Royal Enfield Classic 500 and Classic 350 Pictures

November 4th, 2009 | In pictures | 50 Comments »

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50 Responses to “Royal Enfield Classic 500 and Classic 350 Pictures”

  1. alex says:

    awesome ,i planned to sell my sts 350….;-)

  2. alex says:

    awesome ,i planned to sell my std 350….;-)

  3. balan says:

    Good, but i feel it lacks manilness when compared to other bull models.

  4. balan says:

    sorry lacks manlyness when compared to other bull models like std, electra and ts.

  5. Dorjee says:

    I don’t agree with Balan…sorry!!! I think this Monster is going to be a huge success in India especially with its new designs and engine. I mean look at it, Ah I just love this Claasic….every rider gonna love this one.

    • SANJAY PILA. says:

      u r right boss.royal enfield is a tradional bike…i just love it…i m planning to buy classic 350 in april…i m bliend fan of it..i gonna die to have it.

  6. Sathya says:

    I hold a machismo 350 2001 and std 350 1996 .

    what the point in relaunch.

    Do you think this will be a hit ……Definitely not…..looks like a old 1940 black and white movie.

    Green looks yak. comparetivley, only Black looks good.

    Classic model should be designed, with a sense a classic touch in it , not the same old classic with one seat.

    No need to spend this much for this , remove the usual seat and place a single seat ,thats it.

    even people who wanna modify will not prefer any of the made change.

    from the above,I prefer the silencer , engine and single seat.

    Relaunch of classic should look like Hell – there should a stunned silence….

    if we customised in puthupet , definitely it would be much better than this.

    • Amir Khan says:

      Satya…..U R A BIG Chutttyyaaaa….!! Do u even understand what does bike mean?

      Stop criticising when u know sheet about it

      Amir Khan

      • Syed Faisal says:

        I agree with Aamir and thnks people who don’t know much abt bikes
        should not comment on design or eng’r work for any bike….

        this is pure indian bike and we shuld b proud for it,

    • Sanjeev says:

      Satya,you won’t get the perfection if you build by your own.The new classic really has got a classic 1950′s touch.

    • SANJAY PILA. says:

      plz dont critisise this bike….we shoude be proude of it…this is truly BIKE OF MAHARJA…people ride this bike with proud…plz dont hurnt them with righing….

    • BHPian says:

      Hope u r seeing it now??? 12 months of waiting period..

  7. manu says:

    it is good but its need double seats like sd

    • manish says:

      hi manu…
      i think u didn’t know dat de bull comes with 2 seats …….
      dey put single only for display….

  8. Waheed Ahmed says:

    I was waiting for this since long. I am buying it by end of Noveber 2009.if it is available…

  9. navjot says:

    just down the seat just little and want wind screen on the handle

  10. Choedup says:

    I just ordered one and man, I am loving it. The classic look really redefines the Enfield. I am sure RE lovers will make this model a hit in India.

  11. Tajinder Singh says:

    It is good bike, I like green color but it is not avilable in 350 classic so it should be green color avilable in classic 350

    • Sanjeev says:

      Green is a worst colour.You better look for black or silver.RE is a gentleman’s bike.Green will make it zero.

  12. huss says:

    Hve ordered this and will be my first RE bike. Hope it satisfies me and give me a perfect feel of the Classic vintage look bike.

  13. Khalid malik says:

    I have this bike this is the best bike since the bulett made

  14. Deus says:

    hey, this classic is going to rock !
    personally I liked it. this is what i was looking for. although other models are good but.. but this model is unique. I love such styles. a real classic designe.
    I will bring this monster.
    and soon I will come with good photos.
    Gentle man ! Go and take it to your road.

  15. Sai says:

    its a damn hunky bike!!!!!!!

