Car and Bike Service Centres in India

August 3rd, 2010 | In Tips, Trends | 1 Comment »

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Purchasing a car is easier, but maintaining it for all the years we use them needs some knowledge on the mechanisms of cars, so as to escape from the traps laid by ignorant service centre guys, having a ready made answer for all the car’s problems – ‘replacing the part’. But, Uncle Tom never wants to learn, not even an iota about cars. In that case, there are third party service centres, who provide services at affordable costs and sometime they are far better than the OEM service centres.

The only advantage in going to Exclusive service centres  is that, their only business will be servicing cars, hence, quality is top priority for them, otherwise, unsatisfied customers will cause a big dent in the business. Here, in this slideshow, we list some of the service centres, which you can opt for. Also, you may need these type of service centres, when you feel that OEM’s service isn’t up to the mark. Here we go!

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  1. Great Post.It is very informative.Car servicing also ensures that your car is maintained to the highest standard.Proper maintenance is important to make use of its full potential.Thanks!

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