Skoda Fabia – Test Drive and Review

October 19th, 2010 | In Review, Test Drive | 5 Comments »

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Gone are the 1.4L gasoline and 1.4L TDI engine, Fabia gets 1200cc gasoline and oil burner mills. The new engines are nothing but the same engines used in Volkswagen polo. The 1.2L petrol engine under the new Fabia develops 75bhp and 110Nm. The 1.2L TDI generates equal amount of power and 180Nm of peak torque at 2000rpm. For auto enthusiast, Skoda is offering a powerful 1.6L petrol engine developing 105bhp. The engines are coupled with 5-speed manual transmission

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5 Responses to “Skoda Fabia – Test Drive and Review”

  1. Laxmi Narayana says:

    Nice Review, if you can compare the After sales service with this Fabia is good.

  2. Muthukumaran says:

    I think the so-called facelift version has only 2 additions that I could spot.
    1.Front top glove box
    2.MFD(earlier ones very primitive)

    Also the engine power has improved a lot at reduced prices which might impress most Skoda fans. But the service sure might come as a shocker for many. Even smaller spares will cost you a fortune, a risk one should be willing take to own a nice car. It sure is a cozy interior inside.

  3. Hiran says:

    The problem with these engines are there is no way the power and torque be improved (even with power boxes), as VW/Skoda have already extracted the maximum and engines are running at their elastic boundary. My cousin has a POLO which he is tired off with many electrical problems and niggling issues (sometimes bulb fuses, sometimes, engine management light comes on) etc which I think will be similar to this skoda too. These engines of VW’s are not reliable as expected as they just acquired this technology (CRDI, earlier their on Pumpduse) and yet to prove the reliability. It takes 8-10 days to get an appointment from VW to change bulbs, so I expect this will be too worse for SKODA too. I think out of all these, PUNTO and i20 are the best. i20 seems to have lot of problems with AC and rattling and leaves PUNTO as the only choice, recent hindustan times say PUNTO is no.1 in customer satisfaction. All these made me to go for PUNTO. I will soon share my experiences with my cousins POLO (3000Kms) and mY PUNTO (2000kms). I am surprised with the service and the response which fiat gives.

  4. Hiran says:

    “The price reduction is sure to be great news for Fabia lovers”

    I disagree with this comments, as all fabia lovers might have bought one Fabia before and they will hate SKODA again as they bought the same car before for atleast 1or 2 lakhs more than what is it now.

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