The verna & fiesta I think are too cramped , the others are much more expensive ,\ Honda does not have a deisel option, Only Manza is as spacious , cheaper and has the same engine however is nothing compared in looks and the build quality of the FIAT is much better. I am extremely happy with the Car , ust hoping that the service network that TATA is providing matches upto the product from FIAT.

  18. R Rangarajan says:

    My winner order is-
    1st- Maruti SX4 ZXi-Best looks,ground clearance and aftersales network. Needs better seats.

    2nd-Honda City V M/T-The car which you cannot go wrong with. Better quality,response and features needed.
    3rd-Ford Fiesta SXi Duratec-The most fun to drive and the car which has good equipment. But,the seats are cramped and feels smaller than others.
    4th-VW Vento Highline 1.6-Great image,resale value and space. Equipment,price and aftersales need improvement.

    5th-Tata Indigo Manza Elan Safire- New and nice Tyrain wine shade,but image is bad and the engine is lacklustre.
    6th-Fiat Linea T-jet +- Good power,looks and features. Needs better image and speed.
    7th-Hyundai Verna Transform VTVT 1.6-Comfy and great aftersales. Needs better looks and interiors.

  19. automobo says:

    One should not forget that Linea got the coveted and prestigious AUTOCAR ‘Car of the Year’ award in 2009. Any doubts about the Linea?

    Another thing to note about Linea as well as Punto is that, these cars were tested in the Arctic Arjeplong area and their handling, dynamics, ABS, and all parameters were checked and fine-tuned for the perfect drive. If anyone has doubts, see Autocar or Overdrive issues late 2008. Arjeplong temperatures are all subzero and very demanding of vehicles. Most European carmakers go to Arjeplong for testing their cars. So anyone who already has a Linea or Punto or anyone hoping to buy them can be assured of the fact that your car has already passed some of the worst and treacherous conditions on earth, and also you definitely are not going to face such conditions in India. Has any other competitor in this list tested their vehicles like FIAT? No. Still some people are hesitant of FIAT.

    I wonder why people are so dumb and still buy the City for no features or exceptional fuel economy. Actually what is the City’s USP if it has any?

    Those of you who are after Vento, bear in mind that Germans are renowned for their humongous service charges and spares costs (Just see the Octavia under the VW brand). The car may be good but be prepared to pay exorbitant charges for service and spares. Another thing to note is that, Vento was designed just for India. There is no Vento in any European country. So are you really buying a VW car or a car tailormade for India and badged as VW. Those owning a Jetta have the pride of owning a genuine German car which Germans also drive. But what about Vento? And moreover one cannot brag about ‘German engineering’ in a Vento because it is after all a car made by VW India for India.

    Concerning the engine, the best engine among these cars is undoubtedly the Fiat 1.3 Multijet. Currently it powers India’s largest selling eight cars on Indian roads (Punto, Linea, Ritz, Swift, Dzire, SX4, Vista, Manza). This engine gives the best economy and driveability in Indian conditions. Those of you who think FIAT has only 1.3 litre Multijet, please know that FIAT has also 1.6 and 1.9 Multijets in Europe. If India shows an interest, then definitely FIAT may bring them to India. 1.9 Multijet is said to be in the league of Benz territory. One need not be surprised since FIAT invented CRDI technology.

  20. regi says:

    FIAT LINEA is the best looking car no doubt, my heart goes for linea. Can somebody give feedback on the quality of interior equipments and the mileage. My travel is only 25 kms a day. Would it be prudent to go in for a diesel car or a petrol. What about the drive quality and maintainence cost. Which is the best car vento/linea or etios. please suggest.

    • JayYes says:

      Etios is different class compared to VW Vento or Fiat Linea. If you compare VW Vento and Fiat Linea T-Jet plus,

      1. Design & Styling : (looks : the very first choice of everyone)
      T-Jet Plus – 4.5/5 (Stunning front grills and shape)
      Vento – 4/5

      2. Interiors:
      Quality of plastic in T-Jet plus could have been better compared to Vento. But it is feature loaded and some features can be compared to Luxury cars such as Audi or BMW (BlueMe, Voice Interactive system) –> 4 /5

      Vento interiors – Quality of plastic is good compared to T-Jet plus. Though features are less compared to T-Jet plus (even audio controls on Steering wheel is missing – comes in compact cars also), you have all you need. The best feature (typical Germany thought on engineering) is moving the front co-passenger seat from rear using a lever to give leg space for rear seat passengers.
      Aux power outlet is missing. It has Telescopic (not in any of the contemporary entry level sedan models) and tilting Steeing wheel. —-> 4/5

      3. Safety
      Both have very good body build compared to other cars in the same class. ABS and Airbags (Vento Highline) are present in both the cars. Guess no compromise on safety end. But Vento is with an added feature called Anti-pinch protection.

