Car and Bike Service Centres in India

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Castrol Bike Zone

Castrol Bike Zone started its business during 2005. Its a unique service centre giving atttention to all the feedbacks from the customer. Unlike the OEM service centres, who just self-start the engine and check for the battery condition (headlamp, horn, tail lamp, indicators glowing or not) and scratches in the bikes, Castrol Bike Zone mechanics ride the bikes, feel the problems in person and then complete the feedback form while taking our bike for service.

Then, unlike OEM service centres, where we are not allowed to enter into the service section (there may be exceptions), in Castrol Bike Zone, everything is transparent, we can watch our bikes getting serviced.Castrol Bike Zone now offers, Bike Doctor package (Rs. 799) consisting of One Gold Service at the time of purchase. worth Rs.355, One Silver Service after 2500 kms or 3 months, worth Rs.255, One Gold Service after 5000 kms or 6 months, worth Rs.355, Two Labour Coupons Rs.100, Helmet(friend referal bonus) at Rs.899. Castrol Bike Zone also offers, Bike Doctor Lite (Rs. 499), Refer a friend, Service Offering, Four Two Ka Funda, Safe Riding Programme and Corporate Club. Here is a video on Castrol Bike Zone.  But, friends, do tell us if your experience was as pleasant as shown in the video or was just the opposite!

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  1. Great Post.It is very informative.Car servicing also ensures that your car is maintained to the highest standard.Proper maintenance is important to make use of its full potential.Thanks!

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