Shipping & Delivery

Estimated shipping time which is shown on product detail page is the time taken for or one of its merchant partners to pick, pack and ship your order from the warehouse upon approval of payments In some cases like payment by cheque, card verification or demand draft, we process the order only upon confirmation of payment by our banks. Please note that we shall not be responsible for any delays in approval of payment of the customer as that is managed by the payment gateway and the bank. Total shipping time is the total time taken for your order to be delivered to you at your doorstep.

For example a product on which it is mentioned that it "Ships in 3-5 business days" would ship within 3-5 days from the receipt of your order and confirmation of payments. This does not mean that it would get delivered to you at your doorstep within 3-5 days.

Total shipping time = Time taken for approval of your payment by Bank +  Estimated Shipping Time + Time for transit

Total shipping time depends upon your delivery location and courier services available for the respective places as well. The choice of shipping (courier, speed post) may also contribute to the delivery time.  For instance, once you opt for an item that is listed as "ships in 3-5 business days", you may add the time taken for shipment usually 4 business days to reach the delivery estimates, i.e. 7-9 business days from order date. However, We make every effort to get products shipped as soon as possible.

Shipping Charge

In the event that a complete order cannot be shipped, a partial shipment will be made at our discretion.  INDICATION MUST BE MADE (WITHIN 3 HOURS) ONCE THE ORDER IS PLACED THROUGH MAIL TO IN THE EVENT THAT A PARTIAL SHIPMENT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

Residents of following states must provide below mentioned forms and courier them to the following address prior to processing of order:

  1. Uttar Pradesh: Form 32 needs to be provided by the customer for any purchases above Rs.1000
  2. West Bengal: Form 42 needs to be provided by the customer for any purchases above Rs.1000

Delivery time for custom orders:

Delivery time for custom orders including the specific colour preference is usually between 2-3 weeks. However it may get longer depending the availability of the custom product. will not be responsible for any delay in delivery. However, the customers will be notified on the developement.

For International customers: The orders shipped internationally, are subject to customs clearance procedures, hence there may be delays beyond the original delivery estimates.