      Both rated 4/5

      4. Comfort
      T-Jet plus is a driver car. Tyre dimension is R16 compared to R15 of Vento. It cruises through small pits and bumps. You oddly feel the indian road jerks. But you are sure to know what has been underneath while driving Vento, though not bad. Cabin noise filtering is good in T-Jet plus compared to Vento. Leather seats are standard for T-Jet plus.
      T-Jet plus – 4.5 / 5
      Vento – 3.5 / 5

      5. Space
      T-Jet plus – 4/5
      Vento – 3.5 /5

      6. Mileage
      I leave it to you. Reports say different numbers. But my point is no entry level sedan will give a good mileage wihtin City (in the range of 9-11 km) and varies by a kilometer or two in highways. Fiat Linea is Turbo-charged (refer wikipedia on how it affects fuel usage) but weighing more (1240 Kg) compared to Vento (1130 Kg).

      7. Technical Specifications:
      Though Vento is good compared to other cars in the class, it is no match to T-Jet Plus. Linea Turbo-charge has awesome power and torque at low RPMs (no car in the class matches). Overtaking will be effortless with Linea T-Jet plus and too good at curves. Linea T-Jet plus has Ground clearance of 170 mm (T-Jet has only 165) compared to Vento 168 mm. However maximum attainable speed is more for Vento. Since both are above 170 KPH, it is immaterial in Indian conditions.

      T-Jet Plus – 4.8 / 5
      Vento – 3.8 / 5

      8. Service
      T-Jet Plus – TATA is doing the service in India. There are complaints (accoring to some sites) also. FIAT may go their own way later (still a speculation)
      Vento – As somone pointed out above, they have less service centres and I have my own doubts what are they upto if it comes to service.

      Judgement is yours.

      9. Cost
      T-Jet plus (No diesel) is around a lach costlier than Vento (Higline Petrol) on-road.

      So if you wanna go for a car stylish, powerful, driver’s car and never mind a lach more, you should go for T-Jet Plus
      Vento is no less (and German engineering), but lacks few things. But has a compromise on cost.

      If you drive more than 15,000 kms a year, you can think of buying a diesel car. You need more time (roughly 3-4 years) to recover the money you have spent extra on diesel variant when buying. Today’s one lach has more value than tomorrow. Calculate yourself, how much you spend on diesel (despite no frequent change in price) and petrol (price changes frequently) over the time with your average running kilometers per year.

    • automobo says:

      Well, if you take the Fiat Linea diesel, you can get a mileage of 17.3 kmpl in the city and 24.83 kmpl on the highway with ac on (both are averages).

      Since you would be driving only 25 kms. a day, you may stick with a petrol engined car. But if you consider the rising fuel costs and the mileage advantage of diesel even if petrol and diesel may cost the same in the future, it is advisable to go for a diesel engined car. Modern common rail diesels are fun to drive and they are almost just like petrol, in fact many a time better than petrol. Especially the high torque at low rpm will prove beneficial when crawling uphill on a pothole filled road and also normal uphill driving with ac on and when an oncoming vehicle stops you, you don’t need to switch off the ac and take the vehicle in first gear (It is slightly hard to do that on a petrol car with ac on without the engine stopping). But bear in mind that it is careful driving that counts.

      On a diesel car, you won’t bother to switch off the ac and suffer in the heat. Whereas in a petrol car, you would think about the high cost of petrol.
      Maintenance-wise, diesel cars are slightly more expensive to service because of the fact of costlier filters and oil. Other parts like brake liners and discs, etc. cost the same. But you will reap the benefit if you have more running kms. per month.

      People especially when driving diesel cars after driving petrol cars tend to depress the clutch while in 2nd/3rd gear when trying to gain speed on certain occasions. That should be avoided at all costs. If you do that, you will wear out the clutch and will invite clutch overhauling. But if you slot the gear into first gear and pick up speed as usual on such occasions (especially when the car is almost stopping, e.g., speed-breakers), then there would be no problem for the gearbox as well as the engine. Again it is careful, wise and intelligent driving that matters. (It is a sad thing that many Indians may have money to buy expensive cars, but don’t necessarily know how to drive them in a way not to misuse the car in any manner but at the same time, enjoy the vehicle to the fullest as the manufacturer claims. Many Indians misuse their cars. After all, how many remember common physics what they studied in their schooling years?).