  16. chithu painoor says:

    realy its wonderful ….. i feel it …. it so power full

  17. manish says:

    oh ……….great monster man….. I booked for 2 pieces 4 me n my frind….
    but sadly we hav 2 wait 4 6months….
    ny ways iam so excited 4 ma new 350 classic……
    dis model going 2 rock de road….
    dam sure……

  18. raghu says:

    hai………..really it is bold and beautiful.looks like HD only.m going to book this actually what to do man love at first sight……….hmmmmmch

  19. sivakolundu says:

    Hi All……………. i booked recently 500 classic green…but we need to wait for months..its okey …if we are crazy abt it need to wait and enjoy…

    great …enfield has to think about manufacturing, assembling plants depends upon the order to reduce the wiating time…see u with my new 500cc after 9 months….i didnt check the power…but buying only for its traditional look..:=) dont think im old..:-(

  20. Mahavakya says:

    Well guys !,if you look at the sales statistics this is beyond imagination.I booked classic 500 and it will be delivered after 8 months and folks you gone love this bike more than you girlfriend..Trust me !

  21. WASIM N. KHAN says:


  22. sunny says:

    Hey i have a new Classic 350cc bike which i bought two months back…. Believe me the engine stopped dead at once and the enfield guy says its my mistake .. well i didnt do anything wrong with it… i drve below 50kmph and took care of it and suddenly the engine broke down… i would like to sell it… pls interested people give me ur numbers

  23. Arun John says:

    The 500 CC EFI looks classy and with the fuel injection, they have made a big leap in advancing the old carb engine, which is good. The only thing I don’t like about it is that they made it like a usual bike with the shifter on the left side. They should have kept the shifter on the right just like the older models, as lovers of this bike, we all want to have something unique about this. Please pals, let’s make some effort to make them do that. Who wants to be just one in the crowd when we can stand out?

  24. Vaithi says:

    Bought my black classic 350 from Ambattur RE in Chennai. Came to 1.14 on road after a wait of 2 months. After the first service, it gives me exactly 54kmpl consistently, that too in Chennai roads. Riding is simply a pleasure on roads, but definitely not a bike for city roads due to its weight and bulk, or for short trips, say 5km. Used to ride a yamaha before but that was another kind of fun! With Bullet, none honks at me, fellow bikes and even cars(!) make way, people dont overtake in close proximity! and I always get an enquiry how much??(for price) and how much??(for milage). Suspension is first class, pick up is amazing, absolutely no maintenance, no glitches, no fatigue. Due to its perception, I feel more responsible now on the roads.

  25. vasanth says:

    Could you please tell me why it took so much time to delivery royal enfield classic 350cc. Do they working on it or not ?

  26. vasanth says:

    Could you please tell me why it took so much time to deliver royal enfield classic 350cc. Do they working on it or not ?

  27. Harish says:

    R Ravishing
    O Outstanding
    Y Yhooommmppp
    A Awesome
    L Latest
    E Energetic
    N Naughty
    F Fast
    I Incredible
    E Enthusiastic
    L Loyal
    D Desent

  28. SATHISH says:


  29. Raju says:

    Very good Bike for looks and pickup… I luv it.

    I booked Classic 350cc – red color on february and waiting for its delivery.

  30. srinivas netha says:

    hai evry 1……

  31. Srinivasan says:

    I am little short and thin but I love to ride this bike….will I look good if I sit in this bike but I just love this royal enfield classic 350 bike to the core….pls do reply to my comment.

  32. Sanju says:

    May I kno about the handle bar….is it too lengthy or like the normal bikes..pls reply anyone..

  33. Sans says:

    Hey guys I am 5.7 feet..wil dis bike look good for me..pls do reply anyone

  34. mohit says:

    ofcourse yaar actually i am also 5.8 feet…i think RE classic are made for us…

  35. VAibhav says:

    is it also available in two seats ?

  36. sartaj says:

    ilove this beast too much than all indian dieng fans ? but rember somewhre i listen now see as for as consern of 350 classic is this shows the leakage of ingine oil is this re-born of classic have manufacturing fault, pl.give me the rewives thanks.

  37. Naveen yadav says:

    I am proud to ride this bike…since frm 2 years
    I was eagerly waiting for dis……..and nw I am hangovered with tat bike….

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