Car and Bike Service Centres in India

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Bosch Car Service (BCS) and Castrol Pitstop

Bosch Ltd, the flagship company of Bosch Group has more than 70 service centres across the country abd plans to open 230 multibrand Bosch Car Service (BCS) centres by 2010 across the country, taking the total number to 500. Bosch Car Service has set new benchmarks in the car service domain and planning aggressively to expand footprint. By 2010, Bosch will have at least 500 service centres across India. For, Bosch Service Centre Location click me

Castrol Pitstop was commenced following the success of Castrol BikeZone. Castrol Pitstop offers innovative and quick car maintenance service. So drive in for convenient and speedy service. On time basis, Castrol Pitstop offers ‘Top Performance Pit Stop’ that takes 75 minutes and ‘Regular Offer (No Frills Offer)’ whic takes 45 minutes. Castrol Pitstop also offers quickies like the ‘Express Check and Go’ which is a 15 minutes quick check up. For more details, click me

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  1. Great Post.It is very informative.Car servicing also ensures that your car is maintained to the highest standard.Proper maintenance is important to make use of its full potential.Thanks!

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