Bike Stunts: Wheelie and Christ

July 9th, 2009 | In Bike Stunts | 24 Comments »

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bajaj_pulsar_180cc_7 Fun with Bikes:
If you are faint hearted or care more about the safety! kindly move to the next article. This segment is meant for fun and thrill. Its to pump up your adrenaline and to raise the heart beat… Yeah, we at vicky always love fun with bikes. Here’s a segment which will tell you about the various stunt techniques. We will make a series of posts on various stunts and stunt techniques. But as usual, we tell you to ensure safety while riding a motorcycle or a car.

When we discussed on kick starting the segment, the first bike pop up in everyone’s mind was pulsar. Here’s stunt man making incredible things with his cherry red pulsar 180cc. Sitting wheelie, standing wheelie and christ are on the way..

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24 Responses to “Bike Stunts: Wheelie and Christ”

  1. Sudarshan_SMD says:

    Hi Sir,
    Yes these stunts are great. But’ wasn’t your team supposed to wear saftey accesories?

    Your Team has just got Helmet & shoes?

  2. unicorn says:

    Thanks for the wheelie techs.But i cannot perform on my unicorn.Please explain in detail.

    • santosh says:

      hello….friends i am a height of 5.9, plz..can any 1 of u can say me which bike is good for me to STUNT,now i am using splender in that bike i can do only FOOT PEG WHEELIE for about0.5 KM….i am thing to take a bike..i think on this three bike”s ,which 1 is good for stunting…1..pulsar 180,220….2..yamaha fz series..3 apache RTR 180..REACH ME AT

  3. Ramesh says:

    i am a very regular reader of Vicky, but this segment is very unacceptable. Can you imagine the number of fatal accidents this can cause? I have lost one of my friends in a bike accident and loss of life is no joke. the whole world cannot become stunt riders.

    Kindly discontinue this segment before it causes anything bad.

    Thank You sir

    • abhinesh says:

      hi ramesh
      watever it is living in this world itself is a dangerous job!
      stunts are part of biking people know wat they are getting into wen they perform stunts!
      ny stunt done with good safety accessories is good stunt

    • areeb says:

      behan ke lode maa chuda…..
      Teri gand kiyun phat rahi hai……

  4. Vikas says:

    If you dont love your pulsar, do all this stuff….because pulsar is blessed with worst clutch ever seen in any Indian bikes. Just try all this and see your pulsar engine crying……… The perfect machine for wheelie is ZMA

  5. Xmen says:

    Hi, i am daily visitor of this site but i like this new section 2much itz amazing plz go ahead & add more and more stunt techniques with detailed. And friends dont try this without safety stay safe.

  6. narender says:

    I daily check my mail for vicky forums ,these stunts are great add more stunts and specially “stoppies” which I love to perform.

  7. maju k peter says:

    its great to knw abt these stunts .. would like 2 see more and more of tis type …

  8. mayank says:

    hy vicky,u know that i m crazy abt stunts will plz teach me,reply on my

  9. Shree says:

    You have shown that the stunt is very easy to do but
    I have tried it meny times but whely done perfectly only once.
    what is the tech of pickup front wheel easy.
    also tell me tech of stoping.

  10. Sudhakar says:

    Hey can u teach me how to do wheelie and stoppies.

    I have tried many times in new unicorn but it pop up only 1 feet and very close distance
    i m going to buy new pulsar

    so pls post me how to do wheelie and stoppies. and for a long distance.

  11. hitesh says:

    its cool for young guys

  12. jonty says:

    can u teach me how to do wheelie and stoppie

    • rajan says:

      shift to first gear, hold ur clutch n pull ur accelerator forfor2-3 second then suddenly leave ur clutch n contineously move ur acceletor up n down to give more acceleration n maintain balance=>for whilie
      for stoppie reach to the speed of 30-35 hold ur handle tighly n give the disk break n apply ur weight by leanin front for stoppie try this u will thank me!!!

  13. Vicky says:

    Hi i want to learn bike stunts but i dont know about stunts so pls tell me about stunts i have plusar 135 also tell me can i stunts with this bike reply fast

  14. Navin says:

    Hey fren ive not taught techoiques for bike stunt bt tried 4 whillie 4 fev times n it just rise only 1 fet,4 da last time i hold cluch n took acelator few sec n realesed sudenly 4 result bike stands on 90 deg n fel 4m den i havent tried n thought dat widout any instruction n tecnique it wil be i would b so greatful if u send me sugetion n techniques,im using TVS victor GLX 125.

    • Sonu thakur says:

      Hy al yung stuntrs…
      If u wana do a gud wheelie… So jst folow these simple steps nd m dam sure u wil b mastr of wheelie… 1. Run in ur bike in 1st gear 8-10 km/hour
      2. Push clutch nd aply rear brake softly for pumping while giving acclerate… Dnt leave d clutch
      3. Thnk quicly leave d clutch nd acelrt mre…. Ur ossm whilee wil hapn…
      Plz send me mail on
      if it wil help u al thnkss

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