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Find all the Manual Cars available in India through Customers can collect all details about the latest Manual Cars in India and they can find the best, cheapest Manual car. Get the price details of new Manual Cars around major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad etc.

Tata launched its new awaiting car Bolt in India at an affordable price of Rs.4.4 lakh for the petrol variant and Rs.5.49 lakh for the diesel variant costs . The new Bolt has been designed on the basis of X1 platfo ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
Celebration Edition ₹ 6.50 Lac 25-November-2017
XE Petrol ₹ 5.08 Lac 22-January-2015
XM Petrol ₹ 5.80 Lac 22-January-2015
XMS Petrol ₹ 6.04 Lac 22-January-2015
XE Diesel ₹ 6.30 Lac 22-January-2015
XM Diesel ₹ 6.63 Lac 22-January-2015
XT Petrol ₹ 6.64 Lac 22-January-2015
XMS Diesel ₹ 6.99 Lac 22-January-2015
XT Diesel ₹ 7.67 Lac 22-January-2015
Datsun has launched its new MPV named as Go Plus which resembles like a stretched version of Go hatchback. Datsun Go Plus comes with a sleek, modern, dynamic silhouette, strong shoulder line design and the clean bod ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
T (O) ₹ 5.69 Lac 17-June-2015
1.2 L ₹ 3.79 Lac 16-January-2015
D1 ₹ 3.82 Lac 16-January-2015
1.5 L ₹ 3.82 Lac 16-January-2015
D ₹ 3.83 Lac 16-January-2015
A ₹ 4.70 Lac 16-January-2015
T ₹ 5.47 Lac 16-January-2015
Fiat Avventura, the Contemporary Urban Vehicle is available at the starting price tag of Rs.5,99,064.It is available in three trim levels - Active, Dynamic and Emotion with the provision of both petrol and diesel e ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
T-Jet 1.4 ₹ 9.89 Lac 05-September-2016
Active 1.4 ₹ 6.57 Lac 21-October-2014
Active Multijet 1.3 ₹ 7.12 Lac 21-October-2014
Dynamic 1.4 ₹ 7.46 Lac 21-October-2014
Dynamic Multijet 1.3 ₹ 7.96 Lac 21-October-2014
Emotion Multijet 1.3 ₹ 8.76 Lac 21-October-2014
Diesel ₹ 9.00 Lac 21-October-2014
The stunning four wheeler manufacturer Tata Motors has launched its new, powerful, inspiring vehicle known as Zest. The Zest is well powered by a Revotron 1.2T MPFi turbocharged petrol engine with first in segment m ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
XT Petrol ₹ 7.14 Lac 12-August-2014
The biggest automobile manufacturer Hyundai has launched its new car named as Elite i20 priced at Rs.4.9 lakh respectively which is pitted against Maruti Swift and Volkswagen Polo. The Elite i20 comes in both petrol ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
Sportz 1.2 Celebration Edition ₹ 6.69 Lac 17-November-2015
Sportz 1.4 Celebration Edition ₹ 7.84 Lac 17-November-2015
1.2 L Kappa2 Petrol ₹ 6.00 Lac 11-August-2014
1.2 Sportz ₹ 6.59 Lac 11-August-2014
Fiat has launched its new midsize hatchback christened as Punto Evo at an attractive price range between Rs.4.55-Rs.7.2 lakhs respectively. The new vehicle would be a very tough competitor to its similar other cars ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
1.2 Pure ₹ 5.13 Lac 20-April-2017
Pure ₹ 8.00 Lac 25-January-2016
Sportivo Limited Edition ₹ 7.10 Lac 14-October-2015
T-Jet 1.4 Abarth ₹ 9.95 Lac 14-October-2015
1.2 Active ₹ 4.99 Lac 05-August-2014
1.2 Dynamic ₹ 5.45 Lac 05-August-2014
1.3 Active 90 hp ₹ 6.40 Lac 05-August-2014
1.3 Dynamic 90 hp ₹ 7.00 Lac 05-August-2014
1.3 Sportivo ₹ 7.10 Lac 05-August-2014
1.4 Emotion ₹ 7.33 Lac 05-August-2014
1.3 Emotion 90 hp ₹ 7.55 Lac 05-August-2014
1.3 90 hp ₹ 7.71 Lac 05-August-2014
1248cc Diesel ₹ 5.00 Lac 04-August-2014
Toyota has launched its first ever crossover vehicle, the new Etios Cross with three powerful engine options. It is available in four variants namely V, G, VD and GD. Etios Cross comes gets rugged styling with bold ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
1.2 G ₹ 6.36 Lac 07-May-2014
1.4 GD ₹ 7.66 Lac 07-May-2014
1.5 V ₹ 7.87 Lac 07-May-2014
1.4 VD ₹ 7.98 Lac 07-May-2014
1.5 L Petrol ₹ 6.00 Lac 16-January-2014
1.4 L Diesel ₹ 7.00 Lac 16-January-2014
Datsun has launched its Go hatchback, the first global car from the company in over 32 years. It is available with four variants namely T, A, D and D1. It offers four attractive shades such as red, blue, silver and ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
A EPS ₹ 3.84 Lac 30-June-2016
NXT ₹ 4.10 Lac 13-August-2015
T (O) ₹ 4.89 Lac 17-June-2015
D1 ₹ 3.26 Lac 19-March-2014
D ₹ 3.29 Lac 19-March-2014
A ₹ 4.14 Lac 19-March-2014
T ₹ 4.64 Lac 19-March-2014
Maruti has launched its Celerio hatchback at a price of Rs 3.90 lakhs. The new hatchback is available in three options namely LXi, VXi and ZXi. The car offers seven attractive color shades namely Red, Blue, Black, S ...
Variant Name Price Launch Date
VXi CNG (O) ₹ 5.38 Lac 06-March-2016
LXi (O) ₹ 4.50 Lac 30-November-2015
VXi (O) ₹ 4.87 Lac 30-November-2015
LDi ABS ₹ 4.92 Lac 30-November-2015
VXi CNG ₹ 5.30 Lac 19-May-2014
LXi ₹ 4.41 Lac 06-February-2014
VXi ₹ 4.80 Lac 06-February-2014
ZXi ₹ 5.06 Lac 06-February-2014
ZXi (Opt) ₹ 5.46 Lac 06-February-2014

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