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Air Filters

Air Filter Online Shopping offers  a very good quality filter for both bikes and cars. The term “Air Filter” is also known to be “Air Cleaner”.  The primary function of the air filter is to prevent airborne contaminants and abrasives from entering into the engine.  Without proper filtration, these contaminants can cause serious damage and appreciably shorten engine life.  All incoming air should pass through the filter element before entering the engine.

Air Filter Design

Air filters are basically assemblies of pleated paper supported by a layer of fine mesh wire screen.  The screen gives the paper some strength and also filters out large particles of dirt.  A thick plastic-like gasket material normally surrounds the ends of the filter.  This gasket material adds strength to the filter and serves to seal the filter in its housing.  If the filter does not seal well in the housing, dirt and dust can be pulled into the air stream to the cylinders.

The shape and size of the air filter element depends on its housing; the filter must be the correct size for the housing or dirt will be drawn into the engine.  On today’s engines, air filters are either flat or round.

Air Filter Service

If air filter is doing its job, it will get dirty.  That is why filters are made of pleated paper. The paper is the actual filter. It is pleated to increase the filtering area.  By increasing the area, the amount of time it will take for dirt to plug the filter becomes longer.  As a filter gets dirty, the amount of air that can flow through it is reduced.  This is not a problem until less air than the engine needs gets through the filter. Without the proper amount of air, the engine will not be able to produce the power it should, nor will it be as fuel efficient as it should be.

Included in the preventative maintenance plan for all vehicles is the periodic replacement of the air filter.  This mileage of time interval is based on normal vehicle operation.  If the vehicle is used or has been used in heavy dust, the life of the filter is shorter.  Always use a replacement filter that is the same size and shape as the original.  When replacing the filter element, carefully remove all dirt from inside of the housing. Large pieces of dirt and stones may accumulate there.  It would be disastrous if that dirt got into the cylinders.  Also make sure the air cleaner housing is properly aligned and closed around the filter to ensure good airflow of clean air. Buy car air filter as well as bike filter online in India at attractive discounts.

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