Honda CR-V to cost 30lakhs

What would be termed as a deterrent for prospective CR-V buyers especially in recession times, the japanese carmaker plans to raise the price of CR-V by 30%. The move would result in raise of price of CR-V to almost Rs30 lakhs.  “Devaluation of rupee is impacting our business, because a significant portion of our components are imported from Japan and Thailand. This impact is about 30-35 per cent in case of CR-V,” Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) President and CEO Masahiro Takedagawa said. “We will increase the prices of CR-V in May and it will be about 30 per cent, otherwise we will make loss,” he added. The real problem Honda is importing the CR-V as a CBU if its being imported as parts and assembled here, the impact would have been less.  However the increase in price of models like City, Accord and Civic, he said: “Due to devaluation of rupee, our (CKD) completely knock down units have been impacted by about 9-10 per cent. But the price increase may not be in that level.”

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