      Etios is in a different class, so please don’t compare with the Linea and Vento. Between the two, the Linea is the definite value for money. It has better styling (who can beat the Italians in styling, sculpture work, architecture, designing?), more mileage, bluetooth connectivity and audio controls on steering wheel (the famous Blue and Me system jointly developed by Fiat and Microsoft featuring voice commands), more space inside, rear sun curtain, etc. You have the feeling of owning a big car. Above everything, it is cheaper. Vento and Polo look the same from the front upto the C-pillar. You pay almost 10.5 lakh for a car which looks almost the same as a 6 lakh car except for the boot. How absurd?

      Moreover, since the Linea is 1.3 litre, you can pay its insurance premium in the 1.0-1.5 litre category. Vento being a 1.6 litre, one has to pay its premium in the greater than 1.5 litre category which is a huge difference.
      Another important thing is the engine parts sharing of the Linea with Punto, Manza, Vista, all Maruti diesel engines. After all, the Multijet engine technology is Fiat’s and Fiat has licensed it to Tata and Maruti to use in their vehicles also. There will be no engine part shortage. Vento is VW’s, so expect higher service and spares costs (no part sharing with any vehicle).

  21. Nishant says:

    Well this forum is pretty interesting, here i have to break this way.

    I own 4 cars Old Honda city, new honda city, SX4.

    1) Low maintenance, good service, driving on bad roads best car is (SX4)
    2) Slightly high Maintainable, good service, Comfort, Peace of mind ownership and log term battle holder (Honda City)
    3) Comfortable, Good Engine, Average, driving long distances stress free.Safety, safety, safety, Safety, safety, safety—- for safety nothing beats Vento in this class
    4) If pleasure of driving and wing a car is what u looking for that all these cars are no good look for second hand old honda city its the best i have found

  22. SACHIN says:



    • automobo says:

      Surely the Linea diesel is the best buy. After all you get the engine and gearbox of Fiat, the combination of which is the best in the lot which gives best fuel efficiency. Also you get the best features at the best price. Don’t forget about the Italian styling which makes Linea one of India’s most beautiful sedans.
      Also, SX4′s ride is rubbish. Linea’s ride and handling is the best. Experience for yourself and just buy the Linea. You will not regret.

  23. ishan arora says:

    hey frndzzz m ishan i booked vento highline… wat u say about this….

    plzz tell me…

    mail me plzzz

  24. Rahul Srivastava says:

    I got my SX4 fitted with CNG recently, i opted for multi injector kit which costed me 42k. wanna share few things

    average: 15 km per kg of gas
    i opted for 14kg cylinder which is max in which i get 9 kg of gas in summers.
    my car became little noisy and it lacks pick up at initial stages but after reaching speed of 50 km and if the road is clear then slowly n steadly my SX4 beast again wakes up from sleep and touches high speeds eaisly…

    I have touched 160 km/hr on CNG at greater noida express way without much of the problem. my car has covered 11500 km and it is going excellent……

    Guys if u wanna own a power house at lower cost of maintaince and want peace in life…go for this bull ”The SX4”

  25. automobo says:

    At least now, people should realise that Honda was charging an exorbitant price for a simple car like City (almost Rs. 2.5 lakh). For the first time in history, Honda has reduced prices of its bread-winner City by upto Rs. 66000.
    Well done, competition for forcing City to surrender. But even then the days of City are over. Now people have other good value for money choices, especially in diesel.
    By the time, Honda rolls in its diesel (if at all that happens), it will be game over for Honda in India because the competition would have already got the edge.

  26. hailfiat says:

    If anyone wants to buy a car with the best ride and handling, look no further, just buy the Linea diesel. Confirm this with other expert reviews. Everyone will say in unison, the Linea has the best ride and handling on Indian roads.

  27. arjun says:

    linea i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  28. Eric Lacroix says:

    hey there!

    I just bought a SX4 JLX 2011 (2.0 gasoline engine, AWD, CVT transmission). I drove 315km with my first tank and as far as it goes, 2nd one looks to be the same.

    I am a little scared because my previous car was a Toyota Yaris 1.5l FWD standard, and I was good for 600km on a tank. Is it normal that my SX4 got performances like that??? It’s roughly 2 times as thirsty as my previous car for an engine not so much bigger… and an AWD that engage on demand. Should I worry or is it just normal?


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