Bajaj Pulsar 135cc Pictures

December 9th, 2009 | In pictures | 27 Comments »

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27 Responses to “Bajaj Pulsar 135cc Pictures”

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  2. dhramvir rajput says:

    its a nice bike, and i think that it break all records in selling, and i patient to know the price and average. this a unique looks in the comparing to all other two wheelers in low cc (100cc -135cc) means small cc bike.

  3. basha says:

    hi my name is basha i need to know about pulsar 135cc.

  4. chintu says:

    what the fuck?? No originality here. Simply copied the tank design of apache, tank shrouds of hunk and headlight of yamaha fz and wrapped it with little bits of plastic here and there. Put all the copied bits together and tucked it with the old fucking engine of xcd 135. I pity bajaj for coming with such foolish bikes, whom are they fooling? First of all there isnt supposed to be a 135 segment at all. How much difference in power and performance does it make between 125 to 150 with 25cc of difference? I really miss those days when manufacturers really got some competitive products, suzuki samurai,shogun,tvs fiero, legendary Yamaha rd350, rx100, yezdi those were really fucking good bikes in terms of quality, performance. Thats wat bikers really need. not some gimicky plastic toy with underpowered fucked up engine. And i really pity those people who buy and appreciate what the manufacturers are giving them and flaunt it with style.This the biking scene in INDIA. And ultimately we as the consumers are responsible for it. Wake up bikers.., ask yourself is this what all you need?

  5. Price says:

    Dear All I agree with chintu….. yeh to GUGAAD banaya hai bajaj walo ne…. atleast I am not going to purchase this bike and not sugeested to other to purchase…. My suggestion to bajaj … DO NAKAL WITH AKAL….

  6. SriGuru says:

    The technology is 4-valve. Honda, TVS, others have not played 4 valve. Folks, this is serious stuff especially overall package except say twin spark. 13.4 with 135cc and just 122 kilos. It could fly off of the blocks. I just made many sweat with a 135kilo 12HP motorcycle. This is sweet news from Bajaj. Small looking bike, great potential. They wanna sell 30,000/month. Read three and half m-cycles a year. That’s a lot of 135cc Pulsars on the streets.

    Bajaj has definitely made HH and Honda, TVS sit up and take notice esp Honda often dumps old engine technology.

    Bravo Bajaj!


  7. hridyesh says:

    i just wanna see physical first ..

  8. jaffa says:

    sula alaga unadhi byk ………….. bullshit model

  9. rakesh jain says:

    Whatever they copied is ok man? No one will give you 13BHP@9000 RPM, 135cc bike in below 60K. Mileage above 60. Likewise its ok. Front part looks nice but rear part looks very bad. But you will not get everything in 60K.
    If you want look and power then go for Pulsar 180 or 220.

  10. harry says:

    abe yek koi bike hai yeh tho yeh hua ki ek part iss bike ka or ek uss bika assamble ker diya or kha ki new bike hai,,,,,,

    the result is bekarrrr haiiii

  11. surya says:

    dis isnt liked by teenagers 4 its low 135cc nor elders bcoz of its sports look.letz wait n c wat happens

  12. Don says:

    Ha.. Ha…
    Reviewing on the comments i wud suggest that those who said its a mixture of apache and fz, i accept that headlight is similar to fz as that’s trend in today’s market.. and apache is not the own develpoed model by tvs, i’m sure.. it seems like fusion of pulsar and cbz xtreme.. I found this when they launched apache.. A copied model.. When tvs can copy, why not bajaj..?? And moreover, who cares for yamaha, its not the indian company, only foools go for non-india bikes.. Be indian, buy indian, support indian.. In that case, even if u feel that pulsar 135ls is a copy let it be.. People care only for the performance and better mileage.. which this bike really delivers.. And its really good that it belongs to indian company which is of good reputation in market.. Hope this one does well in the upcoming yrs..

    • HIMMY says:

      yes ,don is saying very right, i m agree with him ,what ever it is ,i like it ,, people having another bike than pulsar 35 ,is obious that ithey will prefer their bike as best.i think they are jealousing,JENA JLNA HAI JLOOOO ,BUT PULSAR 135 IZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BEST.

  13. Uday says:

    I have taken trial of this bike. Bike is good but its rear/back part i.e. gap bet’n seat and tyre is about 1feet. Why? Bajaj should keep ideal example of Hero Honda’s models body built up to become the best desi seller. Tank shape can be changed like splender as the tank capacity is mostly same. Shocks should be telescopic like Honda Passion model. Bajaj need more research and change the design of this bike to compete it with Honda Passion. Engine and other things are OK.

  14. durga ghimire says:


  15. bike maniac says:

    hello unexperienced bike wale
    kaun chute lauda bola ki “bajaj” tvs aur honda ka copy mara us sala chasme lagakar dekhna ek bar apache aur bajaj bike ko dekh jab pulsar launch hua history me ek revolution create hua tab tvs market share girta bolke apache launch hua tab se apache pulsar ka copy marte gaya jaise alloy wheels,digital meter,clip on handle bars,splir railing,L.E.D back light,front double lights,twin spark,dtsi sab copy kiya aur ek sala passion se compare kiya pulsar ke tyre se bhi kaam nahi aata……..bajaj rocks and bajaj is for youth.

  16. som says:

    the bajaj pulsar 135ls is super byke.I thing no:1 byke in the world

  17. Soman Tezpur says:

    Only one major defect in bajaj bike is silencer pipe quickly get rusting from the top portion,its true you can ask every pulsar rider,and over all bajaj one more is that the chain get losse every 50 km ride,not only pulsar but every bajaj model,if the the company concentate they can,iam having Pulsar 150cc model 2004,purple colour,good pickup and better mileage.Still if company launch 135cc hope it will rock the market.

    Kindly concentrate about my points.

    Enjoy definitely male.

  18. harish says:

    Hello chintu,

    goto hell…..Its so nice bike …………. i have rided this …..have you rided the bike? If not, go once then you can feel the magic……….

  19. Aman says:

    iska averege kitna hai, kya yeh white colpr main bhi available hai

  20. Game says:

    Its an awesum bike ! The most ultimate, when it comes to compared with Pulsar 180cc or FZ. Coz both these bikes are costing around 75-80K. But the Pulsar 135LS is just 60K. So put the cost factor into highlight. And For Aman, Bro its top speed is around 115kmph. And talking about the average, its unbelievably great! It gives 62kmpl in heavy traffic and around 66-68kmpl on highways ! Isnt that great when its carrying the Pulsar brand! So for my personal believe, this bike is kinda revolution in the industry in the 125-150cc genre. Its gives a tough competition to their on discover, and pulsar 150cc bikes. And the Yamaha and Hero hondas are already affected. This is the one anybody should go for. It has got disc braking, digital speedometer, and Harish thumbs up bro!

  21. Game says:

    Chintu bro.. your name is upto ur mark ! LOL!

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