Affordable Cruiser Bikes in India

August 12th, 2010 | In Trends | 21 Comments »

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Cruiser Bikes in India

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21 Responses to “Affordable Cruiser Bikes in India”

  1. Pari says:

    This is really beauty..
    But in India lighter bikes are more success..

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  3. rohit says:

    yes, i would love to ride cruiser bike. i own yamaha enticer & im happy with that bike bcz its good for city heavy traffic as well as for long drive . in cruiser bike comfort level is more .

  4. Akbar says:

    Its true… the first one to venture in this segment with a decent HD look alike with sweep all the stakes just like Bajaj did with Pulsar.
    Now its upto the manufacturers to seize the initiative. Hyosung are you listenting we still have nothing to beat the Aquila

  5. cha says:

    hmm good thought…..manufacturers here in India only concentrate on making more bikes that’s why we are so much deprived of the fun of real cruisers..

  6. jawahar says:

    We definately need a good cruiser. Enfield bikes,though a possible alternative, have become dated and to say the least, quirky. What we need is mid price range cruisers, with a good service network (why go in for a cruiser if you dont want roads less travelled), reliable, NOT TOO SPEEDY (Takes away the fun of cruising), a good road presence ( A big plus for Enfield bikes). IN short PURE BIKING PLEASURE —- ROADS/ BAD ROADS/ TRACKS

  7. Anaswar says:

    I own an avenger…and guys she is a great machine!! She is a headturner in my place, as there are only a few possibly less than 10 in my town at Kerala. I wonder why Herohonda, Honda and Suzuki are not entering the cruiser segment? The stats show that more and more Indian youths are coming into the cruising section but the problem is the option, only avenger and thunderbird!!!

  8. Neal says:

    I went for Avenger today and was very disappointed with 220 CC’s finishing, the clotting like shape occur after welding were left as it is and ….. !

  9. $ says:

    i dont think this guy knows the difference between bajaj-kawasaki eliminator & bajaj avenger…

  10. Aditya says:

    I really don’t think any of these bikes are actually cruiser bikes… its quite an insult when compared with American standards where the cruiser bike concept started. We really need one company to start the concept of actual ‘Cruiser’ bikes and the volume business when captured will automatically have alarm bells ringing for the others. Till then enjoy these “Pseudo-Cruisers’ as I must say!

  11. Mahendran says:

    I like to buy Avenger & I went bajaj showroom nellai for enquiry avenger looking good but I am upset while talking with salseref person he didnt give many reply for some technical quastion

  12. saurabh says:

    thunderbird rocks

  13. Ram says:

    Thunder Bird TS Rocks 350 CC n i have a milage of 48-50 kmpl

  14. syam says:

    bikers who loves mileage too have the love towards cruisers, a mid range of 60,000 priced cruiser of around 150cc displacement, with a fuel economy around 55km/l would be the best seller cruiser in india. i am really surprised why indian companies are not looking to this segment, except BAJAJ autos.

  15. omc says:

    which cruiser bike is good at mileage , available in india ?? what is the mileage of avenger ???

  16. rana says:

    honda shadow phantom is the sexiest cruiser bike in india it gives a mileage of 23km/l and it costs around 3.5 lkhs wow smooooooooooochhhh

  17. ravi says:

    currently i am ridin bajaj avenger 220, it feels gr8, has a very comfortable ride position n a gr8 engine,
    truly a gr8 indian cruiser

  18. Soumya Sona Das says:

    It’s my dream bike!

  19. Manu Varghese says:

    I had an avenger, rode it from 2008 – 2010, now I have a Thunderbird… but Im a kind of guy who always looks for more….. I feel that its hi time for more cruisers to enter the market…. and by that I do not mean machines that are bulky and show offs (obviously not with a high price tag) a descent cruiser which is practicle on indian roads and can reach the masses with the right pricing…… anything between 1.5 – 2.5 lakhs with a good enough engine of 200 – 250 CC engine would be good enough… we have enough Harley Davidson options….. What we need is more options in the Avenger , THunderbird league

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