Force Motors SUV Pictures

November 4th, 2010 | In pictures | 19 Comments »

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Force Motors SUV
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19 Responses to “Force Motors SUV Pictures”

  1. Rohit says:

    Seems like an illegitimate child of the Ford endeavour and Prado. May do well if priced attractively.

  2. Shihab says:

    It is not for India????
    India needs left hand wheel

  3. george says:

    looks typical chinese, something like a flared Qualis ?? need re tooling to make it eye catchy

  4. Vikram Rudy Ani says:

    Design = Weak, too Chinese. looks tacky.
    Build Quality = Average.
    Interior = Average.
    Seats = Third row side facing seats are just for fun, not to be seated!!! Zero leg space.
    Point = may see marginal success if priced around 8-9L,
    just another overpriced car if priced around 10L,
    Are you kidding????, if priced around 12L
    Oh my God, if priced anything more…. seriously.

  5. Laersen says:

    Interiors aren’t that bad.

  6. Mrinal says:

    Force SUV made in China? This looks very similar to the SUv from Greatwall Motors which is based on Isuzu crew cab / SUV. The front view and light clearly exhibits the lineage of discarded Isuzu design.

  7. suhail says:

    surely this is from great wall motors of china. a very bad quality vehicle i have seen in many foreign contries. noone uses them except some small companies for their dusty construction site use. the build quality, interior and performance, all are just below average. our scorpio, xylo, aria and safari are far far better.

  8. ketan says:

    its good after giving an final Indian touch
    it is heard that it comes with mercedes benz power house 611CDIengine and transmission,
    it works IF PRICED upto 9.5lakhs.

  9. I m thinking of buying the new Force Motors SUV want to know the average kilometer the car runs per hour

  10. Chintu Pandey says:

    Utility vehicles are rapidly capturing the market due to its multifarious use. Utility vehicles are found in two kinds :- Sport Utility Vehicle or Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV). SUV in India has a large market base, and the demand is growing exponentially with time……… Now force motors is launching up with a new SUV in the market very soon within the price range of Rs. 10-12lakh.. N this one really looks very big n huge … So i dont think so we all will get depressed as force motors other vehicles like trax, cruiser etc…
    Lets hope for the good one.. dis time with force motors SUV..

  11. Kutty says:

    I am kutty i having force vehicle
    thank you & best of luck

  12. Surendra Singh says:

    Eeks the car seems to be just made for a sake no looks, seems like a match box. I beg to god please give Force people some kind of brains that they better do best with buses, travellers rather entering in small cars & SUV… As they cant make up good cars.

    Oh God please same dem????

  13. Shilpa Desai says:


  14. Shilpa Desai says:

    Right said Surendra me too agreed with you dear….

  15. ramesh says:

    spare wheel should have been on rear door for this design

  16. vikashkumar says:

    i am like suv one my choice

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